The Essential Guide to Buying a 4-Player Air Hockey Table

Your private sanctuary is not only for you but also for entertaining friends without disrupting the rest of your family. Your man cave is where your gadgets, boys-toys, home theater system and obviously games tables like the popular air hockey. Standard air hockey tables only allow two players at a time so you have to wait your turn.

This problem is easily solved with the innovative 4-player air hockey table which is available in a few different shapes. It offers a different gaming experience which can be more challenging but also offer much more entertainment and fun. 

Buying Guide for a 4-Player Air Hockey Table


Before making a purchase, you need to work out if you have the required space for a table. All 4 Player Air Hockey Tables are large. When you choose a full-sized round table, you will need more space, but due to the unique design of a round table, for example, you will have more room to move around. The downside though is for obvious reasons you can’t place it neatly in the corner of your man cave, it needs to be front and center.

In general, you need at least 3 feet behind every player. This does not include the table size but does allow the player to get that extra footing when trying to make that almighty whack to win the game.


4 Player Air Hockey Table shapes vary between oblong, square, rectangle and even round. Of course if you choose a square table with players on each side, space will be required for every player. Rectangular tables can be setup next to a wall, which is space saving.

Strikers and Pucks

With a four-player air hockey table, you get more strikers and pucks. When you choose a higher-priced model, you will get additional accessories and extra pucks with built-in storage bins to keep your accessories organized and easily accessible.

Play Modes

A 4-player table gives you plenty of flexibility but there are no hard and fast rules which give you popular modes and game-play options including team play, elimination styles, and individual mode.

Goal Inserts

You can choose to leave the inserts out and run around more to protect a larger goal area or add the goal inserts. This feature is to allow for two, three or four-player modes. You can push these little inserts into goals that create a barrier to prevent the puck to slide in.

Our Top Picks for a 4-Player Air Hockey Table

The is our favorite table for quite a few reasons. It features a dual table top that doubles as a poker table. Nice! The playing surface measures at a thickness of 3/16-inches and has a high-powered blower to propel the puck smoothly across the surface. It also features an accurate built-in scorer with sound effects to give you the complete arcade experience. If you want you can convert the table into a poker table that accommodates eight players. It is a sturdy table with full leg panels and wide base that will not moves during play.

  • Improved stability with wide-leg panels and base
  • Electronic scorer with sound effects
  • Doubles a poker table
  • High-powered air blower
  • Come with four strikers and four pucks


  • Requires more maintenance to avoid dead spots

Atomic Full Strength 4-Player Air Powered Hockey Table with LED LIGHT UP Pucks and Pushers
  • Unique design allows for up to 4 players at one time for unpredictable fun gameplay
  • Dual air-powered motors for fast and furious hockey
  • Four inlaid LED scoring displays keep track of each players performance
What we like about the Atomic Full Strength is its compact size while allowing four players. The square shape is much smaller compared to other designs like the oblong or round tables. It gives you six different game modes. It has two blowing motors that keep the puck evenly aired. You can even play in dark conditions with LED scoring system and pushers.

  • Four-player game-play
  • Four LED scoring displays
  • 2 LED puck and 4 LED pushers
  • Dual air-powered motors
  • Six different game modes
  • Dimensions of 47.5 length x 47.5 wide x 31-inches high
  • Six game mode options
  • Options for two or three-player play as well as four-players


  • It could have dead spots if not cleaned regularly

ESPN Air Hockey Arcade Game: Silver Streak Professional Sports Table Set with Equipment - 4 Pushers 4 Pucks and Touch Screen LED Score Keeper - 8 Foot
  • UNIQUE GAMING FUN - This electric set will dazzle guests in a home or basement game room; the sleek, premium quality will amaze friends & family & provide hours of fun at your next party or gathering
  • FULL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - ESPN Sports pro indoor air hockey tables come complete with all the needed accessories for the best arcade game fun, including 4 pucks & 4 paddles for multi player gaming
  • ELECTRONIC SCORING CAPABILITY - Kit includes an LED electronic touch screen control scorer for simple setup & use, & a unique gaming experience; just a few taps & you can begin challenging an opponent

The ESPN is an eight-foot elongated table for four-player fun. It includes four pushers and four pucks and designed for intense play. It has oversized levelers and full-panel leg support as well as reinforced playfield aprons and top rails with additional support. Powerful blowers with a 120 V UL certified motor for great and even airflow. It has an UV-coated playing field for smoother and faster puck movement. This is a four-player air hockey table that will last a lifetime.

  • 120 V UL-certified motor
  • Touch panel scorer
  • UV coated playing field
  • Oversized levelers
  • Full-panel leg support
  • Reinforced playfield aprons and top rails
  • Dimensions of 96 x 48 x 32-inches
  • Weight of 192.5 pounds
  • Full accessories included


  • Difficult to assemble due to its size, you need two people to assemble

The Atomic Blazer is built with Wood and Formica and one of the lightweight tables on our list. It has a 120V air blower for smooth airflow and electronic scorekeeping with rail-integrated display. It can accommodate a conversion table tennis top. Leg levelers are included for even play as well as overhang rails to reduce puck bouncing.

  • Heavy-duty 120V air blower
  • Overhand rails
  •  Leg levelers
  • Can convert to accommodate a table tennis top
  • Includes four three-inch pucks and four strikers
  • Dimensions of 86 x 5o x 11.6-inches


  • It is very lightweight at only 25 pounds, therefore would not last quite as long as the other 4-player air hockey tables on our list.

Final Thoughts

When choosing one of the 4-player air hockey table recommendations, look at your available space first. When you make your choice, keep in mind how often you will be using it as well as you want a table that can withstand some abuse and offer challenging gameplay without falling apart after a couple of weeks. If you only have a small man cave then a 2-player table will be all that you can fit comfortably.