How To Get Rid of Musty Man Smells in Your Man Cave

Nothing will put your buddies off quicker than a man cave that has an awful odor. The kind that lingers on, for what seems like an eternity.

So how do you get rid of musty man smells in your man cave?

The short answer is it depends on where the smell is coming from. But that doesn’t help you get rid of it, does it? Musty odors are generally caused by mold and mildew. The bad smell comes from the nasty gases a build-up of these will cause. Getting rid of the moisture will get rid of the smell as well.

Finding out what is causing the smell will of course go a long way to solving your problem. Anywhere fabric is found can be a possible source of musty odor. This can include carpet, couch or sofa and curtains. If these are not the problem then check for water leaks as moisture will almost certainly be the cause.

How To Get Rid Of Musty Smells

Drying out the area that smells musty may just be enough to completely get rid of the smell. If the smell is isolated to one area then giving it a good ol’ scrub may get rid of it.

Failing this, a good ol’ fashioned deep cleaning will go a long way to getting rid of the smells. This means the carpet to the couches, and also curtains (if you have them). Any place where there is fabric is a place where odors can fester. 

Citrus Cleaner

Citrus does a pretty good job at not only removing odors but leaves your man cave with a pleasant smell. It shouldn’t be used on fabric, but it’ll get rid of stale residue that will quite often build up over winter. You can even make an inexpensive natural air freshener by combining lemons and water.

Mild Bleach

Bleach solutions will definitely eliminate musty or mold smells but watch the concentration if using on fabric or upholstery. If you can see the mold then bleach will be your best option.

White Vinegar

White Vinegar is a safe and environmentally friendly way to get rid of those nasty odors. It’s also pretty cheap and just about every house will have some. Just make sure you wear rubber gloves in order to keep the vinegar smell off your hands. Vinegar can be used on just about any fabric. Spot check first as you may need to dilute it with water.


Deep Cleaning

Annual cleaning will definitely help keep bad smells away. This is where professionals can really get to your odors. Tell them where you have the smell as they’ve usually dealt with a similar smell before.


If the smell in your man cave is only slight then you can always mask it by lighting a few candles. There are many manly candles available for your man cave.

Fresh Air

Fresh air will reduce the amount of moisture that builds up. Simply opening doors or windows will help. Fresh circulating air will do wonders for reducing most odors. Let the sunshine in!

Shoes Off!

Shoes and socks are great vehicles for spreading odor (along with dirt and everything else you don’t want on your floor). Get your buddies to take their shoes off before they come into your man cave.

Final Thoughts

Depending on how severe your musty smell is, simply keeping your man cave clean and dry will keep most odors away. Investing in a professional carpet clean once a year will also help keep things fresh. Ridding your cave of those odors will result in a happy, comfortable man cave for your and your friends.