The 5 Best Pool Jump Cues for Seasoned Players and Beginners

Every pool player loves the sight of a cue ball soaring high over obstacles to hit a target ball. If you eagerly want to execute the same shot, all you get to do is get yourself the best pool jump cue. However, pool enthusiasts seem undecided on whether a dedicated pool jump cue is worth investing in rather than opting for a break/jump cue that can serve a dual purpose. 

But most billiard/pool experts will agree that a dedicated pool jump cue is an inevitable requirement for anyone to excel at the game of billiards. 

Why Choose A Pool Jump Cue? 

Relying on a jump/break cue alone is more of a compromise. Despite being good, those cues can give you mediocre jumps and breaks, as well as limit your ability to execute your strokes properly.  On the other hand, a dedicated pool jump cue excels at executing close distance jumps, which the standard jump/break cue is pathetic at performing. 

Plus, unscrewing the butt on a jump/break cue can also become irritating, ruining your gaming rhythm and the entire experience. Pool jump cues have an adequately designed butt that doesn’t need replacement every time. They’re also shorter, lighter with a hard tip crucial in imparting full energy on cue balls. 

Our Best Five Pool Jump Cues

Despite pool jump cues being crucial, not all of them are the same, neither should they be similar. Your best pool jump cue will be different from someone else’s. We’ve narrowed down the choices you should consider when searching for an ideal jump cue. Check out these five best pool jump cues tried and tested to ensure they meet a professional’s and newbie’s preferences. 

1. Lucasi Specialty Jump Cue 

Lucasi Specialty Jump Cue makes it easier to execute skillful and accurate jumps like no other. It has an excellent distribution of weight, pleasant ergonomics, and carefully thought of design to make it a favorite among serious players and professionals. Even if getting started with billiard games, Lucasi can never disappoint you as it makes it easier to jump the cue balls. 

This jump cue is made using natural hard rock maple to make it stiff but lighter and easier to control. Its tip is slightly heavy, accompanied by phenolic tip and ferrule to make it effortless to jump consistently. Measuring 41.25” long and less than 8 ounces, Lucasi has a 14mm low deflection shaft diameter, consisting of a 13.75 mm tip.


  • Elegant design
  • Pleasant ergonomics
  • Hard rock natural maple construction
  • It’s beautifully designed to suit experts and beginners


  • A little expensive

2. Predator Air Pool Jump Cues 

The exceptional lightweight construction of the Predator Air is something you won’t across easily among most jump cues. It measures less than 10 ounces; the jump cue offers 3-piece construction to allow you to adjust its length and weight and adapt to the long or short-distance shots. 

With the Uni-Loc quick-release joint, adding or removing pieces to the jump cue becomes easier. It also offers more flexibility by allowing players to adjust its weight in increments of 0.25 ounces. The weight system enables you to increment the weight by 3.5 ounces. However, weight bolts come separately, so you may need to purchase them as well. 

Predator Air delivers power and great accuracy when executing jump shots. The collar and shaft feature a carbon fiber enhancement to add strength without making it heavier.


  • Offers high accuracy in executing jumps
  • Adjustable weights in 0.25 oz increment
  • Highly ergonomic


  • Weight bolts sold separately 

3. Purex HXT-P1 Jump Break Cues

Even though it’s crucial to have a dedicated pool jump cue, this jump/break cue deserves to be on our list of best jump cues. has a four-piece construction that makes it ideal for executing long and short jumps and breaks. 

Purex HXT-P1 is one of the heavy pool jump cues, available in weight ranging between 18.5 and 21 ounces with increments of 0.5 ounces. Also, it features an XLG Quad Face tip to allow you to impart complete energy transfer to the cue ball. It also has carbon fiber on its ley impact points to stiffen the cue to achieve maximum energy transfer.

HXT-P1 offers a 12.75mm low defection shaft with ergonomic three traction zones for convenient grip.


  • 4-piece construction
  • Adjustable weight with 0.5 Oz increment
  • Performs excellently on both jumps and breaks


  • Costly

4. Aska JC01 Jump Cue 

ASKA Jump Cue, Hard Rock Canadian Maple, 29-Inches Shaft, Quick Release Joint (JC01 Purpleheart Butterfly)
  • Purpleheart Spliced Maple, Butterfly Desing, 13mm Ultimate Phenolic Black Tip, Butt 12-inches, Shaft 29-inches
  • Hard Rock Canadian Maple, 9-10 Ounce Weight
  • Quick Release Joint
When working with a tight budget but needs the best pool jump cue that gets the job done, Aska JC01 won’t disappoint you. It’s particularly great for beginners and recreational players. If you need to learn the artistry of jumping, it’s the choice to go for before considering an upgrade.

Aska JC01 features a 13mm phenolic tip, 29-inch shaft, and 12-inch butt. It also comes with a quick-release joint and is made using high-grade Canadian maple. The general quality isn’t the best but is as expected and does the job.

It’s somewhat softer than the expensive jump cues, resulting in average jumps with less control on the cue ball. As such, it might not be the best for staunch players. It’s, however, an excellent choice for a beginner. 


  • Most affordable jump cue
  • Decent performance, ideal for beginners
  • Above average quality for its affordable price


  • Best suits casual players

5. Players Exotics E-JC Jump Pool Cue

ASKA Jump Cue, Hard Rock Canadian Maple, 29-Inches Shaft, Quick Release Joint (JC01 Purpleheart Butterfly)
  • Purpleheart Spliced Maple, Butterfly Desing, 13mm Ultimate Phenolic Black Tip, Butt 12-inches, Shaft 29-inches
  • Hard Rock Canadian Maple, 9-10 Ounce Weight
  • Quick Release Joint
If looking for an affordable jump cue with above-average performance, the Players Exotics E-JC Jump Pool Cue is an ideal choice. It’s excellent for casual as well as seasoned players working with a strict budget.

Players Exotics E-JC Jump Cue is stiff, made with the completely natural North American hard rock maple. The cue underwent a strict manufacturing process and is subjected to extensive quality control to produce a defects-free and straight jump cue.

With a 7 ounce weight, the jump cue is lightweight but sturdy, featuring a 14mm rigid bakelite tip to execute accurate jump shots. The pro taper and French cue wax treatment allow it to glide freely between the fingers. 

Due to its extreme lightweight, executing perfect short jumps can be difficult. But as you already know, short jumps are complex strokes to perform and need spotless skill.


  • Affordable yet efficient in executing long jumps
  • Suited for all player skill levels
  • Lightweight and easier to control
  • Offers a lifetime warranty


  • It is challenging to perform short jumps
  • Doesn’t offer joint protectors

What to look for when Buying a Jump Cue

When you need to find a dedicated pool jump cue, you need to look at the features and specifications that matter most to jump cues.

Size and Weight

Jump cues are usually shorter and lightweight than a typical cue. They can weigh from 5 to 10 ounces, while the standard type weighs between 15 and 25 ounces. 

The lightness is essential in increasing cue speed and comfort. Also, a lightweight reduces the contact time of the tip with the cue ball hence increase the jump. 

Jump cues often measure between 40 and 48 inches long, while the standard types can be 58 inches. The short length of the jump cues is ideal in reducing weight. However, length is always a matter of personal preference, but the weight should have more consideration. 


Jump cues usually cost more than typical cues. A good one can range between $80 and $100 but can go as high as $300 for the high-end types. If you’re a recreational player or simply starting, budget jump cues can do the work for you. Seasoned players after performance and quality can plan for a budget ranging from $160 to $180. 


A jump cue has a 3 to 4 piece construction, often made of carbon fiber. The lower-end and simpler types may only have two pieces. 

The 3-4 piece construction allows for more flexibility when making adjustments. Adding or removing an extension piece will enable you to adjust a jump cue’s length and weight. Hence the force and speed exerted on the ball also changes. 

Final Thoughts 

The best jump cue offers excellent power transfer, short length, and is lighter in weight. For more flexibility, one with weight adjustment is ideal. 

If not sure which jump cue to consider, we recommend going for Predator Air Jump Cue. Its weight adjustment is excellent, enabling you to tune the jump cue to achieve a perfect jump. Plus, it’s very easy to easy and budget-friendly. WIth your new jump cue in hand, ensure you have all the accessories to keep it and your table maintained properly.