Best Man Cave Popcorn Machine: Top 5 Reviewed

Aside from cold beer, the only thing you need when watching sport or movies with friends, is popcorn. The tasty, low-calorie snack is the perfect alternative to any of your standard snacks like chips or pretzels, is low cost and quick and easy to pop, especially when you have your own popper. We will look at the best popcorn machine that is not only functional but will look the part in your man cave.

At only 60 calories per cup, it’s hard to say no to this salty snack. And although there are easy to pop microwave versions available, nothing beats the classic movie-style popcorn taste.

Besides, you might not have a microwave in your man cave and it pops only one bag at a time. The majority of our listed popcorn machines can make enough for you and your friends at one time.

What to look for in a popcorn machine for your man cave

The first consideration is to look at your man cave size and available space. It doesn’t make sense to put a large popcorn machine on the bar of a small man cave. Would you prefer a modern design for your modern man cave, do you prefer an old-fashioned traditional popcorn maker, can you accommodate a full-size, larger popcorn maker? Is a subtle design more appropriate or would you like to make it a focal point?

If you plan on having plenty of friends over on a regular basis, you need to choose a machine carefully so you aren’t making multiple batches at a time.

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Function is important but the appearance is equally important which will depend on whether you plan for it to have a permanent spot in your man cave or keep it in a cabinet.

2. Cleaning Ease

Popping the kernels is simple with a popcorn machine, but cleaning should be simplified as well. You could choose a popper with minimal cleaning like a hot air popper or one that is entirely or partly dishwasher safe.

3. Output

Check how much popcorn a popper delivers in one go. When you plan to use it regularly, you want a popcorn machine that isn’t labor-intensive and time-consuming when you want to chill with friends.

4. Size

You get a small popper like the Presto PopLite that can fit in the tightest corner of your counter while you can get the larger Cuisinart that looks like a traditional movie-style popcorn machine but still with a small footprint to remain on your bar counter.

Cuisinart CPM-28 Classic-Style Popcorn Maker, Red, DAA
  • No heat-up time required
  • Mechanized spinner moves kernels to ensure even cooking
  • Tilt access door for easy serving
The Cuisinart CPM-28 Classic-Style Popcorn Maker makes ten cups at a time but you can adjust it to make smaller servings and a single serving as well. It is one of the few popcorn poppers that have a built-in spinner that continuously shift the kernels for better popping.


  • Very easy to clean with a removable door and kettle 
  • Easy serving with a tilt-out door
  • Kernel tray catch unpopped kernels
  • 500 Watts
  • Three-year warranty
  • Includes oil measuring spoon, kernel measuring scoop, and a popcorn scoop
  • Mechanical spinner to move kernels around


  • The wall and door materials are thin and appear cheap
  • The plexiglass could develop blemishes from the hot popcorn

Uncanny Brands Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker - Hot Air Style with Removable Bowl
  • HEALTHIER CHOICE - Uses hot-air popping method so no oil required. It makes popcorn a perfect snack for the whole family.
  • EASY OPERATION - Add kernels into the main chamber using the provided measuring cup, turn on the unit and watch the magic happen through the transparent cover!
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY - Pops evenly and quickly, with up to a 98% popping rate. Unique channel ensures constant hot air to pop about as quickly as a microwave (2-3 minutes).
The Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker from Pangea definitely will suits any Star Wars themed man cave. What better way to watch Star Wars… with a Star Wars themed popcorn maker.


  • It’s Star Wars!
  • Built-in bowl
  • Pops corns very fast
  • It’s Star Wars (did we mention that?)


  • Plastic construction
  • Gets quite hot
  • Makes small quantities

Paragon Theater Pop 4-Ounce Popper Popcorn Machine, Red
  • Movie-theater-style popcorn machine; has bright red cabinet and classic graphics
  • Suited for home use; produces delicious, theater-quality popcorn in just minutes
  • Can pop up to 92 servings of popcorn per hour (1 ounce of popcorn per serving)
The Paragon Theater Pop looks like a traditional movie house popper. It is great for a man cave with its small footprint and classic graphics that will look good in your home theater setup.

It pops theater-quality popcorn in under 5-minutes. For maximum output, it pops 92 one-ounce servings per hour. With the aerated warming deck, the popcorn remains warm, while it doubles as catching plate for smaller bits and kernels. 

You can easily remove the kernels with an old maid drawer at the bottom of the machine.


  • Small footprint of 16.25 x 14.25 x 23.5-inches
  • Pops up to 92 servings in a hours
  • Side-hinged aluminum kettle


  • Very noisy
  • Plenty of un popped kernels

Great Northern Popcorn Company Pop Pup Countertop Popcorn Machine – Tabletop Popper Makes 1 Gallon – 2.5-Ounce Kettle, Catch Tray Warming Light & Scoop, Red (6074)
  • VINTAGE POP UP POPCORN MAKER MACHINE - This popcorn popper machine features a 2.5oz stainless-steel kettle that makes about 4-quarts of popcorn in minutes. It brings both the feeling and the nostalgic smell of a night out at the movies to your own home.
  • COUNTERTOP MODEL - This 330W small popcorn machine has an attractive vintage aesthetic aimed to capture the nostalgic feel of a movie theater, making it a suitable movie popcorn machine. Its compact size lets you easily place it on a counter or tabletop.
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - The mini popcorn machine comes with a plastic measuring spoon, a measuring cup, 25 paper serving bags, and a removable popcorn tray that goes in the bottom of the popper. Add this popcorn maker to your home theater for movie nights.
The Great Northern Countertop Popcorn Machine pops around a gallon of popcorn at a time. It has a 2.5-ounces stainless steel kettle that keeps your popcorn fresh and warm. It weighs only 10-pounds and dimensions of 9.8 x 11 x 18.8- inches. It operates at 330 Watts and has two control switches. It looks like a theater-style popper that will compliment a man cave theater. 


  • It is not an air popper but an actual movie-style popper
  • Fast and easy popping with measuring spoons for oil and corn
  • One popping session fills a typical movie-style bag 
  • Lightweight but sturdy construction
  • It features a keep warm light


  • It only takes a third of a cup kernels and a few cups of popcorn, therefore would you need to run it a couple of times for a larger crowd.
  • The popcorn spills when taking it out as the tray is smaller than the base.

Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper (large)
  • Pops faster than a microwave- up to 18 cups of gourmet corn in less than 2 1/2 minutes
  • In test after test, the Presto PopLite hot air popper out popped other leading brands, popping up to 30-percent faster with virtually no unpopped kernals
  • Uses regular or gourmet popcorn for a savings of up to 70-percent over microwave bags
When you have limited space in your man cave the Presto Poplite Hot Air Popper is the pick of the bunch. It has limited features or frills and very easy to use. It is easy to clean as it does not use oil. You only need to plug it in, wait for the heat light to come on within a few minutes and have a bowl of fresh, hot popcorn in under three minutes.


  • It does not use oil
  • Presto says it makes 18 cups, but you will nevertheless have 15 cups in one go
  • It is dishwasher safe as it has no removable parts


  • You will have plenty of unpopped kernels
  • It is not a BPA-free machine

Final Thoughts

Nobody can ever forget the classic taste that only theater style popcorn has. It has a unique taste and flavor that is simply impossible to get with stove-top, microwave or air-popped popcorn. Aside from the sight of a nostalgic popper, it also has a lot to do with the smell of hot oil and freshly popped popcorn in your nostrils. Perfect when you want to keep your tribe happy! With popcorn in hand, all you need to do now is sit back, relax in your favorite recliner or sports chair and enjoy! And the best part is, a decent popcorn machine won’t break the bank.