The Best Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser to Complete Your Home Bar

A home bar is not complete unless you have your liquor somewhere convenient. And the most convenient place for that is mounted on the wall. Apart from their efficient performance and functionality, they decorate the space, allowing you to bring style and elegance to spirits in your home bar. They add a contemporary touch, whether you love rum, whisky, or vodka.

Why Mount Your Liquor Dispenser on the Wall?

You certainly have more reason to mount your liquor dispenser on the wall. Everyone will agree that it’s much easier to pour a drink on a glass from a wall-mounted drink dispenser with just a single pump.

Functionality and elegance

Apart from adding functionality, choosing the best wall-mounted liquor dispense will add a decorative appeal to your home bar. They make an eye-catching centerpiece that any guest wouldn’t ignore. Most are built to blend with any interior décor and add a sense of class to your home.

Keeping everything tidy and less messy

A wall-mounted liquor dispense offers an excellent serving station where everyone can serve themselves without making a mess or wasting drinks. They come with a leak-proof feature that is spring-loaded to give you a tidy performance.

Ideal for making cocktails

If you’re a mixologist, you understand how lifting bottles to create that perfect cocktail can become tiring. With a wall-mounted spirit dispenser, you can continue mixing drinks tirelessly for hours. Plus, the taps underneath regulate the drinks poured perfectly without leakages.

Create more shelf space

If you have a tiny home bar, you’d want to make use of every little space you can get. Installing a wall-mounted liquor dispenser lets you spare some space on your shelf so you can stock other things like ice machines.

Our Best 5 Wall Mounted Liquor Dispensers

To help you find your way to the best wall-mounted liquor dispenser, we have an overview of our favorite options that will serve you well.

1. Final Touch 4 Bottle Bar Caddy Liquor Dispenser

Final Touch 4-Bottle Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser/Bar Caddy (FTA1804)
  • Free up shelf space - Push and pour perfect 1.5 oz shots every time!
  • Leak proof, spring loaded dispenser.
  • Holds 4 bottles up to 1 litre each (32oz).
If you’re looking for more than functionality, the Final Touch 6 Bottle Bar caddy Liquor Dispenser brings in elegance, convenience, and great value for money. It features a chic mirror-like finish to complement your home bar with a contemporary finish.

It’s designed to hold four bottles, each with a capacity of 32oz (one liter) hence won’t hold anything larger than that. In terms of build and strength, it features a metallic strip joining the dispensing units to support as much weight s possible. Unlike other wall-mounted liquor dispensers, this model has plastic bottle holders to eliminate the nuisance of rust.

With only a single pour motion, this contemporary home bar equipment will dispense about 1.5 ounces of drink from the bottle. It also offers a leak-proof build that is spring-loaded to reduce spillages and enhance the mixer’s comfort.


  • It features an elegant design to add a contemporary look to your home bar
  • The push and pour leak-proof feature is spring-loaded to reduce spillages
  • It can hold up to 4 1-liter bottles weight
  • The bottle holders are plastic made to prevent rusting


  • Bottling mounting is a bit lower to the surface, limiting tall glasses from fitting underneath

2. Liquor Dispenser Bar Butler, 4 Bottle Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser

Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser, 4-Bottle Wine Dispenser Beverage Wine Racks Cocktail Dispenser Wine Holder Wall Bracket Bar Butler Wine Dispenser Drink-Ware Set for Home Bar Cafe Club Party
  • Handy to Operate: This liquor dispenser bar butler can hold 4 bottles at the same time allowing it is easy for you to mix different types of beverage the simple twist of a valve letting you get the ideal flavor cocktail or beverage
  • Handy to Install: This 4-bottle liquor dispenser can be mounted on the wall easily, and it is quite convenient to use. Just twist of a valve to distribute different types of wine easily, and then keep the table tidy and orderly easily
  • High Utility: The design of liquor dispenser looks stylish, also it is regarded as a beautiful shelf for displaying bottles. There is a spring-loaded receptacle that holds up to 1 liter of various sizes of bottles. Leak-proof dispenser pouring exactly 1.5 ounces makes it simple measure and mix drinks preventing from wastage and spillages
If you haven’t seen a simpler version of the best wall-mounted liquor dispensers, then the Bar Butler Liquor Dispenser, 4 Bottle Wall Mounted Bottle Beverage Stand will do the job. it has a simple design with strong construction to hold 4 bottles of liquor, allowing you an easy pour.

The operation model for this dispenser is much easier. Its twist valve can instantly dispense a 1.5-ounce shot without making spillages. Even though it doesn’t offer any fancier features like the other liquor dispensers, we think it’s an ideal option for someone interested in functionality more.

Each dispensing valve is made of plastic to eliminate issues of rusting or tarnishing. The excellent bit about the dispenser is that it’s also spring-loaded to give it a leak-proof performance for easier mixing of drinks without spillage.


  • The valves are spring-loaded to pour exactly 1.5oz of liquor and eliminate spillages
  • It’s a simpler liquor dispenser, with no fancy features
  • It offers ease of usage through its twist valve
  • The portable design allows you to mount it anywhere on your home bar walls


  • It costs more for a simple design
  • The quality of the design is a bit lacking

3. Wyndham House 4-Bottle Liquor Dispenser

When you want to utilize the wall space around your home bar, this wall-mounted liquor dispenser is one of the most functional types. With a 4-bottle capacity, its horizontal rack offers an elegant chrome base to add some contemporary style to your décor.

The Wyndham House 4-Bottle Liquor Dispenser features plastic valves to eliminate rusting. It also has ribbed rubber bottle holders to give a secure and firm grip to the mounted bottles. The push and release valves allow instant pouring without spillages.

The construction of this liquor dispenser is also sturdy and unmatched at an affordable price. It’s not a professional-grade build you’d find in restaurants or bars, but it does the job perfectly well for a home bar.


  • The push-release valve allows instant pouring of liquor without spillage
  • The horizontal rack features a chrome base to add elegance to your home bar
  • It features ribbed rubber bottle holders to hold the liquor bottles firmly
  • It’s easy to use and doesn’t need to apply extra force to pour drinks


  • The build is not a professional-grade, hence best if operated by one dedicated person

4. Cocoarm Liquor Dispenser 6 Bottle Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser

Cocoarm Liquor Dispenser, 4/6 Bottle Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser Bottle Beverage Stand Wall Bracket Drink Wine Dispenser(6-Bottle)
  • Installation:This 30ml spirit measure can be fitted to the wall or onto a shelf and is sure to add character to any bar and kitchen
  • Use Way:Allows you to easily dispense different types of liquor with the simple twist of a valve leak proof dispenser pours exactly 1 1/2 ounces
  • With the Simple Twist of a Valve:Allows you to easily dispense different types of liquor with the simple twist of a valve. You can choose different flavors or try mixing
If you have a larger number of guests or family members, the Cocoarm Liquor Dispenser 6 Bottle Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser is an ideal choice.

It features a simple twist valve that dispenses 1.5 ounces to allow easy pouring of drinks with less spillage. It’s the rack is mainly made of aluminum alloy with a shiny finish for elegance. Its strong build can carry up to six 1 liter bottle sizes.


  • Elegant aluminum alloy finish
  • ABS Plastic valve to prevent rusting
  • Simple twist valve with a leak-proof spring-loaded feature
  • Quality construction can serve well in bars and restaurants


  • It requires a little more effort to mount

5. Sportuli 4-Bottle Liquor DispenserAluminum Alloy Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser

sportuli 4-Bottle Liquor Dispenser,Aluminum Alloy Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser Bracket Wine Spirits Liquor Dispenser Home Bar Wine Dispenser Tools
  • High Quality: The Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser is made of food grade ABS plastic measuring cups and premium aluminium alloy materials. Durable and practical to use
  • Great Liquor Dispenser: The 4 bottle alcohol dispenser allows you easily dispense 3 different types of liquor with a valve, measure and mix them, and the valve can prevent wastage or spillages well
  • Save Space: The Wall Mounted 4 Bottle Dispenser can be fitted to the wall or onto a shelf and is sure to add character to any bar or kitchen
Unlike the other liquor dispensers, with the  Sportuli 4-Bottle Liquor Dispenser, you can easily pour three different types of drinks using a single valve. If you’ve been searching for a professional grade best wall-mounted liquor dispenser, this model has a sturdy build that supports usage by different people.

The valves are made of aluminum alloy to maintain the elegant look of the dispenser without rusting. However, you’ll have to clean the valves regularly to prevent them from tarnishing.


  • It features a sturdy construction for both home and professional use
  • Entirely made of aluminum alloy to maintain an elegant look
  • Allows dispensing three different liquors with a single valve
  • It has a spring-loaded leak-proof nozzle that dispenses 1 ounce to prevent spillage


  • The aluminum valves may require regular cleaning to prevent them from tarnishing

Things to Consider When Buying a Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser

Finding the best wall-mounted liquor dispenser can be a little daunting, considering that there are so many options available. While we’ve tried our best to narrow down your options, you can also use the following criteria to select a liquor dispenser that best meets your home bar needs.

Quality of Build

The quality of build is especially important if guests will be serving themselves as different people have varying ways of handling equipment. Go for liquor dispensers with a sturdy build, preferably made of aluminum to make it lighter and strong.

Nobody wants a dispenser that drips or leaks!

Bottle Capacity

If you often serve many guests, go for a wall-mounted liquor dispenser with a bigger capacity. The six-bottle type is ideal if you want to serve at least three drinks at a go, otherwise, four bottle types are a better choice for family use only.

Ease of Pouring

The ease of pouring is important as it helps you avoid spillages and make cocktails easily. Check the valves to ensure they’re spring-loaded so that you can pour drinks with the required measurement without spillages. Most valves will allow 1.5-ounce shots for every valve twist. You may also consider the push valve type to make the pouring even much easier.


If you want the liquor dispenser to complement your home bar décor, you might also want to look at its style. Go for dispensers with a mirror-like glossy finish as they can match perfectly well with most decors.


How much are you willing to spend on the best wall-mounted liquor dispenser? If you’re budget constraint, don’t look at the extra fancy features but focus on the functionalities. Prioritize the ease of use, leak-proof, and bottle capacity.

If you’re ready to spend, expand your filter to consider additional features that you believe will be beneficial to you and your friends.

Final Thoughts

Whichever brand of a liquor dispenser you go for, make sure it meets your preferences and needs. Our best wall-mounted liquor dispenser is the Final Touch 6 Bottle Bar caddy Liquor Dispenser. It has a functional build, made from durable steel to give it durability. Its four-bottle capacity is enough to serve a home bar while its glossy finish can complement your interior décor perfectly. If you’re still looking for ideas for your home bar then why not a whiskey decanter? Now you have your liquor bottles sorted, why not also mount your bottle opener to the wall?