Best Foosball Table for the Money

A foosball table is an essential part of any man cave. It’s a great way to entertain and doesn’t cost a fortune. Appealing to both beginners and advanced players, foosball is a highly social game and a fun way to get everyone involved. Whether it’s called Foosball, Table football or table soccer, it’s always going to keep the crowds happy.

Foosball as the Centerpiece

Aside from the TV during FIFA World Cup and Super Bowl Season, foosball often takes on the role of being the epicenter of activity. It lets you live out your wildest sports dreams like a scissor kick, a la Lionel Messi. With an unsuspecting witness in your opponent, testosterone-laden showboating suddenly becomes a million times more fun. So, whether you know what a rabona is or not, a foosball table for your man cave makes a ton of sense if you plan on having your buddies over. There are times when you want to play multiple games on the one table. For that, you need a Multi Game Table.

Reasons You Need a Foosball Table

  • Pool tables and other non-video game related gaming options require a lot of real estate. Foosball tables are relatively small and could, as I’ll show you later, intuitively exist inside a more useful pieces of furniture.
  • It’s a heck of a lot of fun for 1 on 1 matches. Make it a team game if you have a lot of friends over and the fun rises exponentially.
  • It also gets you off your lazy butt. Couches in man caves are often so comfortable that you’ll find yourself snoozing off on it often. Once a foosball match has started, it’s going to be impossible to resist participating. Just watching how players roast each other is also just as entertaining to watch so it could definitely draw a crowd.

Table Reviews

We know how hard it is to find the perfect table. The balance between build quality, features, aesthetics, and price is always a tricky subject. We’ve lined up a penalty shot on all of the top brands to help you pick out the best of the best from all price points.

KICK Legend 55" Foosball Table (Brown)
  • ⚽️ Table Dimensions: 55" L X 31" W X 35" H ✅
  • ⚽️ Comes With Counter Balanced Men Set AND Uniformed Men Set ✅
  • ⚽️ Extremely Durable and Elegant ✅

KICK is one the fastest growing companies in foosball tables. Their mercurial rise to fame piggybacks on their promise to give the best bang-for-the-buck tables around. Having their top-of-the-line products priced very competitively, they’re really breaking the barrier for how inexpensive high-end tables can and should be.

The Legend table is squarely aimed at the inexpensive but high-quality market. The large dimensions of 55″ X 30″ X 34″ and the 141 lbs. weight makes this table stable even during close high-adrenaline matches. KICK produce quite a few models but the only difference is the darkness of the finish of the wooden exterior. Since these are matters of personal preference, we thought it best to pick the most popular. The Legend is perfect for mid-range man caves that need an inexpensive but elegant centerpiece.


  • Build quality is superb
  • Easy to change from a one to three goalie configuration
  • Counterbalanced men
  • Score trackers at both ends of the table
  • Silky smooth chrome plated rods
  • Not most expensive table available


  • Ball-return mechanism sometimes gets stuck
  • Optional cup holders make it look cheap
  • Instructions are a little unclear
  • Not the easiest to build
  • Legs are non-adjustable

Tornado Valley-Dynamo Classic Foosball Table
  • The Tornado Classic Foosball Table is Made In Richland Hills, Texas USA by Master Craftsmen
  • 1.5" Thick Cabinet Walls - Extreme Durability For Home or Commercial Use
  • Patented Counter Balanced Foosball Players Stay Exactly Where You Leave Them

If you know your foosball tables, then you’ve probably heard of Tornado. They’ve been at the top of the bests lists all over the internet and certainly, they also deserve a spot in here. They’ve been making quality foosball tables for a long time now and they don’t look like they’re about to stop anytime soon.

Their Classic model is a classic for a reason. It has been battle-tested for all environments whether it be crowded pubs, bars, or your very own man cave. The leather finish just oozes extravagance so it should feel right at home at swanky pubs, bars, or your luxurious man cave.


  • Luxurious leather finish
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Elegant handles
  • Smooth rod
  • Counterbalanced players
  • Solid build permits aggressive play


  • May look out of place next to inexpensive furniture
  • Expensive

Check out how Tornado foosball tables are made.

Hathaway 54-Inch Hurricane Foosball Table for Family Game Rooms with Light Cherry Finish, Analog Scoring and Free Accessories
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – This premium table is built to last. Its beautiful finished cabinet is constructed with quality, engineered wood. Its sturdy, L-shaped legs include adjustable levelers, ensuring an even playing field on any surface.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE – Lightening fast E-Z Spin bearings keep the action rolling along at a crisp, competitive pace. Get a grip on the action with ergonomic handles and solid steel rods. A perfect addition to your game room, gym or office.
  • SLEEK AND STYLISH – The Hurricane features a gorgeous, light-cherry finish that adds a touch of sophistication to any home. An immersive, soccer-inspired playfield puts you right in the heat of the action

The brand doesn’t have a loud attitude like Tornado and KICK, but it definitely has a statement to make. For Hathaway foosball tables, the bare minimum is enough to get you a solid playing experience. They make no-frills tables that give all players a great gaming experience.

The Hathaway Hurricane is an excellent starter table for the man-cave on a budget. It forgoes all the bells and whistles and only plays with the basics. It proves to be more than enough to deliver as much fun as more expensive foosball tables out there.


  • Inexpensive range
  • Slightly adjustable leg leveler
  • Solid steel rods
  • Great build quality


  • Engineered wood doesn’t feel premium
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Abacus score counter
  • Basic player design
  • Players are not counterbalanced

Best Choice Products 48in Competition Sized Foosball Table, Arcade Table Soccer for Home, Game Room, Arcade w/ 2 Balls, 2 Cup Holders
  • 48-INCH GAME SET: Competition-sized foosball table brings fun to any setting, perfect for home game rooms, arcades, and other entertainment areas
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLES: Control bars have comfortable grips for better ball control (2 balls included) as it slides on the smooth, low friction surface for that game-winning goal
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This game room classic is crafted with sturdy composite wood and chrome-finished steel rods for long-lasting, high-quality fun

As far as our budget pick goes, the Best Choice Products 48″ Foosball Table takes the cake. For the money, this table packs a lot of features of tables that are 5 times the price. From it’s sturdy construction, to detailed assembly instructions, this table will keep everyone amused for hours.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Perfect height for adults and children
  • Attractive wood veneer
  • Sturdy and steady


  • Made from fibreboard
  • Counter screws aren’t fully drilled (drilling required)
  • Abacus score counter
  • Easy to install players backwards


Foosball tables aren’t pocket change for most people. They’re investments that need proper analysis. While some are more luxurious, others have more basic features. At the end of the day, whatever foosball table you choose depends on your aesthetic tastes, functional requirements, and financial capacity. This list merely aims to point you in the right direction depending on the particular price range that you’re willing to spend. Once you’ve bought a table you’ll need to hone your skills in order to become a foosball table champion of your man cave.

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