5 Best Bottle Openers that Open Beer & Wine Bottles

There are times when you need an accessory that serves for more than one purpose. Being able to open both beer and wine bottles definitely has it’s advantages.

There is a lot of different terminology around that’s used to talk about beer and wine bottle openers: Cap Bottle Openers, Vrod Bottle Openers, Beveled Bottle Openers and Hammerhead… just to name a few.

You Need a Combination Beer & Wine Opener When:

  1. Space is limited in your kitchen
  2. Space is limited when you travel
  3. You tend to lose bottle openers all the time (yes, that’s me)
  4. You need your go to accessory within reach at all times
  5. You’re on a tight budget (yes, you can pick them up for only a few bucks)

We’ve put all of the jargon aside to give you the best combination openers your money can buy. And they’ll do the job… well both jobs.

5 Best Bottle Openers that Open Beer & Wine Bottles

1. IPOW Wing Corkscrew Bottle Opener for Wine and Beer

IPOW Wing Corkscrew, Multifunctional Wine Beer Bottle Opener, Wine Corkscrew for all Cork Stoppered and Beer Cap Bottles. Used in Kitchen Chateau Restaurant Bars for Wine Enthusiast and Waiters White.
  • Durable High Quality and Easy to Open: Our polished finished corkscrew is made by premium zinc alloy, which ensures longer durability and stronger corrosion resistance. The lever principle applied structure saves your strength to open the wine easily.
  • Multifunctional Wine and Beer Opener: The considerately designed end opens all beer cap bottles efficiently and allows you to take it safely, hang on it conveniently. The exquisite screw removes corks from most cork-stoppered bottles, including wine, olive oils, vinegars.
  • Ergonomic Anti-Slip Wing Handle: Ergonomic curved lines and the anti-slip rubber grip cover contribute to a comfortable gasp and less downward pressure to pull out the cork. The hard sharp zinc alloy screw helps you rotate the corkscrew into the cork quickly.

The IPOW Wing Corkscrew Wine and Bottle Opener is a highly durable, easy to open bottle opener for both wine and beer bottles. There are many people who swear by wing-type bottle openers because of their easy, and relatively sure way of opening a bottle of wine. The sharp corkscrew will avoid your wine corks from crumbling. Of course it’ll open your beer bottles as well. This opener should last a very long time and yet it doesn’t brake the bank.

2. Barvivo Professional Waiters Corkscrew

Barvivo Professional Waiters Corkscrew This Wine Opener is Used to Open Beer and Wine Bottles by Waiters, Sommelier and Bartenders Around The World. Made of Stainless Steel and Natural Rosewood.
  • STOP WORRYING ABOUT CRUMBLED CORK AND BROKEN WINE OPENERS - You will be able to relax and enjoy opening your best wines with ease using our heavy duty wine opener especially when utilizing the classic double hinged fulcrum feature, with this you will be able to remove even the longest and most fragile corks. The corkscrew is the size of your hand and fits right into your pocket, it's the perfect tool for the wine lover, waiter, waitress or bartender.
  • THE UNIQUE AND EXQUISITE BARVIVO PACKAGING MAKES THIS PIECE THE PERFECT GIFT - Imagine walking into your very best friends' birthday party and handing him this stunning decorative gift box. It will be a great ice breaker for people and make an excellent topic of conversation at the party. But what's even better is that you will have everything you need to help open some amazing wines and get the party started right at the spot.
  • THIS WINE KEY IS INSPIRED BY WAITERS - We’ve been working closely together with waiters around the world to develop your new wine opener. It’s a combination of speed, looks and functionality that really set this wine opener apart from the rest. You’ll be able to remove both natural and synthetic corks in seconds with this premium stainless steel wine corkscrew screwpull - Effortlessly!

A waiter’s friend used to be just that… a waiter’s friend. Nowadays, they’ve made their way into many home bars. The Barvivo Professional Waiters Corkscrew is a stylish looking corkscrew bottle opener. It’ll open both wine and beer but this type of opener does take a little to get used to. Once you’ve mastered this accessory, you want go back to a wing bottle opener. It’s made from Stainless Steel and even has a natural wood handle. What’s most to like about this type of bottle opener is the fact that it doesn’t take up much space. A lot let space in your drawer than a wing corkscrew. Every home bar should have one of these bottle openers, even if it’s a backup opener, they are very handy.

3. HiCoup Kitchenware Wine Opener for Beer & Wine

HiCoup Kitchenware Wine Openers - Corkscrew Bottle Openers, Foil Cutter Key for Waiters, Bartenders
  • Designed with an elegant and ergonomic handle, these durable, stainless steel wine bottle opener make popping that cork as easy as 123
  • Our specially designed corkscrews for wine bottles cleanly remove natural and synthetic cork in 5 twists with no annoying breakage
  • The secret to our wine corkscrew is the double-hinged fulcrum - by articulating the pivot, it provides extra leverage for an easy two-stage removal

If you need something to match the decor in your home bar or kitchen but still need it to be practical, then the HiCoup Kitchenware Wine & Beer Opener is the one for you. There are over 15 styles and colors available and features an ergonomic design. One of these will fit in your pocket so there is no excuse not to take it with you to a party.

4. Vintorio Professional Waiters Corkscrew

Vintorio Professional Waiters Corkscrew - Wine Key with Ergonomic Rubber Grip, Beer Bottle Opener and Foil Cutter (1 Pack)
  • Experiencing an Excellent Glass of Wine Starts Before it is Poured - The Vintorio Waiter’s Corkscrew effortlessly inserts into and pulls even the trickiest of corks, thanks to its non-stick stainless steel worm and two-step double-hinged fulcrum removal system. Proudly show-off your professional uncorking skills at your next gathering with this fool-proof, high performance corkscrew!
  • Weighted and Balanced to Feel Like an Extension of Yourself - The Vintorio Corkscrew’s rubber-coated handle provides maximum no-slip grip control and leverage for even the weakest of fingers while feeling solid and velvety smooth in hand. You might find yourself caressing your Vintorio Corkscrew even when there is no wine around!
  • Precision Engineered for a Premium Uncorking Experience - All spiral worms of Vintorio Corkscrews are precision made to have uniform diameters and spaces between each coil, which is the key to preventing breakage when entering or removing corks. No gimmicks here, just excellent design and high quality craftsmanship.

The Vintorio Professional Waiters Corkscrew is an excellent, compact bottle opener that will open wine and beer bottles with ease. The precision engineered cork screw will reduce cork breakages.

5. OTOTO Vino Corkscrew Wine & Beer Bottle Opener

OTOTO Vino - Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener - Cork Screwer, Wine tool and Bottle Opener for Wine Lovers, Waiters, and Bartenders - BPA-free, 100% Food Safe- 5.5 x 1.6 x 7.1 Inches Beer Bottle Opener
  • Meet Vino, the bat - From the Design Awarded Studio OTOTO, we bring you Vino, the Bat! Grab the wine and don't hold back; Vino keeps your night on track! Open corks easily without pain in the neck. Trick or treat yourself to a glass of wine or two, for this bat is here as your trusty corkscrew. When the clock strikes 12 and you're ready to chug, summon Vino to open the bottles and pour on the beer mug. Add him to your collection of cute kitchen tools and gadgets and you're all set!
  • 'Spook'-tacular gift for anyone - Looking for fun kitchen gadgets or housewarming gifts? Vino's durable wings and sharp fang open corks in a swift! This funny novelty item is also ideal if you're on the search for new home gift ideas. A corkscrew opener made with functional design, Vino is built to pop open your bottles, whether beer or wine. Easy open as one two three, pour up your fizzy drinks and toast with glee.
  • Take your drinks to the 'neck's' level - Drinking sessions are more fun with this cork screwer that's ready to stun! Make beer cocktails like Beer Margarita and Black Velvet. How about wine mixes like Sangria, Mimosa, or Apple Snaps Fizz? Vino flaps its wings and lands on the bottlecap. He twists and turns until you hear the cap snap! He pierces through the foil and cuts with no mess. Vino does the magic for when you need to impress!

Vino the bat! To the rescue. The OTOTO Vino Corkscrew is a great novelty addition to any home bar or man cave. Add a sprinkle of fun to your home bar. This bar will take care of your beer and wine bottles and ships in a stylish box, perfect for a bat-loving gift.

Different Types of Beer & Wine Bottle Openers

Cap Openers

The bottle cap openers are mostly used in removing the caps made of metal that are usually used in glass bottles. The bottle glass opener has a space that is designed to fit the part of the glass bottle’s mouth. It also has an edge that is designed to hold on to the lip which is located at the bottom of the metal cap.

To use this bottle opener, firmly hold the bottle with one hand and place the opener’s edge in contact with the edge of the bottle cap. The opening there will extend over the mouth of the bottle, or at least most part of it. Remove the metal cap away from the glass bottle. The cap will fall off once you do that.

Vrod Bottle Openers

The Vrod bottle opener has similar designs with the cap opener described above. The major difference is that one end of the Vrod bottle opener is designed to aid you to pop off pour spouts from the beer bottles. To use this bottle opener, hold the beer bottle firmly with one hand and slip the opener under the cap. Pull it, and the cap will come off.

Beveled Openers

This is a bottle opener that is found in most bars. The beveled opener is popular because it gives bartenders more speed in opening bottles and guarantees better handling. This opener has a wide mouth and a beveled edge, giving it the ability to open all sizes of capped beers easily. If you happen to look for a bottle opener for your home bar, then this opener is perfect. To use it, cover the cap edges with the opener. Its edges grip the cap securely. Give it a pull, and the cap will come off.

Knuckle Speed Bottle Openers

The knuckle speed bottle openers are similar to the ordinary speed openers but only smaller. The curved side of the opener is designed to fit perfectly in your hands. Their small nature allows them to fit easily into your pocket.

To open a bottle using this opener, with your one hand, hold the bottle firmly. Put the edge of the cap opener against the edge of the cap. The mouth of the bottle or most part of it will be covered. Then, pull the metal cap way from the glass bottle. The cap will fall off after that.

Wine Bottle Openers

The wine bottle openers are popularly called corkscrews. To use it, unfold the corkscrews so it will be perpendicular to the handle. Twist the corkscrew into the cork. You can do this by swirling the wind key handle, and keep the corkscrew straight while you do that. Note when the corkscrew is inserted more than halfway into the cork, release the notched metal arm and position the notch of the shorter arm perpendicular to the lip of the bottle.  Pull up the wine handle key while holding the arm in place. This will create a pivot that will aid pull out the cork with little effort.

Hammerhead Bottle Openers

The Hammerhead bottle opener is unique as it allows you to open two bottles at the same time. The bottle opener comes with Vinylworks coating that guarantees increased grip. One end of the opener serves as a corkscrew while the other end serves as a bottle opener. For the bottle opener’s end, you can use the cap bottle technique explained above to open beer bottles or glass bottles. The wine bottle opener technique explained above should be used in opening a wine bottle using the corkscrew end.

Magnetic Catch Bottle Openers

The magnetic catch opener works similarly to the wall mount opener. The opener is mounted on a wall or any other vertical surface. A strong magnet is attached underneath the bottle opener to catch any falling cap. This makes it possible for you to open a bottle with one hand without worrying about catching the cap. To use this bottle opener, simply insert the bottle cap into the bottle opener, twist it, and the cap will come off.

The Two-Prong Cork Pullers

This bottle opener is an alternative to the corkscrew wine bottle opener. To use the two-prong cork puller, simply put the two prongs around the sides of the cork. Proceed to twist and pull the cork out of the bottle. The cork should be whole and unpunctured if done properly.

The EZ Pop Bottle Openers

The pop bottle opener allows you to open a bottle and serve a drink using one hand; an attribute that makes it unique. You can collect the cap and dispose of the empty bottle while still using one hand. To use this bottle opener, insert the edge into the cap, press down, and the cap pops off. The pop bottle opener has become popular in bars due to its hygienic feature as the bartender’s hands nor the bottle opener will touch the mouth of the bottle.

There are several other types of bottle openers with different designs. However, most of them are opened using the simple cap bottle technique.

Final Thoughts

Opening a bottle using a bottle opener is a skill that comes in handy as it ensures that you can serve your friends or loved ones anytime you have them over. The bottle openers are used to open wine and beer bottles majorly. It really does come down to personal preference so choose the one that suits your space, budget and comfortable technique.

Knowing how to use a bottle opener isn’t something difficult. All you have to do is know the type of bottle and determine the bottle opener and technique to use.