How To Care For Your Foosball Table

When you have a foosball table in your man cave you must take the best care of your table. One thing about a foosball table that you might not realize when you are a new foosball owner is that cleaning and maintaining it is something you need to do often.

Not only do you need to keep the table clean, but also the rods, players and balls too. A clean table will also help you get better at the game. If you purchase a used table soccer table, you’ll have to check the condition before buying.

How to Care for your Foosball Table

Step 1: Get a can of compressed air

Dust-Off Falcon Compressed Gas (152a) Disposable Cleaning Duster 4 Count, 10 oz. Can (DPSXL4T), BlackEvery inch of your table must be rid of dust particles and one of the best ways to get rid of hard-to-reach places is using compressed air. One of the most common problems that wreck a foosball table is the drink and food spilled on it. Avoid eating and drinking at the table, but still do a weekly once-over with the compressed air.

Step 2: Get a dry, soft cloth

Amazon Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Non-Abrasive, Reusable and Washable - Pack of 24, 12 x16-Inch, Blue, White and YellowA dry, soft cloth that is free of any chemicals will be all you need to wipe down your foosball table. Buying a microfiber cloth also ensures fluff stays off your table and avoids arguments from your friends that they lost because the ball didn’t roll straight. If you see any visible spillages, start there and then make your way to the underside and the legs of the table to remove any remaining dust.

Step 3: 70% to 80% rubbing alcohol

Mountain Falls 70% Isopropyl Alcohol First Aid Antiseptic for Treatment of Minor Cuts and Scrapes, 32 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 6)Take another clean, dry and soft cloth free of chemicals and apply 70-80% rubbing alcohol to it. As you did with the dry cloth in step 2, rub down every surface of the foosball table. Keep in mind that alcohol evaporates and dries very fast, therefore use small quantities at a time. The alcohol will sanitize and clean the table. It will also clean the hard-to-reach places and if the balls left any black marks on your table, it will be removed as well. If you use too little alcohol, it won’t work and if you use too much the smell might be unpleasant.

Step 4: Foosball Rods Cleaning

The rods and men are just as important as the table itself and just as you clean your table, the mean and its rods must be kept as immaculate as the table.

Keep the men and rods clean by using a small amount of alcohol on a clean, dry cloth. The balls can also be cleaned with a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol. 

Step 5: Silicone Lubrication

CRC 05074 Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant - 7.5 Wt Oz.A very important factor is to lubricate the rods with silicone to improve games and extend the life of your foosball table. Silicone is necessary to keep the rods moving smoothly. It will improve the performance and speed and at the same time extends the bearing life of the rods.

Something you should never use on the rods is WD-40 even if your friends recommend it as it will only work for a short period and the rods will be fast and slick, but when it dries out, it also dries the bearings and bumpers and your table will wear down much faster. 

Spray or liquid silicone should be applied to a clean dry cloth and wipe down the rods, without getting any silicone on the playing field or the handles itself. Apply a drop or two silicone on the ends of the foosball rods next to the bearings and spin it a couple of times. This will keep the bearings lubricated and also extend the life of the table.

Foosball Table Maintenance 

While you need to keep your table clean, the maintenance is just as important to keep it in prime operating condition. Your table rods also plays a vital role in the overall play experience and longevity and performance of the table

Place it in a dry, cool area

When your man cave has a window, be sure not to place it in front of the window as direct sunlight is bad for the table. Exposure to the sun can damage the table by fading the surface and cabinet among other damage.

Moving a Foosball Table

You should never drag a foosball table across the floor when you need to move it. If you want to place it someplace else, get a friend to help you lift it. To prevent your table to move during play, be sure to place anti-slip padding under its legs. 

This is especially important when the table is on the floor without a carpet. The reason is simple, if the table moves during play, one person will move the table back to its original position instead of asking someone to help lift it and reposition it. When you have ant-slip pads you will never have that problem.

How often should you clean your Foosball Table?

Your first observation will be to keep track of how often you use your foosball table. If it is used often, you need to clean it once a week. When you use it only during parties or as recreational table once a month is adequate. 

Final Thoughts

If you focus on keeping your foosball table clean and maintain it, you will have years of fun with your friends. A clean table will help you get better at your game. Another good tip even when you use it often is to invest in a good foosball table cover to protect your table. Also, make sure your friends don’t eat or drink while playing and keep side tables handy for plates and glasses.