3 Ways to Move a Pool Table (DIY and Professional Options)

Those who have moved a pool table know how difficult a task it is. It’s not a simple case of getting two tough guys to take it from one place to the next. The reality is, lifting a table and carrying it IS extremely difficult given the fact that most tables weigh more than 200 pounds. If you need to work out how much your pool table weighs then read this article. This weight also depends on whether the bed made from wood or slate.

Given the typical table’s construction and design, it is quite challenging to get a perfect grip and to hold it properly from any side for the purpose of moving it. The good news is that there is an issue to the solution. In fact, there is more than one.

Moving a pool table is usually done in one of three different ways. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks so you should consider them carefully. Get all the information which you require so that you can make the most out of the method which you pick.

1. Use Dollies

This method actually involves rolling the pool table from one place to another after placing the legs on top of wooden dollies. Its main benefit is that it is easy to use and does not require much effort. It takes a maximum of two people to do the job, but one person is perfectly sufficient.

Vestil HDOC-1624-9 Hardwood Dolly with Carpet End, 900 lbs Capacity, 24 Length x 16 Width x 5-3/4 Height Deck (Pack of 2)

These pool table trollies from Vestil have a maximum weight of 900 lbs. That’s usually sufficient for most home pool or billiards tables but do check the weight of your table before using them.

What you need

You will need to hire or buy wooden dollies in order to move your pool table using this method. You must select their number and size carefully depending on the number and size of the legs of your table. Generally, you will need two large dollies for a table with two large wide legs and four smaller ones for a model with four separate legs. Make sure that their locks work properly and that they can withstand the weight of your table.


You need to roll the dollies next to the legs of the table. If it has two legs, you have to lift it from one side first and push the dolly underneath the table’s leg with your foot. If the table has four legs, you need to lift it from each side so that you can push each dolly underneath each leg. After setting each leg on a dolly, you must lock the dolly’s wheels.

When the table is fully set for moving, you need to unlock the wheels and drive it carefully to the desired place. It is best to move it from the side rather than pushing it from the back. Once the table is where it is supposed to be, you need to lock the wheels again and take the legs off the dollies carefully.

2. Dismantle

This method for moving a pool table involves disassembling the table, moving its pieces to the desired location and assembling it again. It is to be used when the piece of equipment has to be transported to a different location. You can also use it when you cannot get dollies. It is time and effort consuming, but it works well.

What you need

You have to use a screwdriver, staple puller, socket wrench and an electric driller. Check the owner’s manual to find out if you have to use any other tools. The safety gear required includes safety goggles and gloves. There should be enough space around the table for the dismantling to take place.


Put the safety goggles on. Remove the pockets by unscrewing the staples or remove them with a staple puller. Unscrew the bolts of the rails with a socket wrench. Dismantle each rail carefully using a sliding movement. If the cloth is attached with staples, you should remove them with the staple puller. If it is glued, you have to pull it up gently. Remove the screws of the play surface using the electric drill and then lift it off with one or more helpers. The final step is to detach the frame from the legs.

These are general instructions. If you want to use precise detailed ones, you should use your pool table’s instruction manual and perform the steps in reverse.

When you load the parts in the truck, you should place the play surface first, then the frame and then all other items. It is best if you can wrap at least the elements which are most vulnerable to chipping, denting and other types of damage.

3. Hire Professionals

You can hire professionals to move the pool table with dollies or to disassemble it, take it to another location and assemble it again. This is the simplest but most expensive option.

What you need

You need to search the web for a professional pool table moving service. Use reviews to assess the quality, reliability and affordability of each service. It’s important to find a company in your local area.


Call the service provider and book an appointment. Ask for a price quote and confirm that the provider has license and insurance. Prepare the area around the pool table for the work which will be done.

Final Thoughts

Which option you use really depends on the budget and the weight of the table. A pool table is a large investment so spending a little money to move it will help protect it for the long term. Moving a pool table yourself (especially if you’ve never done it before) can unknowingly damage your table. Once your pool table is in it’s new location, you’ll definitely have to re-level it.