Best Bar Drip Mat: Finding the Right One For Your Man Cave

One of the biggest reasons why men build caves in the first place is so that they can enjoy a secluded place where the boys can just be boys. And of course, what kind of men’s get together doesn’t have booze?

Unfortunately, drinks can be damaging on your furniture. Spills and perspiration coming off of bottles and cans can stain your furniture, damage wood, and breed the growth of mold and mildew. So it’s important to make sure your cave comes equipped with everything you need to entertain guests without risking the integrity of your furniture.

A bar drip mat is a special addition to a table surface or countertop that you can use to add a dedicated strip for placing drinks. Designed to take on spills and sweat from glasses, bottles, and cans, a bar drip mat prevents damage to your wood furniture and keeps fluid from dripping down to the floor.

What You Need to Know About Bar Drip Mats

Bar drip mats come in a variety of designs and some require more labor-intensive installation procedures than others. Typically, in an actual bar, you’ll notice that bar drip mats are exactly that – a piece of rubber or fabric that extends the ledge of a countertop to accommodate drinks. These metal edges can be a few inches wide, and are usually perforated with a tray underneath to catch any liquid that comes from the surface.

Made from rubber, bar drip mats are designed with raised bumps – among other pattern designs – that provide traction for your drink. The underside of the mat that’s in contact with your table will also cling quite efficiently, preventing the entire thing from slipping while you’re drinks are on top of it.

The benefit of using bar drip mats instead of metal rails is that they’re a lot more sustainable for man caves that aren’t necessarily as bar-centric. Because not everyone has a table or countertop that’s specifically intended to serve as a bar, mats can be a more practical solution.

The downside of rubber mats is the amount of fluid they can hold. Shallow mats may overflow with fluid after placing 4 or 5 cold drinks. They’re also not as well equipped to deal with spills. But because they do have significant traction compared to metal rails, they may be better at preventing spills all together.

Best Bar Drip Mats

Jack Daniel’s Bar Drip Mat

What man doesn’t love a bit of JD? You can’t go past a Jack Daniel's Bar Drip Mat. This non-slip mat will protect your bar while definitely looking the part. You can even throw it in the dishwasher. This mat also has a non-slip bottom so it won’t move around on your bar once in place.

Jack Daniel's Bar Drip Mat by Jack Daniel's
  • Jack Daniel's Bar Drip Mat
  • 23" L x 4" W x .25" D
  • Black/White

New Star Rubber Bar Service Mat

If you’ve got a long dining table or countertop in your man cave, then it pays to have a drip mat that serves its entire length. The New Star Rubber Bar Service Mat is 26.5 inches long, allowing you to cover a much longer surface with just a single mat.

The durable rubber piece features embossed dots that cling to your drink and keep it from slipping and sliding around. The mat also features a drainage system, causing liquid to flow towards the ends of the rubber where fluid collects and pools for easier discarding and cleaning.

Flexible and robust, the rubber bar service mat from New Star is definitely an investment for your man cave bar especially if you’ve got a long wooden table you want to protect from water damage and spills.

New Star Foodservice 48438 Rubber Bar Service Mat for Counter Top, 26.5-Inch by 3.25-Inch, Black
  • Commercial-Grade Rubber Bar Service Mats are made from thick, flexible PVC Plastic to protect glasses and bartops from damage
  • Thick, rubber consistency and non-slip surface reduce sliding as well as chances of broken or shattered glass
  • Bristled surface allows air flow underneath glass for efficient air drying

SMKF Rubber Bar Service Mat

For man cave’s that have limited table-top space, the SMKF Rubber Bar Service Mat can be a suitable choice. Offering ample space for up to 4 glasses, this 6 inch by 12 inch rubber mat is perfect for placing on coffee tables or side tables because of its compact size. The little nubs are just the right size and height to keep your glass stable without sacrificing the depth of the mat.

Cleaning the mat and discarding the collected moisture is fairly easy because of the mat’s size. The small surface area makes it easy to carry the design without having it flop around to drip moisture on your table and floors.

TJOUL Large (BSM) 6"*12" Rubber Bar Service Mat (6"*12")
  • 【Great Quality】: Our bar mat is made of Non-toxic flexible silicon, full 1CM thickness, durable and sturdy.
  • 【Stylish】: The thick cylindroid prongs of the spill mat makes glassware and dishware slip-free, and keeps your bar and kitchen countertop tidy and clean.ware slip-free, and keeps your bar and kitchen countertop tidy and clean.
  • 【Easy To Clean】:it’s really convenient to clean silicone bar mat anytime with water or soap because the quality of Khokhas’ mat material is priorities to use for the years to come. Place it on the countertop and wash it quickly and rapidly.

Artisan Owl Professional Rubber Bar Service Mat

The Artisan Owl Professional Rubber Bar Service Mat is a heavy duty rubber mat for your man cave bar that promises a long lifespan. This ultra-heavy mat makes use of dense rubber that’s designed to withstand daily use with ease. The design features a sloping basin that draws all the fluid to one end, making it easier to clean the mat and get rid of moisture. The unique end design also functions as a mixing surface or for a serving pitcher.

Artisan Owl Professional Rubber Bar Service Mat, Rail Drip Mat - 23.5" x 3.25" (2 Mats)
  • Heavy Duty Commerical Grade Non-Slip Rubber
  • Perfect for a home or commercial part - includes recessed 2.8" width spot for mixing or pint glass
  • Helps keep your bar clean from spills and easy to wash.

Barconic Stainless Steel Drip Tray

For the handy man who isn’t afraid to make changes to his solid wood table or his marble countertops, there’s the Barconic Stainless Steel Drip Tray. Made from heavy duty stainless steel, this drip rail was designed to be embedded into a surface, allowing you to collect fluid, moisture, and crumbs among other things.

The intuitive design can be seamlessly installed into your table, allowing you to mop the surface with a rag and push all the mess into the tray. The rolling rods remove easily and effortlessly, making for a simple cleaning solution. Plus, the tray itself can add a modern look to any old piece of furniture which can do wonders to update your cave aesthetic.

Final Thoughts

A drip rail or mat can be a smart solution for the men who want to minimize the mess and maximize the fun. These intuitive little additions to your man cave bar are designed to make the cleaning process a breeze so you and your pals can kick back and relax minus the need for you to have to run around and make sure everyone’s got their glass on a coaster.