Can You Use a Wine Cooler for Beer?

Wondering what to do with the wine cooler you received as a gift? You would not believe how many cool uses could be there for this appliance. Wine coolers do so much more than just hold wine. The big question is: Can you use a wine cooler to store beer? Read further to learn more.  

Ideal Temperature for Wine 

The perfect temperature for storing wine is dependent on numerous factors. This includes how much tannin, alcohol, and fruit the wine contains. The general rule of thumb is that wine needs to be stored at around 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This depends on the type of wine being stored. Storing wine above this will cause the wine to slowly oxidize. This would negatively affect the wine temperature. Furthermore, wine storage temperature should always be kept constant as possible as the fluctuations could result in severe damage to the wine. If you want your wine to mature perfectly, then you need to keep it at a constant temperature all year round. 

Ideal Temperature for Beer 

If you want your beer to taste exactly like it should and to prevent any flavor loss, you need to keep your bottles at a steady temperature of 38 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is referred to as the cellar temperature. Several well-designed beer fridges allow you to maintain this temperature range.  This depends on the type of beer being stored.

What does a Wine Cooler do? 

A wine cooler is a small temperature-controlled fridge designed specifically for wine. It comes in many styles, shapes, and sizes. These are much quieter in comparison to regular fridges as they operate at much higher temperatures and do not need a compressor to run as loud as a regular fridge. 

A regular fridge can reach low temperatures quickly to prevent the food from going bad. Wine coolers on the other hand stay above 40 degrees Fahrenheit and lower the internal temperature slowly so the quality of wine is not affected. Their temperature is not meant to hold groceries. 

Also, wine coolers maintain consistent temperature throughout even if the door is opened and closed frequently. This is good for preserving wine inside as well. However, this doesn’t imply that it cannot be used for storing any other items.  

How to use a Wine Cooler to Store Beer (Temperature Settings) 

Whether you can store beer in a wine cooler depends on the kind of beer you have. Keeping drinks at optimal conditions helps maintain the best flavors. Though wine coolers can do well with storing beers as well, the perfect temperature setting varies with beer types. 

Stronger beers need to be stored in temperatures between 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Wine coolers are perfect for strong beers as they usually run at higher temperatures. Standard ales can also preserve their flavor and taste in a wine cooler due to relatively warmer conditions. Light beers prefer lower temperatures between 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Though this is closer to the temperature maintained in wine coolers, it may not be that accurate. Hence, you should always check the temperature range of the wine cooler you are using to store your beer.  

Is a Separate Cooler Needed for Beer and Wine? 

If you are keen on storing wines and beers at home, then you don’t need a separate cooler for most beers and wines as their ideal temperature for storage more or less coincides. You can also check the storage requirements for the beers you want to store to ensure optimal preservation and aging. You can also go for dual-zone coolers that would solve the storage problem and will allow you to store almost all beers and wines at optimal temperature conditions.   

Other Uses for Wine Cooler

Although a wine cooler can preserve the life of drinks, you can also use it to store many things apart from wine.  


Cheese tastes its best and would last longer if you store it at a slightly warmer temperature as opposed to a typical refrigerator. This makes a wine fridge a perfect place to store all your cheese especially if you are planning to serve it with your wine. 


Surprised? You can also store your meat in your wine cooler. Sliced meats for sandwiches can be stored wonderfully in a wine cooler owing to its slightly warmer temperature. Using a mesh to create a breathable shelf could be necessary if there are wide gaps in the shelving of your wine cooler. A wine fridge would also be a great place to dry and cure meat.    

Other Beverages 

You can store all your favorite beverages in a wine fridge to turn them into an ultimate beverage cooler. Your wine fridge could be perfect for chilling a bottle of wine, energy drinks, sparkling water, soda, and other alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer coolers. Dairy-based drinks and milk can also be stored in a wine cooler but for shorter time periods. You can convert your wine cooler as a beverage fridge in your gym, home bar, kitchen, or man cave to have easy access to a cold drink whenever you need it.        


You can also convert your wine fridge into a snack fridge. You can place applesauce, fruits, and other refrigerated snacks in your wine cooler for easy access. Having all snacks in one place adds to the convenience. Wine coolers also feature glass doors that allow you to see the contents without even having to open the door.   

Final Thoughts

Your man cave must be comfortable. So beer must be served at the right temperature. Wine coolers can be used to store wine, beer, cheese, and several other items to preserve them for a long time. You just need to keep the temperature range of your wine cooler in mind before storing items in it. Most wine and beer have the same temperature requirements for appropriately preserving them. You cannot go wrong with using your wine cooler for storing beer.