Best Sports Furniture for Your Man Cave

The task of decorating a space might be daunting for any man cave dweller. Where do you even begin? Let’s admit, the women in our lives are more attuned to interior design trends and style, so you might be thinking of having them decorate for you instead. But do you really want your wife’s feminine style reflected in your man cave?

Now that all the drilling, hammering, painting, and repairs are done, it’s time to get down the most challenging part of preparing your space. That is, designing it to look like a shelter that any modern male would be proud of. Not sure what to buy or where to start? Why not every man’s favorite pass-time?

MLB Diamondbacks Leather Head Coach Office Chair

MLB Arizona Diamondbacks Leather Head Coach Office ChairIf you’ve got a desk or a mini-office space in your cave, then you’re going to need a comfortable chair to sit in. Most men like to keep their personal computer in their private space because of the limited distractions that could interfere with their work. But remember that discomfort is just as much of a concentration buster as your noisy kids running around the floor.

The MLB Diamondbacks Leather Head Coach Office Chair makes a great man cave addition because it’s comfortable and rugged. Sitting in the plushly padded, reinforced metal chair for extended hours throughout the day won’t leave you with an aching back. Plus, the durable construction can take on the sudden slump of weight you throw onto it after a long day at work.

Imperial NFL Big Daddy Microfiber Recliner

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Furniture: Big Daddy Microfiber Rocker ReclinerAmple seating space is a must for caves that expect to see a lot of viewing parties with the guys. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’ve got lots of comfortable chairs, sofas, and stools to keep your guests comfortable even if they’re on the edge of their seat. The NFL Big Daddy Microfiber Recliner makes the perfect addition to any cave because of its plush, well-padded cushions and its subtle sport design.

If you’ve got limited space in your cave, this reclining chair also makes a suitable substitute for a sofa. Its compact footprint takes up just a small area of your cave, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable seat and a place to kick back and take a nap all in one.

Imperial NFL Hardwood Side/End Table

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Furniture: Hardwood Side/End Table, Green Bay PackersYou probably use your man cave as an all-around space for sleep, work, entertainment, and of course, meal time. Unfortunately, not all man caves have the space to spare for a full-sized dining table. But in most cases, you might not actually need such a big surface to place your drinks and chips while you watch the big game.

That’s why the NFL Hardwood Side/End Table makes such a great choice. Small and sleek, this simple, well-structured side table can seamlessly fit in with the rest of your man cave furniture. The hardwood material resists scuffing, stains, and marring, perfect for the rugged use it might go through in your space.

Front and center, this table showcases your favorite team logo to amp up the energy during game day. But to keep everything sleek and professional on other days, the middle panel can easily reverse with the push of a button. This flips the panel over to reveal a plain hardwood texture for that simple, serious, sophisticated appeal.

Imperial NFL Wooden Bar Stool

Imperial Brown New England Patriots Wooden Bar StoolWondering how to fit those extra seats into your space without eating up too much room? Limited floor space makes it difficult to add in bulky seats and sofas that might make your cave feel too cramped. Fortunately, there are NFL Wooden Bar Stools. Small and sleek, these space-saving solutions let you entertain more guests without overcrowding your man cave.

The slim legs are made from wood in a mahogany finish, and the faux leather seat offers ample padding to keep your tush comfortable enough to endure the whole game without the need to crack your back during half time. The stools are sleek enough to be easily concealed in a corner space or cabinet. Take them out when you’re expecting guests, and use the fun team logos to designate who’s siding with who.

Baseball Bean Bag Chair

Kid's Sports BasketballIf you know how to blend more sophisticated furniture with a Baseball Bean Bag Chair, then you might be able to achieve a classy, fun interior that’s neither too serious nor outdated. These fun bean bag chairs can add a touch of vibrant color to your space, complimenting plain gray, black, and wooden tones to create bright vibe.

Comfortable and casual, bean bag chairs make a great invitation to sit down and hang out. This makes it ideal for guys who want to bask in the company of like-minded sports buffs. Low maintenance and affordable, bean bags are basically an essential for a comfort-centric man cave that doesn’t see a lot of routine cleaning.

Imperial NHL Ergonomic Video Rocker Gaming Chair

If you want to take it to the limit, then the Imperial is sure to become your space’s centerpiece. This distinct piece of furniture definitely looks like it’s from some futuristic alternate reality, boasting a unique, extra sleek silhouette that’s guaranteed to get the guy’s attention.

The rocker is designed to cradle your back to create the perfect gaming seat. Link it to your Bluetooth device to have its built-in speakers pumping out your sounds for an even more immersive gaming experience. For the guys with a restless leg, the rocker also makes a great place to chill. Rock back and forth and calm your nerves, and swing yourself to sleep in this ultra comfy and stylish sports-fan piece.

Final Thoughts

Don’t leave the decorating up to the missus – take the reins and make sure your cave really looks like the man’s haven you want it to be. Take cues from our list and check out these sport-inspired pieces to really give your cave that brawny appeal that all your friend will be raving about. If you still need ideas then be sure to check out Fanatics. They sell everything from sports furniture to memorabilia. If you don’t want to have sports-inspired seating then buying standard comfy seats and accentuating other areas of your man cave is definitely an option.