Can you put Whiskey in the Freezer?

There are many advantages to storing Whiskey in the freezer, but can it be done safely? Will it still taste ok? Will the bottle explode? Before you throw that favorite bottle in for a chill, read on to find out what you can and can’t do.

The exact freezing point of whiskey (or any sort of liquor) is dependent on the proof. The higher the proof (ie. higher level of alcohol) the lower the temperature it will freeze at. This variation is because of Ethanol.

If drinking Whiskey neat or “on the rocks” (with ice) then it is best not to store your whiskey in the freezer. If you like to add your favorite mixer to your whiskey like cola or ginger-ale then storing your whiskey in the freezer can make sense.

Whiskey Freezing Reference (For All Alcohol Proofs)

We’ve created a reference table so you’ll know exactly what temperature a whiskey will freeze.

Alcohol Proof ABV Freeze Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit) Freeze Temperature (Degrees Celsius)
40-Proof 20% 22 °F -7 °C
64-Proof 32% -10 °F -23 °C
80-Proof 40% -16 °F -27 °C
100-Proof 50% -25 °F -32 °C
200-Proof 100% -115 °F -82 °C

These temperatures are just to be used as a guide.

Can you put 40-proof liquor in the freezer?

No, 40-proof alcohols (20% ABV) may not freeze solid if put in the freezer but they will likely turn slushy.

Examples: Some Liqueurs

Can you put 64-proof liquor in the freezer?

Generally yes, 64-proof alcohols (32% ABV) should not freeze if put in the freezer. As with freezing any sort of liquor, it’s a good idea to test first.

Examples: Liqueurs, Flavored Whiskey

Can you put 80-proof liquor in the freezer?

Yes, 80-proof alcohols (40% ABV) will not freeze if put in the freezer. It is very common practice to store Vodka in the freezer.

Examples: Vodka, Whiskey

Can you put 100-proof liquor in the freezer?

Sure, 100-proof alcohols (50% ABV) will not freeze if stored in your freezer.

Examples: Heavy Vodkas

What Happens to Whiskey after it’s been Frozen?

Unlike freezing beer, whiskey will be fine to drink after it’s been in the freezer because it is still in liquid form. If your whiskey does freeze from being in the freezer, be careful as most bottles will explode, just like a beer bottle explodes from being in the freezer too long. Simply let your whiskey return to room temperature and it will be ok to drink. The taste of whiskey after it’s been frozen won’t change much at all.

Can you Drink Whiskey after it’s been Frozen?

If you find that you have whiskey that has frozen (and somehow not exploded in the freezer) then you can thaw it and drink it. Be sure to taste it first.

Best Alcohols to put in the Freezer

Since the temperature of an average freezer is 0° F (-18 °C), any liquor that’s at least 80-proof (40% ABV) should be ok to store in the freezer for an extended period of time. Always test this with your liquor of choice. There is a small chance that 80-proof liquor will freeze or at least go slushy after being in the freezer. 100-proof liquor will not freeze if put in your freezer. Most vodkas are perfect for freezing although freezing alcohol tends to diminish the flavor and scent.

Freezing Reference

The guide below shows general freezing temperatures.

Water freezes at 32° F (0° C)

Beer freezes at 28° F (-2.2° C)

Vodka (80 Proof) freezes at -16.5° F (-27° C)

Ethanol freezes at -173° F (-113.9 °C)

Can you put Whiskey Glasses in the Freezer?

Yes, putting whiskey glasses in the freezer is common practise if you need to keep your drink cooler.


Whatever temperature you like to drink your whiskey at, freezing can be an option. Remember that our taste buds taste less the cooler you are drinking liquor, so drinking vodka that’s come straight out of the freezer will always taste flavorless. Be sure to keep the cap on tightly regardless of where you store it as oxygen will slowly react with ethanol to form acetic acid causing a definite sour taste. Another storage option is to use a good quality decanter.