8 Reasons Why Guys Need a Man Cave

Why do men need a man cave? The question arises from much debate on whether or not a man should be allowed to own a man cave. And if a man is allowed to have one then how much time should he be able to spend there?

In it’s simplest form, a man cave is a place that is surrounded by things men like to do. This can be a place to escape by themselves or a place to entertain their buddies.

It is a place where men leave their household or work stresses behind. It is a place where men should feel comfortable.

Many conversations over many years have helped in formulate these 8 reasons why men should have a man cave. Need believing… then read on.

For men reading this article, it will give you an argument when trying to convince your significant other that you need to have a man cave.

And for woman reading, these reasons will help you understand why your man needs a place to call his own.

8 Reasons Why Guys Need a Man Cave

1. Men Need a Place to Unwind

After a long, hard day at work we all crave those creatures of comfort at home, a quiet place where we can chill out on a sofa, drink in hand, and just unwind. There have been countless studies that show reducing stress is a very important part to healthy living. Physiologists explain that when a man is not stressed, he has a higher capability to focus. Focusing on a problem will enhance the result that can be achieved. I have seen women that complain about the mood of men when they are all stressed up and that doesn’t help. The perfect way to help a man deal with stress is to give him a space so that he can think in isolation and ponder over his life. Man caves provide a place to find your soul in separation. A man cave is much more as it connects with you. When you create your man space, you invest time in it, and as a result of it, your emotions get attached to the place. If you stumbled upon this article because you want to find something to handle your stress, you are at the right place. A man cave can help in managing stress in the following ways:

  • You can sit on your personal couch and have a deep breath. Take a ten-minute break and focus on your breathing.
  • You can have a place to set and meditate. Doing this daily helps a lot in maintaining calmness and stress relief.
  • If you are a music lover, you can set up a music device and tune in light music. I personally do the same, and it helps a lot. You don’t have to get worried even about loud music since it’s your space and you can goof around.
  • You can watch your favorite program in your man cave. Anything that makes you laugh will be a bonus as laughing loudly helps a lot in dealing with stress.
  • If don’t like to stay still, you can move all you want in whatever way you want since no one is watching or judging you. Moving can also help and especially around a place which you love the most.
  • If you have a gym set up in your man cave and you like to work out, that can divert your mind in another activity. It will help as well.

2. Men Need Entertainment

Entertainment is a requirement of every living being. Entertainment diverts your attention from daily household worries. It’s very different when compared to that of women. Man caves give the opportunity to men to have entertainment. Men are likely to indulge in the watching sports games as well. It is said that a man can go fishing all day and night without even realizing that it is more than the fish they are after, it is entertainment and peace. If your man is not into sports, he might like gaming which also requires a lot of space and a proper setup.

For some people the sense of entertainment is different and is all about partying, for some entertainment is doing what you like the most. After a hectic week at the office all men desire is some entertainment. And if that hectic week is toppled with house problems, men often lose their temper. A man cave hence is important to keep them cool-headed. It is like an injection of tranquility required at least once a week to keep his mood lifted. A life without entertainment is no life, and the man cave is the best place to get that. The best thing about a man cave is that it is personalized and you get to decide what to do with it. Hence there is no chance of things going the other way around. If you are a woman, and you’re reading the article, this advice might change your life and your relation with your man.

3. Men Need to Control

While woman mostly take control of the house and are most passionate about design and infrastructure, men are left out. Man caves give the opportunity to all men to take control over design and setup of a room they have sole possession of. They can make all of the decisions, whether great or not, and no one will be able to stop or poke their nose in it. The house should be balanced according to both men and women. However, it is not usually the case as men are often very different and unique with their preferences about things. No girl will want the entire house to be covered with sporting items, or metal wall signs. Men have always felt the need to take control. However, times are different now, and men don’t often get a chance to control the things around them.

The only thing that is left for them is their own lives and how they choose to live. Not being able to exercise their choices at the only left option is what drives a man crazy. It creates frustration in men and can also creates uneasiness. If a man is frustrated, allow him the freedom to control his man cave. Spending more time in a man cave means that he will come out fresh and reinvigorated. This will also increase the sense of love in the man and will motivate him more to be involved in the family time when required. If you are a woman, you might not want to peek inside a man cave, because it is exclusive to men.

However, too much of everything is bad and it is important to maintain a balance that does not hurt the sentiments of both genders living in the house. The trick to this is dividing time for yourself and your family. If you like gaming, spend two to three hours in gaming but more of it can harm you and will also not put a good impression of your time associated to your man cave. Man’s desire to have a man cave also makes sense as men are social and in a man’s gathering it gets difficult to adjust in a home environment. However, in a man cave, you have all the freedom to improvise, to shout and to make all the lame jokes without the fear of being judged by the public. This freedom is a blessing every man desires, and a huge man cave reason.

4. Men Need a Place to Display the Things They Love

A man cave is not just a random place. It represents who you really are. It reflects your mind, your habits, your personality and your attitude towards life. When you are designing your man cave, you make a lot of informed choices. So if you are in an environment where your identity and personality is being curbed, a man cave is the solution. In a situation like this man cave is a place to go. However, it is also seen that sometimes a man’s sense of fashion or simply his desire is not suitable for the home. Men can shut everyone up by isolating a place for just those crazy things, that otherwise doing are impossible. You can have tons of beer in your man cave, play all the pool you want, engineer all the innovative ideas in your mind and still be at peace. It is the best place you can exercise your hobbies. You can put signposts to let everyone who about the rules and limitations of your man house, and invite whoever you want in your man cave without being concerned about the family members. In shorter words they give an utter sense of joy to men. You can also show off all the effort that you have put in making your cave, This often gives men a lot of confidence and ego boosts. The fact is, men have certain collections (whether that be sports memorabilia or even Star Wars merchandise) that women don’t always agree with or wish to display in the main rooms of the home, this makes a man cave the perfect spot to exhibit these treasured items.

5. Men Can Be More Productive

A man cave gives men the chance to be productive as they can exercise their will without any intrusion. It gives them the opportunity to improve themselves. Men can learn in a lot by practicing what they like doing. Learning comes in a lot of ways as you also get the time to think and re-evaluate all the mistakes you have made. If you are missing your naps, you can sleep to your heart’s content, and that can also increase productivity. We all know that sleep-deprived people are less productive. Men can easily maintain their to-do list in their man caves.

If you wish to keep them secret from others, it is the best place to handle your to-do list. When you are alone and focused on a task, you can also multitask. This is also possible because of the man cave as you don’t get worried too much about others in your personal space; it gives a much easier place to focus on multiple things at one time. Space provides minimum distraction, and that can increase productivity for you. If you’re a woman and your husband or son gets easily distracted by others, men cave is what he needs. All these activities that you perform as a hobby can also help you remain fit. A fit person is more productive than the rest. But it all boils down to what you want and whether you are willing to do it. However, a man cave provides the most suitable environment for men to be different than the other man in the most productive way.

6. Men Need a Place to Get Physical (Sometimes)

Man caves can be a great place for men to keep in shape. Because every man decides what they want in their man cave, they can very well choose to include things like a treadmill, gym equipment or any other indoor sport. They are great places to work out and be active.

Man caves don’t always have to be about drinking beer and sitting on the couch (although there is nothing wrong with those activities either).

7. Men Need Somewhere to Host Parties

Man caves are perfect places to host a party… whether you have a pool table, bar, poker table, foosball or even air hockey, there will be something to entertain the masses.

It’s also a place to get friends out of the main part of the house. There could be many reasons for that! It’s a separate area of the house where men can be left alone… not to be bothered by wives or children.

8. A Man Cave can Increase the Resale Value of your Home

Finally, man caves can increase the resale value of your home. What man doesn’t want a wow factor when they are inspecting a home to buy. Sure, all of the gear in your man cave is yours and is usually not supplied with the sale of the home, but providing that wow factor definitely helps raise the overall impression of your home.

In many cases, man caves are re-purposed basements, attics or sheds so why not put these unused areas of the house to a better, more practical use?

Final Thoughts

If all the above fails, then try the “Games Room” idea instead of “Man Cave”. You’ll just have to explain why a games room needs to have a bar in it.

Hopefully you have a bit more ammunition when the next man cave argument arises!

Good Luck!