8 Ways to Keep Your Man Cave Comfortable

Man caves have been around for decades, and while trends come and go there has always been a constant… comfort. You may have the latest 75″ 8k TV or a 10 Foot Tournament Size Pool Table but if you or your friends aren’t comfortable then nobody will want to hang out in your cave. So it’s important to focus on the comfort items that can be controlled in order to make your cave the best it can be.  

Irrespective of where your private sanctuary is… basement, garage or attic, you want a comfortable man cave. When you make the decision to pursue your dream of the ultimate man cave, it might as well be the best it can be, as comfortable and as inviting as possible. 

You want to make sure you decorate your man cave yourself… without any female influence. Your man cave should be well thought out, comfortable, masculine, and inviting. It can be one of the most attractive rooms in or outside the house rather than a grungy, sloppy and hot (or cold) corner. 

Whether it is a cozy garage or 8000 square foot basement, we have the information to keep your very own man cave comfortable and cozy.

1. Cosmetic Touches

Painting the walls is a good place to start. Depending on your theme, for example, a home bar, home theater or gaming room are better suited in darker colors while light colors will give the impression of a larger room. This is your private space where your significant other has no say, therefore is it your time to think outside the box. 

Consider painting the walls in the colors of your sports team, display sports memorabilia, etc. You can think masculine materials and lines like dark-wood furniture and cabinets, frosted glass, wood paneling, polished concrete, stone-clad walls, exposed brickwork, corrugated steel, etc. If you have a darker, smaller room, expand the space with lighter wood finishing. Getting the design right in your man cave will have long-lasting effects on everything you put in there so take some time to think about the layout of your cave. Furniture, games and your bar need to be planned and carefully thought out. It’s difficult to add a sink to your bar at a later date.

2. Good Lighting

The right lighting helps to create a comfortable and cozy ambiance in your man cave. Choose lights that can dim when you want to watch sports and movies. Place statement lights over your pool table or dartboard that you can pull down or dim when you don’t need it. 

You can add a whole new level of greatness and utter comfort to your man cave with the right kind of lighting. From display lighting to light up focal points like sports memorabilia and trophies to TV backlighting, you can design the ultimate comfortable man cave.

A very popular option for lighting a man cave is to add neon signs. They can light up a dim bar as well as adding some style.

3. Sound Proofing

A man cave is where you want to chill without the household disturbing you and neither do you want to disrupt the household. Will you invite the guys over, are you going to watch sport or a movie or listen to music? A good idea is to speak to a professional to find out what would be the best way to soundproof your man sanctuary. There are many ways you can add soundproofing to your man cave without spending a fortune.

4. Comfortable Temperature

Comfort, which is not just lounging chairs but the comfort and temperature of the room, is a vital aspect. The man cave dream is often shut down when considering the cooling and heating solutions. Forget about costly duct-work and get a ductless electric cooling and heating system. 

This way the temperature is perfect in winter and summer. You could also opt for compact fixed heaters like tube heaters that won’t take up much space or an impressive electric fireplace heater that adds not only warmth but impressive ambiance.

5. Remove Odors 

Nothing smells as bad as stale cigarette smoke, alcohol, food and nervous men cheering their sports teams over a period. Depending on where your man cave is, it might not have windows which makes it essential to add an air purifier. It will keep the air clean and pure. Lots of male bodies in one room in the middle of summer is usually a BO disaster in the making. Think about how you are going to get rid of these odors before they happen.

6. Humidity In Check

When your man cave is in an attic or basement, humidity will almost certainly be an issue. However, mildew and mold are not enough of an issue to stop you from having a man cave, as a dehumidifier will solve this little problem in no time. Spend the time early on determining how much of a problem this is going to be. If it is going to be a major problem then invest in a decent dehumidifier.

7. Conveniences

Everyone who will be in your cave will want those conveniences to be comfortable. If you are a wine drinker, would a small wine cooler be adequate? You want to be that guy who aims to entertain. Inviting the boys for a game of billiards or darts or watching the latest sport, requires a proper bar with counter, bar fridge, bar stools, ice makers, cigar-filled humidor box and wine racks if you are a wine enthusiast to create a “pub” vibe.

You do not want to rush upstairs or downstairs each time nature calls and neither do you want your friends to disrupt your family when they are sleeping or relaxing on their own. Any comfortable man cave should have a bathroom. Common sense.. 

Your TV will also require occasional cleaning as you will be bound to get fingerprints and smudges.

An excellent idea, depending on your theme and decor style is to go for rougher pieces like a stone basin and a rustic cabinet. Something that looks great in a man cave bathroom is industrial style decor. When space allows a urinal is a great idea and even a shower.

8. The One Purchase You Must Make

The ultimate experience of comfort and luxury that no man could resist is a big-screen television, a comfortable leather recliner, and a cup holder. The best way to watch your game is from a seat in the stadium, therefore will a giant screen in your man cave be the second-best thing or multiple screens for different sports channels. Keep in mind that your awesome visuals need concert-quality speakers to match. If there is one item that you need to splurge on and that is a big-screen TV. Don’t skimp on that.

Final Thoughts

Tie our recommendations listed here together, pair it with your style and pick a theme that matches your personality and preference. Be sure to only buy the games that YOU want in your man cave. Keep in mind that even alpha males get cold so ensure that your man cave remains comfortable and cozy. Enjoy!