How to Create a Cool Sports Themed Man Cave

Sport has always been part of us, and that means watching a game at home on the big screen TV. But in order to get the full experience you need to have your surroundings in check… and that means a sports themed man cave.

But what does a sports themed man cave actually mean? And how do you create your ideal sports themed retreat?

In this day and age, sport means different things to different people. Beside having our own favorite sport to watch on TV, everyone has their own definition of how their man cave should be decked out. Is it with sport memorabilia or just team colors painted on the walls? Which room should you use for your man cave?

A Man Cave is an expression of your love of sport!

Whatever your level of sporting enthusiasm, there are some things that every man cave owner must think about in order to make their man cave a true, sports themed man cave.

Let’s get on to the list.

Comfortable Seating

This one is obvious, but comfortable seating is essential to any sports themed man cave. We’re not talking about that sofa that’s been used in the house for years, you need seating that can be sat on for HOURS at a time. 

It’s not just yourself that needs to be comfortable either, everyone you invite around is going to be seated for the game, so put some thought into the comfort of everyone.

Bar chairs may be ideal for sitting on around your man cave bar, but they’re not going to cut it for a sports themed man cave.

Pre & Post Game Fun

Whatever your favorite sport may be, there will always be Pre and Post match fun to be had by all. Your friends want to be entertained before and after the game.

Whether that means Foosball, darts, video games or hanging around the bar, it’s important that your cave includes something to keep the masses entertained.

Sports Decor & Theme

Decor is the essence of every sports themed man cave. Your friends need to immerse themselves in everything sport. Memorabilia is the best way to do that. There are plenty of places online that deal purely in sports memorabilia.

Decor means everything you put in your cave so don’t just be thinking about the walls. Beer coolers, rugs, drip mats are just some ways you can enhance the look of your man cave.

Sports Furniture

Once your walls are sorted, your attention then needs to go to furniture. The goal is to not go too “tacky” so choose your pieces wisely. For instance, an NFL themed coffee table could add a nice touch and is a constant reminder to all who you’re supporting.

More TV’s the Better

Gone are the days of only having one TV or screen in a room. We all want to see the stats of a live game while it’s on… there’s a second TV. 

What about Socials? We are all addicted to Twitter when a game is on too.

Quite often there are other games and sports on at the same time…. there’s a third and forth TV.

Surround Sound

Surround Sound makes all the difference. You need to get it right in the beginning!

Once you have that big screen TV going, your next task is to be sure the sound is right. Whether you are streaming the game or watching it on cable, all broadcasters include digital surround sound.

This will depend on how your room is laid out and what kind of features you want. Soundbars are an easy way to get half decent surround sound so that should be a benchmark of where to start.

Build a Wet Bar

Every sports themed man cave includes a fully stocked bar. Whether your choice of beverage is beer, spirits or some sort of girly drink, be sure it’s fully stocked before your friends arrive. Nothing will end the game early than running out of booze.

Your bar must include sports themed accessories like drip trays, beer coolers and bottle openers.

More Insulation the better!

No matter who’s winning or losing, your man cave is going to get rowdy so be sure to invest in quality sound proofing. No need to annoy the significant other and neighbors. Depending on how far you want to go, adding soundproofing to your walls is definitely a good start and will give you bang for your buck… or should that be a quiet bang for your buck? 

Don’t forget the roof and floor if you want to do sound proofing properly. Vibration noise can really be a pain.

If you’re stuck for ideas then check out our recommendations:

Sports Man Cave Ideas


Black and Yellow Background Match Wall Art Painting Basketball Player Kobe Bryant of Lakers at Staples Center in Los Angeles Pictures Print On Canvas for Home Decoration Ready to Hang -50"W x 24"H
  • PAINTING SIZE: 50x24inch (10x12"x2+10x16"x2+10x24"x1) Dimension: 50"W x 24"H.
  • QUALITY:High quality printed canvas stretched and stapled to durable shrink resistant frames.
  • WORRY FREE AFTER-SALE:Best price guarantee and 45 day money back guarantee gives you assurance of a quality product at an affordable price.
If you have a large empty wall to fill, a series of wall arts will really look the part. Wall art painting like a Kobe Bryant Pictures on Canvas is a great way to keep a sports theme. Of course there are plenty of other players to choose from if you’re not a Lakers fan.

I like the idea of being able to replace these canvases with another sport depending on what’s in season of course!


Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Furniture: Hardwood Side/End Table, Seattle Seahawks
  • Take your game to the next level from the comfort of your own home with the officially licensed NFL hardwood side and end table
  • Constructed from select hardwoods that resist scratching and marring; This table is durable, easy to clean and is sure to match with any décor
  • Team logo highlights the center of the table, so you can show your team spirit on game days; Middle panel is reversible for a simple, sleek look on non-game days
Every man cave has room for a side or end table so the Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Hardwood Side/End Table is a beautiful table that will fit just about anywhere, includes your team logo. The middle panel is reversible so you can change it when it’s not game day. Perfect!


Flybold Large Black Jersey Frame Display Case - 98% Anti Fade UV Protection - Memorabilia Framing Kit for Football | Baseball | Basketball | Soccer | Hockey
  • 🔥Unbeatable Visual Quality: 92% Transparent Acrylic Glass & 98% UV Protection to prevent Jersey from fading. Comes with Pin Board & Hanger for wrinkle-free Display!
  • 🔥Fits Jerseys of All Sizes: 31.25” by 23.25” by 1.5” Fits Jerseys across Sports – Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, Jerseys & Memorabilia.
  • 🔥Display in Style: Velvet Lined Matte Black Finish with Pin Board or Hanger to mount your Jersey. With Visual Instruction Manual. To use as a Football, Basketball, or Hockey Jersey Display Case.
If you own that prized jersey then it’s important to protect it as well as display it. A Jersey Display Frame Case is the perfect way to do it. The cases use Grade A, UV protected acrylic that will last a very long time.

If you’ve got that signed jersey sitting in a box then you need to display and protect it.


Gift Mark Sports Chair and Ottoman, Baseball
  • Baseball chair and ottoman
  • No Assembly required ships 100% assembled
  • No Assembly required ships 100% assembled
What better way to sit back and really get absorbed into a baseball game than a Baseball Sports Chair and Ottoman? Quirky, but very comfortable, this chair will look the part in any baseball themed man cave. These chairs will really show your true colors, whether they are baseball, basketball or soccer. And with no assembly, they’re ready for use.


Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Furniture: Swivel Seat Bar Stool, Arizona Cardinals
  • Take your game to the next level with the 30" H officially licensed NFL swivel seat bar stool; Designed with a traditional 2 ring, chrome plated steel frame
  • Features a plush, 3.5" thick seat cushion that measures 14.5" in diameter, allowing you to swivel a complete 360-degrees
  • Team colors and logo are printed on the underside of heavy-duty, clear vinyl to prevent scratching and color fading
Maybe your idea of watching your favorite football game is from your home bar. These Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Swivel Bar Stools will complete your man cave bar. Every man cave with a bar needs sports themed bar stools. With so many teams to choose from, there is bound to be something to please.

Final Thoughts

Put some thought into those big purchases. A sports themed man cave doesn’t have to be expensive either. Start small if you only have a small budget. Items can be added later. Sports memorabilia will be a little cheaper in the off-season.

Only buy things that YOU want in your man cave… not what might look nice, or worse yet… what the significant other wants. Your man cave should be built for comfort.

Finally, plan your sports man cave well before the season starts so it’s ready come start of the season.

Good luck!