Cool Whiskey Decanter Ideas

Whiskeys and bourbons are very important liquors to have in any man cave but knowing how to store and display your liquor can be a much harder decision than buying the whiskey itself.

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Why decant whiskey?

Most experts agree that decanting your whiskey will not improve the alcohol’s quality or taste so when it comes to choosing a decanter, go based on aesthetic. There are a few things to keep in mind before buying such a vessel for your whiskey.

A decanter for wine on the other hand has a specific purpose… to remove any sediment and to let the wine breathe. Both of these are not a problem with whiskey.

What makes a cool whiskey decanter?

Cool means different things to different people. What’s cool to one person may not be cool to another. Buy a decanter that “you” think is cool. After all, it’s “your” man cave.

Glass or Crystal?

If your budget allows, it’s always better to buy crystal. Modern day lead-free crystal has more shine and sparkle than glass and will last longer. Glass decanters are made thicker for more durability while crystal decanters can be made thinner while maintaining the same strength.

Why should crystal decanters be lead-free?

When storing whiskey for long periods of time in a decanter, it’s important to look for lead-free crystal.

Crystal that contains lead will leach from the crystal and into the whiskey. Not good for your health! There is a very good article on the effects of lead over time.

What’s the difference between Whiskey and Whisky?

The difference between Whiskey and Whisky really just comes down to the part of the world in which they are produced. Both can be classified as one of three different types.

  1. Whiskey (with an “e”) relates to American or Irish Whiskey.
  2. Whisky (with no “e”) relates to Scotch or Canadian and is made from malted barley.
  3. Bourbon can be classified to those Whiskey’s that come from Kentucky and is made from corn.

How long does whiskey last for in a decanter?

While whiskey oxidizes very slowly (significantly slower than wine), it does oxidize. Buying a decanter with and air-tight seal helps. When transferring whiskey from it’s original bottle into a decanter, try and fill the decanter to the top (if possible). If you’ve been drinking it then of course this is not an option. Keeping oxygen out of your decanter helps to reduce oxidation. Be sure your decanter has a good seal.

Will whiskey improve over time?

Unfortunately whiskey in a bottle or decanter does not improve over time. If you buy a 12 year old bottle of whiskey and keep it for another 12 years, it still remains a 12 year old whiskey. Wine on the other hand, will improve over time. So what’s the difference? This has a lot to do with tannins. Wine gets it’s tannins from the grapes whereas whiskey is produced from fermented grains (such as malt, barley, rye, corn and wheat). Whiskey, once bottled is considered a finished product (ie. it won’t change any further in the bottle) whereas wine will keep changing it’s flavor over time in the bottle. Finished whiskey should taste the same now as it forever (well a very long time or as long as it lasts in the liquor cabinet).

What factors can degrade whiskey over time?

While whiskey won’t improve with age, you want to take measures to ensure it degrades as slow as possible over time.

Major factors

The only major factor that will deteriorate whiskey quickly is exposure to direct sunlight.

Minor factors

These minor factors are not critical to your decanter purchase as they will only affect the quality of whiskey very slowly but are still good to keep in mind:

  • Size of the bottle (larger liquid volumes are more stable)
  • Headspace in the bottle
  • Closure type
  • Frequency with which it’s opened
  • Temperature it’s normally held at

What to look for in a Decanter

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. These are the things you need to keep in mind before buying a whiskey decanter:

Lead-free Crystal

Almost all decanters these days are already lead-free but be sure to check before you buy. Whiskey sitting in lead crystal will leach into the whiskey over time doing nasty things to your body. 

Air-tight Stopper

Choosing a whiskey decanter with an airtight seal is important because although whiskey oxidizes slower than wine, it still does oxidize. Be sure the stopper is strong and sturdy as you will be removing the seal every time you pour whiskey. The stopper should not let air escape or enter the decanter.


A standard bottle of whiskey is either 700ml or 750ml so it’s a good idea to buy a decanter that will at least fit one bottle. If you are looking for something larger, keep in mind that if you don’t fill it completely, the air in the decanter will gradually deteriorate the whiskey over time.


Crystal, inherently is designed to sparkle. Be sure to take into account, the beveling and design of the decanter. Those bevels aren’t just there for cosmetics, their purpose is to also help the crystal sparkle. Don’t consider those modern decanters because of their simple and minimalist design, traditional decanters with lots of beveling will be the ones that sparkle the most.


Lastly, your budget will often dictate how fancy you want your decanter to be, whether you want crystal or glass, whether you choose a decanter or decanter set.

There are a bucket load of decanters on the market today so we’ve selected a few of the coolest styles for every price point

How long should a quality lead-free crystal decanter last?

If you plan on setting aside some coin on a decent decanter, how long should it last? To be clear, we are talking about the decanter itself, not what you have put in it. Crystal, if properly cared for, should last a life-time. The question is whether proper care can be maintained over periods of many years. 

Crystal will tend to “dull” if left without any cleaning. The good news is that through simple cleaning, this can be prevented. In order to keep your crystal clean, try adding it to your dishwasher. High water temperatures will help remove residue. It’s then a matter of cleaning the decanter with a soft cloth to bring back its shine. The final step is to store your decanter in a dust free cupboard.

Classic Decanters

Denizli Spirits Old-Fashioned Whiskey Bottle Handmade Crystal Decanter 35 Oz - Lead Free
  • Classic square-shaped Ultra-High quality Crystal Decanter!
  • HANDMADE, Lead-Free
  • Thick glass, Heavy base & Elegant lid
With it’s beautiful, classic shape, the Denizli 35 Oz Non-Lead Crystal Decanter won’t look out of place in any man cave. It’s hand-made in Turkey and the stopper is also made to match the decanter to provide a tight fit.

Modern Decanters

JoyJolt Atlas 5-Piece Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set,100% Crystal Bar Set, Crystal Decanter Set Comes With A Scotch Decanter-22 Ounces And A Set Of 4 Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses-10.8 Ounces.
  • The JoyJolt Atlas crystal bourbon decanter set is unique, easy on the hand, handmade by expert artisans, with an beautiful design that will make a lasting impression and are Non-leaded crystal decanter. Comes with heavy glass stopper on the glass decanter.
  • This old fashioned decanter are great for wine, scotch, liquor, bourbon, and whiskey. Savor your finest whiskey or scotch in style with Altas sleek cocktail glasses, and are excellent for cocktail bourbon rocks tumbler.
  • These decanter set are handmade, and has a strong base and are sturdy and strong enough for home, bar, hotel, restaurant, resort, and weddings or in areas where breakage of rocks glasses is a concern.
Although a little on the small side, the JoyJolt Atlas 22 Oz Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set is a great example of how modern-day decanters should be. Packaged beautifully and supplied with 4 matching glasses this Atlas decanter will certainly be a conversation piece.


The Miko Crystal Lead-free Decanter is a very elegant and beautifully designed decanter. The set includes 6 matching glasses while the decanter will hold 750ml of your favorite whiskey or bourbon.

Traditional Decanters

MAKETH THE MAN Genuine Lead-Free Crystal Decanters For Alcohol. 27oz Whiskey Decanter & Glass Set For Men. Perfect for Scotch Whisky, Bourbon, Cognac, Tequila & Other Liquor. Art Deco European Design.
  • 🥃 STUNNING HIGH QUALITY 5-PIECE DECANTER SET WITH TIMELESS EUROPEAN DESIGN – Made with exceptional craftsmanship and care, Maketh The Man lead-free crystal exudes luxury and style. We blend timeless design with a contemporary twist to bring you glassware that is refined and sophisticated. You can feel the weight and old-fashioned quality in your hand.
  • 🥃 YOU’LL FEEL AMAZING GIVING THIS WHISKY DECANTER & GLASS SET AS A GIFT - This unique drinkware comes packaged and protected in our exquisite presentation box, making gift wrapping optional. Impress the enthusiast in your life and watch their face light up when they open their present to reveal this beautiful decanter and tumblers. Perfect as a groomsman gift or for any occasion such as anniversary, birthday, Father's Day, engagement or wedding. Treat yourself or gift to someone special.
  • 🥃 GENEROUS CAPACITY TO STORE AND ENJOY YOUR FAVORITE DRINK – This stylish 27 oz (800 ml) liquor decanter comes with four matching glasses. The 10 oz (300 ml) tumblers are perfect if you want to savor more than one shot of your best whiskey, scotch, bourbon or rum with ample room for water, ice, ice ball, whisky stones or rocks. They are also ideal for your vodka, brandy or other spirits and mixers. The glasses have a solid base so are perfect for making cocktails such as an Old Fashioned.
The Art Deco Premium Quality Whiskey Decanter set from Maketh The Man is oozing class and is our overall top pick for Whiskey Decanters. The design is spot on. The elegant decanter set is a good size at 20 Oz and is supplied with 4 matching glasses. Also lead-free, this decanter is European designed and is housed in a beautiful gift box. This quality decanter set will last for many years and won’t look out of place storing your best Whiskey.


The James Scott Whiskey Decanter is a little on the small side at 610 ml capacity but surely makes up for it with elegance. This lead-free decanter set is supplied with 2 matching glasses and with a little care will last for a lifetime. Get this bad-boy in the right light and it will shine with brilliance

Bizarre Decanters: The Unusual

If you need a decanter that will be the talk of the cave then there are plenty of decanters out there that will do that. These 5 decanters will surely be the talk of any cave.

Your man cave is not complete without Star Wars somewhere to be seen. This Stormtrooper decanter will surely keep those on the dark side happy. It holds a standard bottle of whiskey and is definitely one that you will want to have on show.


Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with 2 Etched Globe Whisky Glasses - for Liquor, Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka - 850ml
  • Hand blown elegant whiskey decanter dispenser featuring an etched globe design and antique ship in the bottle will undoubtedly enhance your drinking experience while making a bold impression.
  • Patented set includes whisky decanter with 2 matching globe design old fashioned whiskey glasses fitted onto mahogany stained tray. Gold stopper adds a touch of class while keeping your spirits sealed.
  • Lead free decanter capacity: 850ml - Cocktail glass: 300ml
This etched Whiskey Decanter Globe set includes 2 matching etched glasses and will store 700 ml of your favorite whiskey, scotch or bourbon.


Bourbon Barrel Whiskey Decanter With Ship - 1000ml Liquor Dispenser - Sailing/Boating Gifts for Men and Women, Nautical Decor Retirement Gift (Tomoka Gold)
  • HAND-BLOWN BY SKILLED ARTISANS - brilliantly handcrafted, Lead-Free decanter with intricate handcrafted ship (boat) in striking detail, the handcrafted oak wooden base is made in Kentucky by master craftsmen (USA) for each decanter sold we plant a tree in its honor.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT - Whether you're shopping for a wedding gift for newlyweds, house warming present, graduation gift, retirement gift, Christmas or fathers day gift or you're looking for groomsmen gifts or a birthday gift for your dad this globe liquor dispenser is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with whiskey and wine lovers everywhere.
  • 1000ml DECANTER TO HOLD YOUR FAVORITE LIQUOR - 50% LARGER than similar decanters. Whisky, scotch, bourbon, cognac, brandy all your spirits will look fantastic in our Tomoka Gold Decanter. Makes a great recently retired gift for men.
There is something about tall ships that appeals to every man. If your man cave needs something elegant but still unusual then the Bourbon Barrel Decanter does just that. It stores 1000 ml of your favorite whiskey or bourbon and is hand-made in the USA. It is definitely not a cheap decanter but once you see how much work has gone into it’s creation, you will understand the price.


Bourbon Whiskey Decanter - 1150ml Liquor Dispenser for Rum, Vodka, Wine, Whiskey, Etc- Sailing/Boating Gifts for Men and Women, Nautical Decor Newlywed Gift, Unique Bourbon Gifts (Prestige Decanters)
  • HAND-BLOWN BY SKILLED ARTISANS - brilliantly handcrafted, Lead-Free decanter with intricate handcrafted ship (boat) in striking detail, the handcrafted oak wooden base is made in Kentucky by master craftsmen (USA) for each decanter sold we plant a tree in its honor.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT - Whether you're shopping for a wedding gift for newlyweds, house warming present, graduation gift, retirement gift, Christmas or fathers day gift or you're looking for groomsmen gifts or a birthday gift for your dad this globe liquor dispenser is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with whiskey and wine lovers everywhere.
  • 1150ml DECANTER TO HOLD YOUR FAVORITE LIQUOR - 50% LARGER than similar decanters. Whisky, scotch, bourbon, cognac, brandy all your spirits will look fantastic in our Constellation1797 Decanter. Makes a great recently retired gift for men.
Continuing on the tall ships theme, the Prestige Liquor Decanter holds a whopping 1150 ml of your favorite Whiskey, Scotch or Bourbon. Included is a sturdy wooden base, this decanter is also made in the USA.


Final Touch Glass Brain Freeze 1 Liter Decanter
  • Contains ghostly floating glass skull
  • Hand washing is recommended
  • Perfect for Halloween or a year round eerie home accent
The Final Touch Glass Brain Freeze decanter contains a floating skull so it will surely get noticed sitting in any man cave. It also holds 1000 ml. Handy.

Budget Decanters

James Scott Crystal Decanter for Whiskey, Liquor and Bourbon - 25 Oz. Lead Free | Irish Cut design | Gift Box
  • TRUE BEAUTY IS ONLY FOUND WHEN WITH JAMES SCOTT - When this elegant decanter graces his or her bar of table, enjoying a cocktail always has a sophisticated flair. Created from crystal, its unique design is hand-cut and deeply faceted for extra sparkle. Decanter is 10.75" tall, its capacity is 750 ml.
  • CRYSTAL BY ITS VERY NATURE, REQUIRES DELICATE HANDLING - With just a little tender loving care, you will ensure the beauty of your crystal for many lifetimes. Wash one piece at a time by hand, using warm soapy water and hand dry with a soft cloth.
  • GIVES A DISTINGUISHED LOOK WHEREVER YOU PLACE IT - Perfect in a gentleman's study, this distinguished decanter gives pause to everyday life and beckons you to take a break. Whether you fill the stylish decanter with 12-year old scotch for a get-together with friends or orange juice after a round of golf, it's a happy and hospitable way to pass the time.
The James Scott Lead Free Crystal Decanter is excellent value for money. Not to be confused with cheaper glass decanters, this one is made with lead-free crystal and holds one full bottle of whiskey. Sticking to it’s traditional look, this decanter won’t look out of place in any man cave bar.

Personalized Decanters

Bormioli Rocco Capitol Decanter 23.75 Oz - Engraved Monogram Personalized
  • NOW AVAILABLE WITH ENGRAVED MONOGRAM PERSONALIZATION: To get your Decanter personalized, click the CUSTOMIZE NOW button top right hand cornerYELLOW button & enter in your desired monogram details. ADD TO CART button is available in that Personalizing interface.
  • Perfect whiskey, vodka decanter or oany liquor personalized decanter gift custom engraved with name or initial or monogram. If you are looking for classy gift for yourself, dad, mom, bride and groom, couple, friends, housewarming, hostess, birthday or anniversary gift as well as Father's Day or Christmas - this is it!
  • CLEAR GLASS ( Shipped Empty ) Decanter is pictured filled with colored Liquid to provide background to show the engraved personalization. The decanter will be shipped empty, without any liquid. Capacity: 23 3/4-ounce,
Finally, for those who want a unique addition to their man cave, one can’t go past the Bormioli Rocco Capital Decanter. Made in Italy but engraved in the USA allows for a truly personalized addition to any man cave.


Whiskey decanters tend to be built for stability, so choosing one that compliments your requirements is all you need. Remember, a quality crystal lead-free decanter should last a life-time, so this is a perfect opportunity to spend some money and buy quality from the start. Now is your chance to start drinking whiskey with style!