How Much Space do you Need for an Air Hockey Table?

Planning what games you want in your man cave is the fun part. What’s not fun is buying a table game only to find that it doesn’t fit in your desired space. Air Hockey tables are available in many different sizes and in order to get the most enjoyment out of it, you need to plan the space you need. 

Apart from the space the actual table takes up, you also need to take into account how much extra is required for playing. This varies for everyone, but the dimensions we’ve recommended will suit most players.

A regulation air hockey table size is 8-foot long x 4-foot wide. This distance is measured along the length of the table (not the diagonal). Tables on the market today may quote figures based on the overall dimensions of the table, not the playing area dimensions. When working out how much space is required, the overall dimensions must be used.

Our list includes 2 sets of sizes:

Minimum Area Required

Minimum Area Required means that you will be able to play if this is the only space you have available, but it won’t be comfortable.

Comfortable Area Required

Comfortable Area Required means this is the optimal area required to play a game of air hockey comfortably (that is, not hitting the walls).

Air Hockey room size

Table Size Minimum Area Required Comfortable Area Required
6 foot (6′ x 3′) 10′ x 5′ 12′ x 7′
7 foot (7′ x 3.5′) 11′ x 5′ 6″ 13′ x 7′ 6″
8 foot (8′ x 4′) 12′ x 6′ 14′ x 8′

As a general rule you should add 6 feet to the length of your air hockey table and 4 feet to the width for comfortable play 

Our lists show the common sizes of air hockey tables, of course there are many different sizes in between but the areas listed will give you a guide.

Unlike pool tables, air hockey tables can be set up next to a wall to save space. Adult players should not need to move around the side of the table to play. Small children may need to move around the side of the table to reach the puck (if they can’t reach it from behind the table).

4 Player Air Hockey Tables

If you are planning on buying a 4 player air hockey table then you will most certainly need even more space to what has been mentioned above. Large square tables will require the most space as players will need space to move on all 4 sides.

How Much Does an Air Hockey Table Weigh?

Larger, higher quality air hockey tables will be heavy. A regulation 8 foot table will weigh 350 pounds or more so think about what sort of flooring you plan putting this table on. Other table sizes and weights can be found in this article.

Why is my Air Hockey Table Slow?

Air hockey tables need to be properly maintained, this involves cleaning on a regular basis. If you still find that your table is slow then be sure to read our guide on how to make your table faster.

Final Thoughts

A little bit of common sense will go a long way when planning where you are going to place your air hockey table. Although some tables will be heavy, the tables can be moved around, just be sure there is a power socket handy. If you are yet to buy a table then be sure to see our roundup of the best tables.