5 Best Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

You’re kickin’ back in your man cave. The beer is ice cold. But you can’t find a bottle opener anywhere… or imagine this… you have a beer in one hand, while the other hand is busy holding your favorite snack. It’s times like these you need a wall mounted bottle opener. Never again will you go thirsty!

A wall mounted bottle opener is always accessible and allows you to open a beer without having to scratch around looking for a bottle opener. It also allows you to open a beer with one hand. Very important if you crisps in the other hand.

Just like pens at the office that always go missing, bottle openers in the home must be the equivalent! It doesn’t matter how many you have, if they’re not bolted to the wall they WILL go missing.

Take a look at some of these modern man cave bar accessories to keep those in the man cave happy and hydrated.

MAGCAP Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

MAGCAP Outdoor Bottle Opener Wall Mounted - Style Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener that Catches Caps - Easy to Install and Incredibly Convenient (Gunmetal Black)
  • NOT AN ORDINARY BOTTLE OPENER! - Don’t be fooled by the familiar appearance of this wall mounted bottle opener, the MAGCAP is equipped with two neodymium magnets which allow it to snatch the bottle caps out of the air. Just open your bottle like you normally would and watch the MAGCAP grab the cap! Surprise friends and guests as their bottle caps get caught by the MAGCAP!
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR - The MAGCAP is a rust proof bottle opener perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Mount it on your patio, in your man cave, in your kitchen or bar. It’s attractive Gunmetal Black finish complements any setting, and it comes with free black stainless steel mounting screws to match the color of the bottle opener!
  • DURABLE - The MAGCAP is a tough bottle opener, it’s made from a strong zinc alloy material which will last for many years.

This is no ordinary bottle opener… this one grabs bottle caps with a magnet so they don’t fall on the ground. Genius! MAGCAP bottle openers have quickly become the standard when it comes to opening bottles.

MAGCAP Outdoor Bottle Opener Wall Mounted - Style Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener that Catches Caps - Easy to Install and Incredibly Convenient (Gunmetal Black)

The simple yet effective magnets on the rear allow you to open a beer with one hand and stop the cap from falling to the ground. The pack contains 2 openers so you can mount one next to the fridge and the other behind your bar. What’s great about them is they just work. Be sure to mount these into a sturdy wall as some pressure is applied to open a beer.

These openers are supplied with screws but you may want to use longer screws if you plan on screwing into drywall. Why not screw these into a piece of wood and give them away as presents? We really like the MAGCAP bottle openers, nobody likes stepping on stray bottle caps the end up on the floor.

Rustic Cast Iron Bottle Opener

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Rustic Farmhouse Cast Iron with Screws by iPihsius - Set of 3
  • Reliable pal. Fine craft. Two optional styles. Faux rustic iron and shiny industrial alloy. Simple, strong and durable vintage bottle openers.
  • Steady Easy Use. Pry and remove bottle caps. It is easier and quicker with single hand. Why two?
  • Go as you please. Mounted on anywhere you like and make DIY openers. Outside deck, on the porch, in the garage, by the pool, equipping a beer carrier, under a bar, on a chair leg, desk leg, etc.

If a sleek, stainless steel style isn’t the look you’re going for, then check out this timeworn cast iron option for cracking open a cold one. This heavy, rugged bottle opener is embossed with the essential words “OPEN HERE,” but even if you don’t need that extra help, it still completes the overall look with a sense of humor. This wall-mounted tool ships in a pack of 3 so there will never be any excuse again.

Vintage Wall Mount Wall Plaque Bottle Opener

Sometimes your man cave just lacks a bit of style. If that’s the case then the ABC Products Vintage Wall Mount Wood Plaque Bottle Opener will do the job. Weathered walnut, stained bucket to catch the caps and retro look. This bottle opener handles the rigures of any man cave.

Caplord Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with Magnetic Cap Catcher

Beer Bottle Opener Wall Mounted with Magnetic Cap Catcher Wall Mount Bottle opener Magnet | Beer gifts for men | Father's day | Man cave decor accessories | Dad Birthday Gift
  • Mount this bottle opener on any surface! This bottle opener comes with screws and can be easily mounted anywhere and, on any surface, magnetic, wooden, plastic, concrete. You don't know you need a wall mount bottle opener until you have one! Bottle opener wall mounted is the way to go!
  • No-mess bottle opener wall mounted! No more worries about picking up the caps from the floor. It is user-friendly and designed with AUTO COLLECTING THE CAPS with a powerful magnetic cap catcher. Holds up to 50 beer caps! No spilling when using this bottle opener, even when using one hand. Just pop off the top and enjoy!
  • Beer gifts for men and women – funny, unique and stylish. If you want to surprise your dad, boyfriend, husband or friends, this wall mounted bottle opener is an amazing gift for any occasion. The ultimate gift for Christmas, Secret Santa, White Elephant, Stocking Stuffer or Father's day. Comes in a very classic gift-ready box. They will absolutely LOVE this present!

This is truly a gift that keeps on giving…. so long as there is beer in the fridge. The Caplord Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Bottle Opener also includes a bottle cap catcher so you’ll never lose another bottle cap again!

For those modern man caves who don’t want the vintage look, this bottle opener is the perfect addition.

A great gift for any man cave, this bottle opener includes a stylish case. A perfect birthday gift or man cave warming party!

The Man Cave Starr X Wall Mount Bottle Opener

The Man Cave Starr X Wall Mount Bottle Opener
  • Stationary, classic
  • Wall mounted
  • Includes hardware

Nothing is manlier than a wall mount bottle opener that says “The Man Cave”. This rugged wall mounted bottle opener oozes style, adds man cave authority, oh and opens beer bottles too! Whether it’s a gift for a friend or something to complete your own man cave, this bottle opener will never look out of place. It can even be a feature to fit in with other signs in your man cave.

DIY Project: Man Cave Football Bottle Opener

There are plenty of resources on the Net that show you how to make your own bottle opener.

If you are looking for a DIY project then be sure to check out this instructable. Now you can create a functional bottle opener in your team’s colors. Very clever.

Final Thoughts

Bottle Openers are very inexpensive so why not mount a few of them around your bar or man cave? You won’t need to replace them very often so spend a few bucks and get something that will add to the atmosphere of your cave. After all, you want your man cave to be comfortable and tidy. Now you have your beer opening sorted, why not also mount your spirit dispenser to the wall?

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