Best Neon Signs: Picking the Right One for Your Man Cave

A neon sign in your man cave can make a real difference. It makes a statement. Whether it’s the beer you like, or your favorite team, it’s good to show off that pride. Neon signs will also add light to your probably dim cave and can fill an empty wall.

Before you lunge out and make a purchase, we’ve put together a list of things to keep in mind:

  1. Buy a neon sign that suits your style (it might be beer, bar or games room)
  2. Be sure it’s going to fill a space (don’t buy one that may look good when you have no place to put it)
  3. Not all neon signs are made the same 
  4. Stick to your budget

It’s impossible to give one recommendation for a neon sign as there are so many on the market and everyone has their own tastes. This article hopes to better educate you, the buyer on what to look for before buying so you don’t make a bad purchase.

Let’s dive into our list of neon signs that will fit into just about any man cave…

Parrot Metal Frame Neon Sign 17"x13" Real Glass Neon Sign Light for Beer Bar Pub Garage Room.
  • 1.Size: 17" * 13" (Frame size. Neon tube is a little smaller depend on the shape)
  • 2.Real Glass Tube Neon Sign. 100% Handmade. Well tested,quality assured. Long lasting.
  • 3.Bright and colorful. Eye catching. Energy Saving and safe. Good for 1. Gift. 2.Home and Garage decoration. Business use / Cafe and Bar decoration
The sheer popularity of the Corona brand means that it ends up lighting up many man caves. These Corona Extra Neon Signs will add that special bit of style while adding some ambient light to the bar in your man cave. Using traditional gas, these glass tubes add a real authentic feature.


Keeping on the beer theme, the Coors brand won’t look out of place in any man cave. The will fit in perfectly behind any bar.


Personalized Your Name Custom Home Bar Beer Established Year Dual Color LED Neon Sign Red & Blue 16 x 12 Inches st6s43-p1-tm-rb
  • Are you looking to add a little brightness and interesting thing to your home or business, an LED neon sign may deliver just the right amount of luminosity. Add a pop of color with these lovely decorations that stand out no matter where you put them in. With ADVPRO light signs, you will immediately say goodbye to dull walls and say hello to the good times.
  • Provide a 5.5 ft/ 1.6m wire with ON/OFF switch function. (US plug 110v to USA & CA) (UK plug 240v to UK) (AU plug 240v to AU & NZ) (EU plug 240v to EU & other countries)
  • Maintenance free: No noxious gas & mercury, no periodic refill needed
Even though acrylic neon signs have nothing to do with neon light, they can still look pretty stylish. The ADVPRO Personalized Home Bar Dual Color LED Neon Sign will add that personal touch to any man cave. Using LEDs, these signs will also last a very long time.


Ultra Bright Neon Style Led Open Sign (T30 19"x10")
  • 19"x10" Neon Style LED Sign
  • Ultra bright LED lamps
  • Low energy consumption
If you have a strict budget but you still want to light up that dark corner of your man cave, then the Ultra Bright Neon Style LED Sign will do the trick. Their range is limited but if you can find the right one then you will save yourself a lot of money compared to acrylic neon signs.

Neon Sign History

Neon signs have been in existence for over 100 years. 

The sheer fact that different gases could be used to produce a huge range of colors made them very popular for a long period of time. Manufacturers could easily bend tubes to create an unlimited list of shapes.

Although the “Neon Sign” term is still very much used today, it has expanded to refer to other lights that use LEDs instead of luminous gas. LED lights and tubes have been manufactured in recent times to mimic the look and brightness of neon while using much less power and lasting longer than neon.

Types of Neon Signs

Neon Gas signs (traditional)

Parrot Metal Frame Neon Sign 17'x13' Real Glass Neon Sign Light for Beer Bar Pub Garage Room.PROS:

  • Very bright
  • Authentic neon appearance


  • Expensive
  • Sign must be replaced when one neon panel stops working

LED signs (tube shaped)

Ultra Bright Neon Style Led Open Sign (T30 19'x10')PROS:

  • Very bright
  • Long lasting LEDs
  • Inexpensive
  • Light-weight


  • Appearance not quite the same as traditional gas neon signs
  • Limited range

Acrylic signs (bevelled with LED lights)

Personalized Your Name Custom Home Bar Beer Established Year Dual Color LED Neon Sign Red & Blue 16 x 12 Inches st6s43-p1-tm-rbPROS:

  • Long lasting LEDs
  • Can be customized


  • Only 1 or 2 colors
  • LED bar sticks out

What to Look For When Buying

There are plenty of poor quality neon signs on the market. Once you’ve chosen the type of neon sign you want to buy, do some homework on the vendor, where are they made? What is the warranty offered? What happens if one of the tubes fails? 

Faulty sections of neon tubes usually can’t be replaced if they stop working so replacing the whole unit is usually the only option.

Is Neon Gas Toxic?

You may have wondered about a neon tube breaking. Is the gas toxic to breathe or touch? If your neon tube breaks then it will sure make a mess but neon gas is not toxic. Remember, neon signage has been in existence for over 100 years.

Is Neon Light Harmful to your health?

Neon light is not harmful to your health. Neon is an inert gas and is naturally found in the atmosphere. The light is perfectly safe to look at.

Can Neon Signs burn you?

Neon lights DO NOT get hot so they are perfectly safe to touch. Care is needed when touching the tube though as they are glass and will break with any sort of force.

Final Thoughts

A lot can be said for buying a traditional neon “gas” sign. They give off a unique type of light that you just don’t get from LED equivalents. LED’s are very energy efficient and will last longer than their traditional gas counterparts. Remember, a neon sign is going to be in your cave for a long time, so take the time to make the right decision. Your man cave needs to be comfortable. Good luck!