Best Beer Pong Table: Picking the Right One for Your Needs

A man cave is just not complete unless you play beer pong. It’s a game that all your buddies can play and includes beer! Perfect. In order to immerse yourself in the game, you need a beer pong table. Sure you can use that table tennis table that’s folded up in your corner of your cave and never gets used, but a real table that’s designed just for beer pong, now that’s ideal.

In a hurry? Here’s our top pick…

There is a huge selection of beer pong table on the market so we’ve gone through them all to pick the best ones out there. All tables are built to different standards and at different price points so be sure to study what’s important to you.


GoPong 8 Foot Portable Beer Pong / Tailgate Tables (Black, Football, American Flag, or Custom Dry Erase)
  • UPGRADE YOUR PARTY: Portable 8-foot beer pong table made of high-strength yet lightweight aluminum; 6 pong balls included
  • OFFICIAL BEER PONG SIZE: Regulation table for tournament brackets, 8 feet x 2 feet x 27.5 inches, weighs 25 pounds
  • EVENT DAY FAVORITE: The center of attention at house parties, BBQs, tailgates, campsites, holiday weekends and more
GoPong specialize in beer pong tables and their 8 Foot Portable table is a great table for any party or bbq. It’s available in 4 different designs so there will be something to appeal to everyone. It folds away neatly when not in use and even ships with 6 GoPong balls.


8-Foot Professional Beer Pong Table w/LED Glow Lights - Beer Pong Edition
  • 8 Foot Beer Pong Table with LED Glow Lights
  • LED Glow Lights feature 20 Different Colors; 20 Light Modes (Flashing Solid Fade etc. ) W/ Adjustable Speed & Brightness. Requires (3) AA Batteries per side - Batteries Not Included.
  • Wax finish that deflects liquids and protects the table
With the addition of LED lighting, the Party Pong 8-Foot Beer Pong Table will keep your beer chugging buddies happy. The LED lights feature 20 different light modes as well as the usual options of being able to fold away. The pong ball holder and supplied 6 balls is also a nice touch.


GoPong PRO 8 Foot Premium Beer Pong Table - Heavy Duty (Black, 36-Inch Tall)
  • UPGRADE YOUR PARTY: Portable 8-foot PRO beer pong table made of high-strength yet lightweight aluminum, 6 pong balls included
  • PRO DESIGN: All black powder coated aluminum frame with 36 inch table height for more comfortable play
  • EVENT DAY FAVORITE: The center of attention at house parties, BBQs, tailgates, campsites, holiday weekends and more!
If you want to invest in a higher quality table then the GoPong PRO 8 Foot Premium Beer Pong Table is just for you. It also features a height of 36” (most tables on the market are 27.5”) so it’ll make for a more comfortable game. It folds up comfortably when not in use and included a heavy duty aluminium frame.


8' Beer Pong Table - Lightweight & Portable with Carrying Handles by Red Cup Pong (Black)
  • The table measures 95.5 x 23.6 x 28 inches with the legs adjustable from 21.5" to 28" tall
  • Folds Up with Carrying Handles
  • Black aluminum
For the more budget conscious, the Red Cup Pong 8 Foot Beer Pong Table gets the tick of approval. This lightweight table folds up neatly with carry handles when not in use and includes an easy clean surface because you know you will spill beer on it.


For all of those sports-mad people, we couldn’t go past the basketball themed Beer Pong Table also from Red Cup. It’ll definitely look the part in any sport themed man cave and includes a bottle opener.

Buying Tips

A standard competition size for a beer pong table is 8 foot x 2 foot. Not all tables on the market are that size so be careful when purchasing.

Don’t get them wet. Most tables on the market are built to be folded away so the table tops will warp if you get them wet. If you do spill something on the table, wipe it and dry it straight away.

HEXCUP - Reusable Party Pong Cup Set by PartyPong - 22 Reusable Cups, 3 Balls, & Plastic Game Card
  • Includes 22 HEXCUP cups and 3 pong balls - 20 HEXCUP game cups + 2 HEXCUP water cups + 2 white balls and 1 red, "On Fire" ball
  • Patented, honeycomb-inspired, hexagonal design for a perfect beer pong rack every time
  • Brilliantly designed cup bottom prevents cups from floating/ghosting on wet surfaces
Of course a game of beer pong is not complete without a good set of cups. These hex shaped cups from Party Pong Tables fit neatly together and look the part on any beer pong table. The set includes 22 cups and 3 balls so along with a table, you’ll be ready to get the game on. The kit even ships with an “On Fire” NBA Jam ball.

Final Thoughts

Being able to fold a beer pong table away when not in use is great… you can’t do that with a pool table. They don’t take up much space when folded and don’t cost a lot of money to buy, so there’s no reason why every man cave shouldn’t have one. Once you’ve got that beer pong table setup, the next thing to do is learn the rules, get your buddies around for a few beers and a few games of beer pong.