Mali Pool Cues: Are They the Best Pool Cues Money Can Buy?

Billiard veterans and seasoned players understand the importance of having the right cues with you. You have probably been searching for the best pool cue and have come across Mali pool cues praised across most billiard enthusiast sites and forums.

Apart from experimenting with a variety of cue sticks, it’s worth considering the weight, diameter, and length of the pool cues. From what others have said online and at your local pool joint, Mali seems to have built a name for itself. And now you’re wondering, should you buy a Mali Pool Cues?

In this review of the Mali pool cues, we’ll examine every detail about it to help you determine if it’s worth investing in to improve your game of billiards experience.

Why Choose a Mali Pool Cue?

The Mali pool cues’ origin is attributed to Henry Williams Theodore Mali, who was an experienced pool accessory maker in 1826. Through the years, he dedicated his life to making special high-end accessories and expanded after Pierre Mali joined him in 1898 to start manufacturing all billiards items, from the pool table felt, to the cues.

In 1961, the company eventually began the production of Mali pool cues, which, at the time, were relatively cheaper. The family later made massive improvements to the cues to improve their quality. This resulted in a rise in popularity among billiard enthusiasts, making them one of the best pool cues that money can buy. Apart from the century-old rich history, there are more reasons to opt for Mali pool cues.

Excellent Construction

The quality of the wood is unlike other typical cues. It’s also made to perfection, with accurate weight and height ranges to aid both learners and experts master the arts of playing billiards.

High Reliability

Mali pool cues feature stainless steel joint screws in the wood threaded shafts to give players an unmatched solid hit. The cues transfer the energy superbly to the ball, allowing you to make perfect jump cues and jump break cues.

Elegance and Class

Mali pool cues: should you buy one? If you’re not only interested in the performance of the cues but also aesthetic appeal, you should undoubtedly get yourself one of these cues. The sticks feature amazing artistic patterns with sleek finishes that only elite billiard clubs can afford to keep.

Apart from the elegance, Mali pool cues are a rare treasure to have. If you’re lucky to find one sold by distributors, the prices are exorbitant. As such, every pool enthusiast will understand your love for pool table cues if you have a Mali pool cue in your possession.

Our Best 5 Mali Pool Cues (and Where You Can Get Them)

Due to their vintage nature, finding the Mali pool cues isn’t going to be an easy task. Unless your local billiards shop stocks the vintage models, your best bet when it comes to finding these pool cues is via restricted distributors or online resellers. These pool cues are a rare treasure and hard to come by. Even Amazon doesn’t list them either.

If you land yourself a local distributor, the prices could be extremely high. Hence, your best bet for finding Mali pool cues at affordable rates and still in good condition is via eBay or other resellers online. Here are our best pool cues from various resellers online.

1. 1996 MALI Model 386-6 Pool Cue

This Mali 386-6 pool cue features a straight shaft, with a 1mm rise when it’s rolled on a hardened surface. It comes with a 3/8 x 10 joint. The weight of the cue suits mostly medium to experienced players, but beginners who want to cross the hurdle to the next level can start using it.


  • It features a low-deflection shaft to enhance performance and accuracy
  • Ideal for players looking to advance to the next expertise level
  • Robust construction with an accurate weight to transfer the energy
  • Elegant design to fit most players’ personalities


  • A rare piece to get, mostly available on resale outlets

2. 1960 Vintage green Mali Pool Cue 58-inch 18oz

If you want the performance and elegance of a vintage pool cue, the vintage green Mali Pool Cue 58-inch 18oz will not disappoint. This 57.5″ long pool cue carries a weight of 18oz with a beautiful blonde wood finish. The cue traces its origin back to 1960, making it one of the best vintage pool cues in the market.


  • It features a 2-piece construction with a stainless steel joint and metallic joints that screw smoothly together
  • A sturdy build, made from highly durable maple wood in the 20th century
  • Comes with a 3/8″ bumper and 57.5″ in length to support medium-skilled players to perform better
  • It comes with a vintage vinyl Brunswick soft casing


  • It’s an old-school vintage pool cue that’s hard to find
  • Quite expensive

3.  Vintage Henry WT Mali Pool Cue 2 Piece 58-inch 19Oz

Although its year of manufacture isn’t known, this Vintage Henry WT Mali pool cue is also one of the highly rated. It’s a rare 2-piece pool cue, weighing 19Oz and 58 inches long, making it ideal for pool players who know how to control their jump cues.


  • It has an ideal length of 58 inches, making it comfortable for players between 5’8″ and 6’5″ in height
  • The weight offers a comfortable grip to allow players to transfer optimum energy to the ball and perform excellent breaking shots
  • The cue tip is robust, made from steel to give a solid hit to the ball


  • The hard tip of the pool cue doesn’t perform well with spin shots

4. Mali F Series Pool Cues

The Mali F series pool cues are a high-performing cue, available in different colors: F-2 Burgundy, F-3 Green, F-4 Blue, F-5 Purple, and F-6 Charcoal, all with weights of 18Oz, 19Oz, 20Oz, and 21 Oz. These pool cues come with a stained Birdseye maple forearm, a black and red speck Irish linen wrap, and silver nickel rings highlighted above the black butt cap. They also feature a 5/16×14 piloted pin, stainless steel joints, and a 13mm pro taper shaft.


  • Elegant design with a high level of craftsmanship
  • Sturdy steel joints with robust tips to deliver solid hits
  • Ideal for beginners and medium-skilled players
  • Available in five weight ranges to suit each player’s preferences
  • It’s made from highly durable maple wood


  • The hard tips may not be ideal for doing spin shots

5. 1986 Mali M-2 Pool Cue

If you want the experience of a vintage pool cue, the 1986 Mali M-2 pool cue is one of the best performing cues. Its production was active between the years 1980 and 1988 when it was prominent among pool players of the time.  It’s one of the most sought after and has a desirable finish.

The 1986 Mali M-2 pool cue has a dark grey stained Birdseye maple with a bone-piece butt. It also features a bone-colored joint and butt cap, with a green Mali emblem imprint on the latter. The cue has a 20 Oz weight with a length of 58 inches. The tip diameter is 12.9mm for solid hits.


  • It has a smooth shaft with an excellent feel
  • The tip perfectly rests on the table if rolled
  • The tip is solid to give a solid hit
  • An excellent weight that gives a great balance
  • It suits both beginners and expert players


  • It lacks a wrap, hence it requires a linen wrap to give it a good grip

Things to Consider When Buying a Mali Pool Cue

Mali pool cues: should you buy one? They’re one of the best pool cues on the market that any pool player would love to identify with. These vintage models are a rare gem and will only be found through resellers on sites like eBay. If you’re ready to make your purchase, check out the following factors to consider.

Quality of Build

Most of the Mali pool cues are antiques and it’s hard to come by a new one. Look at the descriptions of the resellers about the condition of the cues. Since most are used, be keen to check for dents, joints, and tips to ensure they’re in good condition.


A great pool cue should be perfectly straight and of the right length. It must fit your arm’s length to give you total control of your game. If you’re anywhere between 5’8″ and 6’5″ tall, consider a 58″ two-piece or a 57″ one-piece Mali pool cue. For those who are taller, look for a cue that’s at least 61″ long. If you’re of average height, a 48″ or 52″ cue will do great.


When buying a Mali pool cue, you want to check its style and theme as it greatly goes with a player’s personality. If you like intricacy, you might want to look for intricately designed pool cues, such as the Mali 386-6. Otherwise, a simple style like the Mali T2 is ideal.


How much are you ready to spend on a vintage Mali pool cue? These pool cues don’t have a defined cost as they’re mostly sold by individuals, so the price will mainly depend on how much the owner is willing to sell it. But most will have a price tag ranging from as low as $100 to as high as $400. Before settling on any, make sure that it’s in a good condition and its features fit your personality, otherwise it may be difficult to request a return.

Final Thoughts

Should you buy a Mali Pool Cue? If you’re a seasoned player who’s after performance and elegance, these vintage models are an excellent fit for your billiards profile. The cue sticks are from a 175-year-old company, renowned for producing high-quality pool accessories trusted by many for generations. Therefore, a Mali pool cue is a must-have for a player who is serious about their gaming experience. Mali pool cues are becoming very rare. If you can’t find one then there are plenty of other quality cues on the market.