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3 Ways to Move a Pool Table (DIY and Professional Options)

Those who have moved a pool table know how difficult a task it is. It's not a...

Essential Pool and Billiards Accessory Checklist

Pool Accessory Checklist
Playing pool is just like any other sport - if you want to play your best you...

New vs Used Foosball Tables: What to Buy?

Second Hand Foosball Table
New vs used foosball tables: What to Buy? How do you decide?     The cost of a high-end new...

How To Care For Your Foosball Table

When you have a foosball table in your man cave you must take the best care of...

Soft vs Hard Pool Cue Case: Which is Better for you?

Billiards Cue Case
If you play enough pool to invest in your own cue, a quality pool cue case is...


5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Wine Bar

Wine Bar Decor
Now that you've finished your wine bar, there are essential items you can add to really spruce...

How to Build a Home Bar on a Budget

Building a Home Bar on a Budget
Buying a brand new home bar will cost an average of $2000-$5000. Not cheap. And once you...

How to Clean a Beer Glass for the Best Taste

Beer Glass
Did you know that there is a lot of science behind a perfectly presented glass of beer?...

5 Best Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

You’re kickin’ back in your man cave. The beer is ice cold. But you can’t find a...

How Does Beer Go Bad?

So you go down to your man cave, kick up your feet, and grab a beer you’ve...


How to Level an Uneven Basement Floor

Uneven Floor
A basement just isn't practical if the floor is uneven. It doesn't matter if the area is...

7 Inexpensive Low Basement Ceiling Options

Man Cave Basement Low Ceiling
A low ceiling in areas such as the basement creates an oppressive feeling that makes it hard...

7 Essential Tips to Get Your Man Cave Started

Empty Man Space
You know you want a man cave but don’t know where to start! It's such a common problem,...

How to Create a Cool Sports Themed Man Cave

Cool Sports Man Cave
Sport has always been part of us, and that means watching a game at home on the...

7 Essential Tips on How to Build a Man Cave Basement Bar

Modern Bar
The basement… Such an underused room of your house. It gets used for many different purposes, like...


5 Best Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

You’re kickin’ back in your man cave. The beer is ice cold. But you can’t find a...

The Ultimate Man Cave Bar Accessories Checklist

Bar Accessories Checklist
There are some bar essentials that every man cave bar must have.  Whether you are getting your man...

21 Man Cave Bathroom Ideas

Man Cave Toilet
Just because you have the man cave of your dreams, doesn’t mean that the bathroom has to...

Best Neon Signs: Picking the Right One for Your Man Cave

Beer Neon Sign
A neon sign in your man cave can make a real difference. It makes a statement. Whether...

Best Pool Table Brush

One of the most important jobs when maintaining your pool table felt is brushing. Not only does...