8 Best Rugs to Put Under Your Pool Table

You’ve probably seen area rugs put under pool tables and are wondering whether it’s advisable to do so. If you recently acquired a pool table for your man cave and thinking of how to make it more efficient, you can choose from the 8 best rugs to put under a pool table. 

But what function does a rug play under the pool table? And is it applicable to all types of pool tables? Read on to find out if it’s worth putting a rug under your pool table and how best it can maximize the fun in your game of billiards. 

Can You Put a Rug Under a Pool Table?

Yes, you can! Pool tables are one of the most commonly installed items in a man cave. And since they’re heavy and bulky, it pays to plan before installing one. Placing an area rug under your pool table comes with lots of perks, which will make your game of billiards more interesting. 

Can You Put a Rug Under a Pool Table on Carpet?

You can place a rug on carpet (under a pool or billiard table), just be sure to level your table and realize that your pool table will permanent flatten both the carpet and the rug. We have a complete guide on putting pool tables and carpet. Pool tables (especially if they are heavy) will take time to settle on carpet or rugs so delaying your leveling is advised.

Why Put a Rug Under a Pool Table?

1. Creates an aesthetic upgrade

Everyone wants to enjoy themselves with a game of billiards, but it’s also crucial to keep the man cave looking appealing to heighten the fun. An area rug can add some aesthetic glamour to your man cave, making it more welcoming to your buddies. 

2. Protects the hard flooring

Placing a pool table on bare hard flooring can cause damage with time. Doing hard flooring repairs is costly. Besides, who will have the time to regularly do repairs when there’s a pool table in the room for enjoyment? Simply choose from one of the 7 best rugs to put under a pool table to prevent damage to your flooring. 

3. Provides soundproofing

We all know that the game of pool is not a noisy sport, however, the billiard balls can produce louder sounds when they hit each other. A rug beneath the pool can help reduce this sound by absorbing some of it, making your man cave more accommodating for others who aren’t playing. 

4. Prevents sudden movements of the pool table

With the pool table placed on a hard surface, it will eventually move, even by a quarter inch as time goes by. And you don’t want it to skew even in the slightest to prevent fixing its position from time to time. This slight movement can be due to people leaning on the table while aiming a shot or bumping on it while moving around. 

With an area rug placed under the pool table, you won’t have to worry about the table’s movement.   

5. Makes your feet comfy

Making that perfect billiard shot requires both your arms and feet to be comfortably positioned. And it can sometimes be difficult to aim if standing on hard flooring. Besides, after a tough day at work, you can do with some tenderness on your feet as you enjoy yourself in your man cave. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Rug for Under Pool Table

Choosing an area rug to put under your pool table can seem very easy but it can be daunting. You simply need to use the same principles as when buying an area rug for your living room or bedroom. Here are a few checkpoints to guide you in selecting the best rug to put under a pool table. 


No matter how good-looking a rug is, if it doesn’t fit the space or your pool table, it won’t serve the purpose well. Measure the length and breadth of your pool table and the space you intend to put the rug to ensure they conform to the rug’s size. Generally, a 12x15ft area rug best fits an 8ft pool table. If you have a bigger pool table, you might as well go for a 12×18 ft rug.  

Surface texture 

Don’t go for excessively shaggy or plush pile rugs as they cause an unbalanced pose for your pool table, even though they’re comfy to the feet.

Color and pattern prints

This generally depends on the décor of your gaming man cave. If you have a minimalist interior décor, ensure your selected area rug follows the same path. In case the pool table is in your living room, you might want to consider a traditional area rug. 


Most area rugs to put under a pool table are made of synthetic materials, such as polypropylene. These are known to be durable and fade-resistant. Also, they give you the choice of different design pattern prints. The traditional area rugs made from natural fiber like jute or sisal are great for attaining an artistic aesthetic appeal. However, they may not offer much in terms of pattern prints. 

Top 8 Best Rugs To Put Under Pool Table 

Shopping for an area rug to place under your pool table can be daunting, considering that the market has many options. An easier way to go about choosing the rug is to consider the low or medium pile rugs. They offer protection, comfort, and more stable ground for your pool table to rest on. 

Here are the 8 best rugs to put under a pool table that you can choose to elevate your billiard game experience. 

1. Handwoven Jute Area Rug

nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Farmhouse Jute Area Rug, 6' x 9', Natural
  • 100% Jute, made in India
  • The perfect combination of style and durability, our jute rugs bring home effortless sophistication––perfect for your living room, dining room, kitchen, or hallway
  • Sleek and functional 0.35” thickness allows for convenient placement in entryways, underneath furniture, and will not obstruct doorways
Want to give your man cave a rustic coastal appeal? The Handwoven Jute Area Rug ranks top as one of the most durable, classic-looking area rugs to put under a pool table.  Having been made using jute fiber, it’s a nice addition if you’re a handmade art enthusiast as it’s woven from high-quality fiber from India. 

It delivers a unique look and feel, which is different from traditional cotton rugs. Its texture is comfortable for the feet and comes in different shapes and sizes to choose from. 


  • Durable construction, handmade from 100% natural jute fiber.
  • Creates a rustic countryside appeal to your man cave. 
  • Requires less vacuuming to keep it clean.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and shapes to match your requirements.


  • Shedding and sprouting can be a little discomforting. 
  • Lacks color variety.

2. iCustomRug Zara Synthetic Area Rug

iCustomRug Zara Synthetic Sisal Collection Area Rug and Custom Size Runners, Softer Than Natural Sisal Rug, Stain Resistant & Easy to Clean Beautiful Border Rug in Grey 8' x 10'
  • 100% Machine Made Polypropylene Rug - will not stain - super stain resistant
  • Features low profile ribbed carpet pile that is very soft under foot, long lasting, and durable
  • The natural look of real sisal with a 2" wide border. Choose your rug or runner size
Do you have a minimalist décor in your man cave and are not ready to spoil it? The iCustomRug Zara Synthetic Area Rug is a perfect choice to consider. It is machine woven using synthetic polypropylene, hence won’t get stained and is highly durable. 

Despite being synthetic, it offers the look and feel of a natural sisal rug. In addition, the latex backing makes it skid-resistant, you simply install and forget. This area rug also offers a ribbed carpet pile which is soft to the feet. 


  • Minimalist style with a natural sisal-like appeal.
  • It’s durable and can withstand heavy traffic as it’s made from synthetic polypropylene.
  • Anti-skid latex backing. 
  • Wide variety of colors to choose from.


  • Color options are muted and may not appeal to every eye.

3. Resare Boho Area Rug

Boho Area Rug 8x10 Feet Modern Area Rug Neutral Carpet for Bedroom Decor, Livingroom Decoration Ideas, Play Room
  • Living Room Area Rugs - Add cushioning, warmth and personality to your decor with this bohemian style area rug. Atop hardwood and tile floors, this rug helps reduce noise in your living space. They anchor the furniture in a room, creating cozy, intimate spaces and seating areas.
  • Choosing the Right Size - Area rug 5x7 works well for smaller living rooms. Small area rugs play off of the room's scale, lending a larger feel to tight spaces. Place the rug in front of your sofa and chairs and center the coffee table on top for a classic layout. 8x10 area rug works well with larger living rooms to tie the space together. Rest the front legs of your sofa and chairs on top of these rugs. This layout works especially well with furniture placed against a wall.
  • Decoration & Utility - Our neutral area rugs add an understated, rustic element to any room. Their neutral colors and playful textures and patterns to make anyone feel instantly at home. Offers full coverage over any permanent stains or markings and protect the flooring from scratches. Use our rugs as a base for layering rugs to give your space a luxe feel.
Do you have a spacious man cave and want the area rug under the pool table to cover a larger surface? The Boho Area Rug is the answer. This review of the best rugs to put under a pool table couldn’t be complete without this rug. It creates a calming effect in the room, thanks to its bohemian pattern prints. 

This rug comes in different size options, including the 5×7 inch and 8×10 inches to match your needs. Its surface is very smooth and friendly to the touch, which is also comforting to the feet. Unlike the other alternatives, this rug doesn’t shed, and neither does it slide when placed on hard flooring. 


  • Available in large sizes to suit bigger rooms.
  • Anti-skid backing to prevent sliding. 
  • Smooth friendly surface.
  • Easy to keep clean as it’s machine washable. 
  • creates a calming effect on your interior décor. 


  • The bright color options make the area rug stain easily.  

4. nuLOOM Ansley Moroccan Area Rug

nuLOOM Ansley Moroccan Lattice Tassel Area Rug, 6' 7" x 9', Beige
  • 100% Cotton, Made in Turkey
  • Designed with resilience against everyday wear-and-tear, this rug is kid and pet friendly and perfect for high traffic areas of your home such as your bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallways
  • With a high/low consturction and a .67" pile height, this rug will bring the perfect amount of texture to your space
If you want a simple Persian-inspired print area rug to put under your pool table, the nuLOOM Moroccan Area Rug is worth considering. The area rug consists of irregular diagonal stripes running across a gray finish for modern elegance. 

This Moroccan area rug is woven using soft synthetic textiles to create a cozy intimate man cave decor. Its polyester material makes it comfy, slightly plush, and durable. It’s also skid-resistant; simply place it and forget. When it comes to cleaning, you can use a hand brush to brush off any stains, thanks to its non-sticky texture. 


  • Simple elegant design for a modern man cave interior décor. 
  • Anti-skid properties make the pool table stay in place. 
  • Soft cozy surface, friendly to your feet. 
  • Synthetic polyester material makes it stain-resistant. 


  • Available in one color finish and print pattern.

5. Tribeca Jasmine Area Rug

Home Dynamix Tribeca Jasmine Modern Area Rug, Abstract Brown/Beige 39"x55"
  • ELEGANT, MODERN DESIGN: Featuring a geometric pattern in warm earth tones and intricate drop-stitching that provides a three-dimensional effect, the Tribeca Jasmine Area Rug will bring elegance and style into any room.
  • AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF AREA RUG SIZES: 9 x 12 rugs, 8 x 10 rugs, 6 x 9 rugs, 5 x 7 rugs, 3 x 5 rugs, 2 x 3 rugs, runner rugs, round area rugs
  • SUITS ANY ROOM: This collection offers area rugs that are suitable for all indoor spaces. Living room rugs, bedroom rugs, rugs for the entryway, office rugs, dorm rugs, dining room rugs
The Tribeca Jasmine Rug is the only one that features geometric pattern prints. These patterns combine perfectly with the warm earth color tones and complex drop stitching for a 3D effect. 

The area rug comes in different size variations, including 9×12, 8×10, 6×9, 5×7, 3×5, and 2×3 inch rugs. The most ideal for use under a pool table is the 9×12 and the 8×10 inch area rugs. If you want an area rug with an easy-care routine, you won’t go wrong with the Tribeca Jasmine Area Rug.  Its combination of different brown color shades blends with stains so you won’t have to struggle to keep it clean. 

Although it doesn’t come with a non-skid backing, you can purchase a separate non-skid cushioned rug pad to use alongside this area rug. 


  • Modern geometric pattern prints for an elegant look.
  • Color combinations blend with stains to reduce cleaning difficulties. 
  • Available in a large variety of sizes. 
  • Smooth look and feel that’s comfy to the feet. 
  • Easy to care for and maintain. 


  • Lacks a non-skid backing, has to be bought separately. 

6. Alaza Billiards Game Balls Rug

ALAZA Colorful Billiards Game Balls Area Rug Rugs for Living Room Bedroom 7' x 5'
  • Material: soft sponge interlayer and durable high density elastic cotton
  • Size: 7' x 5'
  • Highly unique and versatile area rug
So far, we haven’t reviewed an area rug that portrays the true pool table game theme. Well, the Alaza Billiards Game Balls Rug is a colorful area rug with billiard game ball prints to help you achieve the true pool table theme for your man cave. 

This rug also stands out from the others in that it’s woven from cotton, therefore won’t fade or wear out easily. It’s also soft to the touch and comforting to the feet. The area rug is 7×5 feet, which is considerably large enough to be put under different pool table sizes. If your pool table makes the focal point of your man cave, this area rug is a must-have. 


  • Enthralling colorful design to compliment your man cave’s pool table theme appeal.
  • Resistant to wear and fading.
  • Comfy to the feet. 


  • Lacks non-skid backing but can be bought separately. 

7. Catalina Virginia Abstract Area Rug

Home Dynamix Catalina Virginia Abstract Area Rug, Geometric Black/Brown 3'3"x5'2"
  • ALLURING DESIGN: The Catalina Virginia rug collection offers an intricate layered square motif in rich brown, black and beige hues that will easily complement your décor.
  • AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF AREA RUG SIZES: 8 x 10 rugs, 5 x 7 rugs, 3 x 5 rugs, 2 x 3 rugs, 2 x 7 runner rugs, round area rugs
  • SOFT TEXTURE, HIGHLY CONSTRUCTED: Machine woven of polypropylene fibers with soft texture that provides a cozy surface for your comfort.
Keeping a man cave sparkling clean sometimes can be a daunting task, which is why it’s advisable to avoid accessories with shouting colors. The Catalina Virginia Abstract Rug has a blend of brown, beige, and black geometric prints of square motifs. 

This combination creates an attractive design pattern pleasing to the eye, a soft texture comfortable to the feet, and skid-resistant backing. The rug comes in different sizes, but the most ideal to put under a pool table are the 5×7 and 8×10 feet rugs. 

Since it’s woven from polypropylene fibers, the rug is resistant to wear and tear with an easy maintenance routine. 


  • Excellent color combination blend with square motif pattern prints. 
  • Machine-woven using polypropylene fiber hence durable and fade resistant. 
  • Soft texture that’s comfy to the feet. 
  • Easy maintenance routine, simply vacuum it. 


  • Requires separate purchase of skid-resistant backing. 

8. Superior Indoor Area Rug

Superior Indoor Area Rug, Jute Backed, Modern Geometric Patchwork Floor Decor For Bedroom, Office, Living Room, Entryway, Hardwood Floors, Rockwood Collection, Chocolate, 8' x 10'
  • DURABLE and COMFORTABLE: Woven and crafted with 100% Polypropylene fibers and a cozy, 0.31” pile height which can endure frequented areas of your home while remaining ultra-plush; meant for indoor use; highly durable; rug can fit under most doors
  • IMPRESSIVE VARIETY: Available in in an asssortment of colors and sizes to make a tailored fit for any room in your home; Colors include: Beige, Chocolate, Light Blue/ Beige, Light Blue/ Ivory, Midnight, Navy, Slate, Blue/ Taupe, Canal Blue, Light Blue, Charcoal
  • DEFINITIVE STYLE: Crisp lines come together to create this patchwork design that coordinates perfectly with for Modern, Transitional, Mid-Century Modern home decor styles
Keeping a man cave comfortable and looking good should be a top priority. The Superior Indoor Area Rug has a blend of brown, beige and will blend in with most timber stains of your pool table. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Modern abstract design
  • Machine-woven using polypropylene fiber hence durable and fade resistant
  • Soft texture that’s comfy to the feet
  • Easy maintenance routine, simply vacuum it


  • Requires separate purchase of skid-resistant backing

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the 8 best rugs to put under a pool table to help you beautify your man cave and make it more functional. Choosing an area rug doesn’t have to be very difficult. Simply look for something that compliments the decor of your man cave, is durable, and is comfy, just as you would for a home area rug. Keep in mind that a rug can be easily changed but once you place it under a pool table, that job becomes quite difficult. Lifting your pool table can cause it to become unlevel.