5 Man Cave Lighting Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

So, now you’ve got your man cave all finished, but it really doesn’t look how you envisioned it. Like, was it supposed to look like an actual cave? Despite following your plan to the T, the whole place still doesn’t really meet your aesthetic standards. What could be missing? You didn’t take lighting into account, did you? Whoops.

Light can make or break a space’s aesthetic. If your man cave is located in a particularly secluded place in your home – like the garage – you might notice how very little light actually makes its way into the area. Styling your lighting to accentuate the way you’ve designed your space can make it look less than a cave and more like the swanky retreat you’ve dreamed of.

TV Backlight

Novostella 20ft/6m Dimmable LED Light Strip Kit, 360 Units SMD 2835 LEDs, 12V LED Ribbon, Flexible Under Cabinet Lighting Strips, Non-Waterproof LED Tape, UL Listed Power Supply, 6000K Daylight White
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Did you know that although cinemas typically black everything out when showing a movie, not having enough lighting while watching a movie can actually screw with your depth perception? That’s why you might notice that your head will start to hurt after a few hours of watching TV in a room that’s way too dark.

If you have a wall-mounted TV in your man cave, consider adding some backlighting to that bad boy. It’s really not that hard to achieve. Just cop some LED tape light and stick a few lines behind your TV against the wall. Not only will the lights keep your eyes and head from hurting during a movie, they’ll also add a unique aesthetic to your space by drawing attention to your TV.

Pendant Lighting

Do you have a game table in your man cave? As an essential part of any man cave, your game table should have a unique location in your space. Putting that thing front and center makes it more inviting and bumps up its aesthetic appeal. Of course, the best way to achieve that would be with a pendant lamp.

are exactly what they sound like – a lighting fixture that dangles from the ceiling, like a necklace pendant. To install them, just take out a light bulb fixture and replace it with your pendant lamp’s attachment. Sure, there’s a little wiring involved, but even guys with the most rudimentary handy skills can get it done.

Bar Lighting

Tupkee Rope Light Warm Clear - 24 Feet (7.3 m), for Indoor and Outdoor use - 10MM Diameter - 288 Clear Incandescent Long Life Bulbs Decorative Rope Tube Lights
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Lighting up your bar can make it look just like a scene from your favorite pub. And while the way your place looks might not have an effect on the taste of the booze, it will definitely have an impact on how you enjoy those late night drinks.

The objective with bar lighting is simply to outline the areas of your bar. Rope light can be a great way to achieve that. The beauty of rope light is that you can get really creative with it. Add red rope light to shelves to make your booze stand out with an inviting red glow, outline your bar with warm white rope light to make it come alive from the rest of the space. For a cool, stylish aesthetic, try adding blue rope light under bar tables for a subtle sophistication.

Display Lighting

Bioluz LED 10 Pack MR16 LED Bulb Dimmable 50W Halogen Replacement 3000K 7w 12V AC DC UL Listed
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So maybe you’ve got a cabinet full of sports merchandise or collectibles that you really want to frame in your man cave. Display lighting should do the trick. The objective with display lighting is to create a dramatic effect that draws attention to your beloved memorabilia.

Track lighting can be an easy way to showcase your best stuff. Bulbs like the MR16 are often the most popular, allowing you to create something like a spotlight to highlight your favorite stuff. Track lighting also works great when propped up against things like framed vintage posters or autographed sports shirts that you may have hanging up against your wall.

Keep in mind though that the distance of your track lights to the subject you’re trying to highlight will play a role in the overall effect you achieve. The farther away your track lighting, the wider your beam angle should be in order to avoid creating a focal point that’s too tight.

Mood Lighting

Leviton DW6HD-1BZ Decora Smart Wi-Fi 600W Universal LED/Incandescent Dimmer, Works with Amazon Alexa, No Hub Required, 1-Pack, White
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Most men envision their man cave to be their quiet, small, secluded space in a house full of kids. But of course, if the opportunity presents itself, there really isn’t anything stopping you from taking the missus down into your cave every now and then. So if you want to set a romantic tone to your evening, then you need to have the lighting for it.

Mood lighting can be easily achieved by simply adding dimmers to any fixtures in your space. Dimming out the lights can work great for movies (if you haven’t installed TV backlights) or for simply making your cave feel more comfortable and cozy.

If you’re just a practical guy, you should also know that dimmers actually help you cut back on electricity costs. They can also help extend the lifespan of your lightbulbs, which of course reduces your expenses in the long run.

There are a lot of dimmers available on the market, and they do come in different models and types. Make sure the dimmer you’ve chosen is compatible with the rest of your fixtures. Otherwise, trying to dim the lights might result to dimming issues and annoying buzzing sounds every time you try to adjust the brightness in your space.

Shelf Lighting

Almost every man will have some sort of memorabilia in their man cave and of course you need some sort of shelving to show it off. You can always have a go at installing the shelving yourself. The effects speak for themselves.

Final Thoughts

Just because it’s called a ‘man cave’ doesn’t mean it has to look like an actual cave. If you feel like the aesthetic in your space just doesn’t look how you want it to, consider the lighting. Adding just the right lights to highlight specific areas in your man cave can make it look comfortable, sophisticated and classy. Plus, if you’re choosing the right stuff, you can also bring down your electricity bill, no matter how much time you decide to spend in your cave.