5 Easy Beer Pong Games to Play with Friends

Beer Pong is a fun and easy game to play with friends. It doesn’t take a whole lot of skill to play but it’s still a game that can take years to master. It’s also a game that doesn’t need a huge investment either. The standard rules of beer pong are still a lot of fun so be sure to check them out.

Being able to create your own set of rules is another reason why it’s so popular in many man caves, even today. As long as both teams agree on the rules before the start of the game, the game modes become limitless. You can also get creative with rules around how much beer is drunk as well.

Many of the games listed below are simply extra rules or variations of existing rules. The essence of beer pong remains the same.

NBA Jam On Fire

Made popular by the video game from the early 90s, NBA Jams “On Fire” can add an interesting twist to the game. After a player gets 2 cups in a row, they can call “Heating Up”. If the player then makes the third shot, they can announce “He’s On Fire” where they keep shooting until they miss. If a player fails to call “Heating Up”, they cannot then call “He’s On Fire”.


Similar to the real game of baseball, the beer pong version is a turn based skill game where you keep taking shots until you miss 3, then your team’s turn is over. Be sure to keep a talley over the course of 9 innings to see who wins.

Behind The Back

The Behind the Back rule is where if you miss a shot and are able to stop the ball from reaching the floor then you are able to take another shot. But this shot must be from behind your back. Pretty low chance of getting these in but they will definitely add another level of excitement to the standard game of beer pong.


Just like the classic game from your childhood, Battleships in beer pong involves placing a divider between the teams where each player can’t see the other teams cups. Then it’s a matter of blindly throwing balls until they land in an opposition’s cup. Of course the opposition must let the thrower know when they’ve landed in the cup. A successful shot removes the cup just like the classic game.


If the ball is spinning around the cup and not yet landed in the cup, players can attempt to blow the ball out before it touches beer.

Other Ideas

If your friends are getting good at the game or if you just simply want to make the game harder, increase the size of the table. Ping Pong tables are a good size for this approach.

Increasing the number of cups will also extend a game of beer pong.

Final Thoughts

For such a simple game, variations to beer pong are almost endless. The above game modes are only a few ideas, hopefully enough to get you creating your own game modes.