Best Pool Table Brush

One of the most important jobs when maintaining your pool table felt is brushing. Not only does frequent brushing keep your table free of dust, chalk, powder and whatever else lands on the surface, it also preserves and extends the life of your table cloth. Clean pool felt will also help keep your table fast.

Chalk and powder will always get onto your table while playing pool. This is unavoidable. Therefore it’s important after each day of playing that you use a proper pool table brush to clean this off.

In a Hurry? Here’s our top pick…

Imperial Billiard/Pool Table Accessory: 10-1/2' Genuine Horsehair Bristle Brush, Light Brown
Imperial Billiard/Pool Table Accessory: 10-1/2" Genuine Horsehair Bristle Brush, Light Brown
Made in China; Product Type :SPORTING GOODS; Package Dimension :28.702 cm x 8.382 cm x 7.111 cm

It’s crucial to buy a brush designed specifically for pool or billiards tables. Don’t be tempted to use any sort of brush. When deciding on the right sort of brush for your table, some are soft, cheap and won’t last more than a few months while higher quality brushes will last almost a life-time and do a pretty good job of keeping your table clean. Remember, this will be an accessory that you will use constantly so be sure to buy the highest quality brush that your budget allows.

Our #1 Rated

Imperial Billiard/Pool Table Accessory: 10-1/2″ Genuine Horsehair Bristle Brush

Imperial Billiard/Pool Table Accessory: 10-1/2" Genuine Horsehair Bristle Brush, Light Brown
  • Made in China
  • Product Type :SPORTING GOODS
  • Package Dimension :28.702 cm x 8.382 cm x 7.111 cm
  • Package Weight :0.38 lbs
The Imperial Billiard/Pool Horsehair Bristle Brush is out top pick for a few reasons: It doesn’t leave many bristles when being used (unlike a lot of others on the market), it a good size at 10.5″ and has just the right softness of bristles. It will get the job done quickly and will last a long time.

Our #2 Rated

OESS Billiards Pool Table and Rail Brush Set with Cloth Cue Shaft Slicker

OESS Billiard Pool Table Rail Brush Wooden Handle Nylon Bristles Set with Cue Shaft Slicker Cloth Oak Finish Wood
  • Package include:1pcs 9''L billiard rail brush,1pcs 8.25'' L billiards table corner cleaning brush,1pcs 3.25''L billiard cue shaft slicker cloth / snooker cue shaft cleaner
  • The cleaning set keeps dust and dirt off your billiard pool table and rails
  • The dual length nylon bristles can clean hard to reach place,like the table bed and underneath the rails
  • Gentle nylon bristles won't pill the billiard's surface,you can use them as other home cleaning tools,there is a small hole in the smaller brush handle for easy hook storage
  • Billiard cue cloth slicker removes dirt and oil from your pool cue shaft ,prevents chalk from penetrating the wood and burnish, close the pores of the wood so it stays smoother longer.
Although the OESS Billiards Pool Table Brush Set uses nylon bristles, it is made to a very high standard. It’s not a large brush at only 9″ but the set does include a second brush and billiard cue cloth cleaner, handy to have. The brush is durable and the wood finish adds a nice touch.

Our #3 Rated

Happy Trees Billiards Pool Table and Rail Brush with Billiard Cue Shaft Slicker Snooker Cloth Cleaner

The is another high quality 3 piece set, similar to the OESS set. Another brush that doesn’t leave any bristles and will last for a very long time.

Our #4 Rated

Iszy Billiards 9 Inch Nylon Pool Table and Rail Brush Choose From Mahogany, Oak or Black Finish

Iszy Billiards 9 Inch Nylon Pool Table and Rail Brush Oak Finish
  • Package Weight - 0.192 kilograms
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Sport type: billiards
  • Package Dimensions: 7.7 L x 23.2 H x 8.6 W (centimeters)
The Iszy Billiards Nylon Pool Table Brush Set is a sturdy, 2 piece set that won’t break the bank. At this price-point, it features nylon bristles but overall the brushes do the job keeping your table clean.

Our #5 Rated

8 1/2″ Pool Table Billiard 100% Horsehair Brush Choose Mahogany, Black or Dark Oak Finish

8 1/2" Pool Table Billiard 100% Horsehair Brush Mahogany Finish (Mahogany)
  • 8 1/2" pool table horsehair brush
  • 8 1/2" pool table horsehair brush
  • Made of 100% horsehair - Mahogany finish
Another style of brush from Iszy Billiards, the 8.5inch Pool Table Billiard Horsehair Brush features a different design of bristles that are better suited to larger tables where you need to do a lot of brushing. 3 sides of bristles ensure the brush lasts a long time.

What are the brush bristles made of?

The bristles of a pool table brush are usually made from either nylon or horsehair. 

Avoid buying brushes that have nylon bristles that are too hard as they will “pill” the felt surface.  The opposite can also be said about brushes with too soft bristles as they won’t clean the table surface properly. 

Buying a quality brush will also shed less bristles when being used. Any brush that sheds bristles or hair constantly will drive any pool table owner mad.

What are the end bristles used for?

Most pool table brushes have long bristles on both ends. These help brushing out the corners of the table easier. The longer bristles can get into those hard to reach places.

What are the middle bristles used for?

The middle or center bristles are shorter and allow you to brush the bumper railings of the table. They can also be used for general brushing of the table surface. Be sure to keep swapping sides of the brush so that the bristles are evenly used on both sides.

What brush sizes are available?

Pool Table brush sizes range from 8.5” to 12”. Obviously a larger brush will get the job done quicker. Your focus when buying should be on quality rather than size.

How To Clean Your Pool Table Cloth

Step 1: Railings

Start by brushing off the bumper railings on the pool table away from the table itself so dirt won’t fall on to the playing surface

Step 2: Surface Middle

Brush everything from the middle of the table towards an edge or pocket. Be sure to brush the whole surface.

Step 3: Surface Edges

Starting at the edge of one of the corner pockets, brush along the edge to the next pocket until you have gone around the whole table.

Final Thoughts

There are so many choices when buying a pool table brush, and something to suit every budget. While not an expensive purchase, buying a quality brush will ensure you’re not picking out stray bristles every time you use it. Just remember, a pool/billiards table brush is going to be used often. Failing to look after your table cloth will eventually result in having to replace it, not a cheap process.