How Much Space do you Need for a Foosball Table?

Foosball is a great game to play and should be in every man cave. It’s an easy game to pick up and keeps all your friends entertained. But before you jump in and make that purchase, do you have enough space to be able to play the game comfortably? How much space do you need and are all tables the same size?

Foosball Table Sizes

Foosball tables vary in size. They vary from 40” in length all the way to of 60”. A tournament size table is 56” in length (a foosball table is measured by it’s length, not across the diagonal). There are also tabletop versions available but these aren’t common in many man caves so we’ll focus on the freestanding types. Apart from the table itself, playing the game comfortably also requires a certain amount of space around the table.

The space required for a standard 56” size foosball table is 10 feet wide by 8 feet in length. This area will give all players enough space to play comfortably.

We have listed two sizes of areas required in order to play foosball. Minimum area is the minimum area required to play the game while comfortable area size is the space required to play the game comfortably with 4 players. 

If you are tight on space, then the minimum area required will work but it’s not ideal. Aim for the comfortable size if possible.

Room size for Foosball Table

Table Size Minimum Area Required Comfortable Area Required
40″ (3.33′) 6′ W x 5.5′ L 8.5′ W x 6.5′ L
56″ (4.66′) 8.5′ W x 7′ L 10′ W x 8′ L
60″ (5′) 9.5′ W x 8′ L 11′ W x 9′ L

As a general rule you should add 4ft around each side of the table

Buying Considerations

Although a standard size foosball table has a playing length of 56”, there are smaller tables available. If the space in your man cave is small then a smaller table may be an option but game play will not be as enjoyable as playing on a standard size table.

Multi-Game Foosball Tables

Multi-game or combination tables will include games like foosball, pool and also air hockey. If you plan on buying one of these tables, be sure to allow space for all of the games, not just foosball. Air hockey requires extra space at either end of the table while foosball only requires minimal space at the ends of the table.

Foosball Table Weight

A standard 56” foosball table will weigh between 120 lbs and 190 lbs depending on quality of materials used.

Most tables sold today are shipped as flat packs so they can be assembled where they intend to be used. Moving a table from one room to another assembled may be difficult as the rods will protrude out the sides of the table.

Once assembled, most foosball tables can be moved around a room by 2 or more people but generally, they are permanent fixtures to your cave. If you do move your foosball table, you may have to re-level it depending on your floor.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to do your homework before buying a foosball table as nothing would be more frustrating for you and your friends to be trying to play a game only to be restricted. With proper care, most foosball tables, whether they are new or used, can be moved around, so it is possible to move them to an open space before playing. A foosball table doesn’t take up much space and will add character to your man cave.