How Much Does It Cost to Refelt a Pool Table (DIY and Professional Costs)?

Your pool table obviously gives you and your friends endless hours of fun, but regardless of how well you take care of it, the pool table felt will need to be replaced at some point.

When it’s time to refelt your pool table, the first question that comes to mind is obviously the cost. Depending on the size of the table, just the pool table felt can cost anywhere from $280 for a small table, up to $440 for a larger table. You also need to consider whether you plan on refelting it yourself or hiring a professional (more money).

Can You Refelt Your Own Pool Table?

It is not impossible to refelt a pool table, but it IS difficult. For many, going down the DIY path is not an option, simply because of the difficulty involved. A pool table is a very delicate and expensive piece of furniture, so you definitely don’t want to risk destroying it. If you go with the DIY option, the following points will definitely help so you are not wasting time and money:

  • Measure your pool table to determine how much cloth you have to buy. The amount of felt you buy would depend on the size of your table.
  • Take your measurements to a felt retailer but keep in mind that there are various types of felts that can range from $50 to $200 and more.
  • It is essential that you buy a little extra as you never know if you need additional length.
  • You will need to remove the old felt and replace it with the new felt but ensure that there are no wrinkles and bumps but than it is smooth.
  • Keep in mind that it is not as simple as buying felt, removing the old felt and installing new felt. You will have to recon in additional like staples and glue which could amount to around $45.
  • Something that you have to consider is that once you have removed the felt, there might be noticeable chips on the slate. You get a special filler that will smooth the table which would cost you around $10.

Steps Involved To Refelt Your Pool Table

Step 1

Remove the staples from the rails. You may need to invest in a tool to help. A pool table staple remover will set you back around $27.

Step 2

Cover the table with the felt but check the table for chips first as you might need to fill the chips with the filler. Check the felt carefully for any flaws or imperfections before you cut it though. When you buy the felt make sure you buy 25 inches wider and longer that the actual measurement of the table.

Step 3

Cut the pool table cushions by marking the angle and the curve of the pocket. The fortunate part here is that if you accidentally have a few irregularities, keep in mind that the corners of the felt will get a pocket protector which will hide flaws or irregularities.

Step 4

Spread glue along the edge of the pool table rail and line it up with the cushion and smooth any possible wrinkles.

Step 5

Staple the felt to the rails again after you’ve made sure the glue is dry. Once you have stapled the entire felt around the table you can use a razor blade or scissors to snip excess felt.

Pool Table Refelting By An Expert

You will have to choose the felt you want, and this is without professional labor costs. 

Aside from the felt costs and the additional we mentioned above that ranges from glue to staples, the labor costs on a low range which is the affordable option for a simple table average $125 while a larger or more advanced installation could cost a minimum of $280.

If the professional you hire has to fill in chips on the table slate you can easily add between $75 and $200 for the filler and the labor to fill the chips, which would depend on the complexity.

The national average cost overall is $365 while the maximum cost averages $590.

What Would Felt Replacement Include?

The replacement would include staple removal, billiard cloth, installation and leveling. If you want to replace the bumpers you can add an additional $60 to $180.

What About Insurance or Certification?

If you decide to get a professional in to refelt your pool table, they may be certified by various pool table manufacturers. This means they have experience in refelting that brand of pool table. It’s important to ask them whether they have refelted your brand, model and size of table before.

Be sure your professional has the proper business licence and insurance to do the job.

Lastly, ask the professional what sort of warranty is included as part of the service. Nobody wants dodgy felt of their table.

Types of Pool Table Felt

Standard pool table felt is made from a combination of polyester and wool or nylon and wool. What differentiates the pool table felts though, is the manufacturing process, wool quality and how the cloth is woven. 

It is normally referred to as worsted or woolen cloth. Your playing goals and budget would determine the cloth you choose; casual players can choose Championship Invitational which is a woolen blend while serious tournament players should opt for worsted cloth like NCAA, Artscape or Simonis. 

To give you an example of prices, Simonis with dimensions of 13 x 13 x 4-inches cost between $235 and $360 while CPBA Competition Worsted Professional felt cost between $120 and $165 for the same dimensions. Iszy Billiards is another great brand that only cost $77 for a 9-foot table felt.

Final Thoughts

The cost of refelting a pool table varies as it depends on the type of felt you use and the level of play you require: from a professional level or casual play. The cheapest option would be to do it yourself. The downside when doing it yourself is that when you make a single mistake, or there are bubbles or wrinkles in the felt after you have fitted it, would mean money waster. Whatever method you choose when refelting your table, it’s important to choose the right color. While you pay double the amount when your pool table gets its refelting by an expert, you know that the table would be perfect, you get a guarantee and the table will be leveled as well.

If your pool table felt just has a small tear then repairing it may be a cheaper option depending on how big the tear is.

Once you’ve got your new felt on your table ensure that you keep it clean in order to get the most out of it.