Best Pool Cue Reviews for 2023: From Beginners to Pro

The Pool Cue… the most important piece of equipment when it comes to playing a great game of pool so much so, that the cue alone can determine how well or how bad you will play. If you want to strike the ball well, you need to invest in a quality cue.

Finding the best pool cue for the money is not a walk in the park. It’s quite easy to get overwhelmed considering there are so many different brands, materials and styles to choose from.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the best pool cues you’ll find on the market based on the quality of the material, performance and durability. We’ve narrowed down the list to four different categories ranging from beginner to expert to accommodate every type of player. If you want to skip the entire review and see our recommendation, the is definitely our pick of the bunch.

If you are looking for a top quality cue that’s worth the money, then check out our list below. It’s much easier to look after a cue that’s been well made.

Best Pool Cues for Professional Players

Our #1 Rated

Players C-960 Classic Crimson Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue, 21-Ounce
  • Solid black genuine double-pressed Irish linen wrap for a classic, slip-free grip
  • Stainless steel joint collar with 5/16 x 18 pin gives a rock solid hit
  • 13mm premium Le Professional Le Pro tip This hard oak leather tip by Tweeten holds its shape longer and plays more uniform for more consistent play

The Players C-960 is indeed one of the best pool cues you can invest in if you are a professional. It’s affordably priced compared to many other similar cues on the market, but most importantly, it’s very durable and designed to enhance your shooting capabilities.

The cue is made from a premium-grade maple hardwood which has been turned and dried seven time and then treated with Nelsonite. It’s solid and highly durable with Nelsonite coating protecting it from atmospheric changes hence you get to plat any time you want despite any changes in weather.

The joint collar is stainless steel with silver ring sets. It has easy maintenance and as well boosts the overall durability of the cue. Furthermore, the cue has an outer super UV finish which helps prevent warping and also moisture invasion.

The C-960 is indeed one of the straightest cues out there, and the manufacturer has even placed a French cue wax on the shaft. This means that it will not chip or fade easily and even much better the stroke becomes extra smooth.

The cue has a firm grip and it’s not only designed to last but also to boost power and accuracy. The tip is 13mm and it is hard oak leather. It’s one of the few top tips that you will find at an affordable price. It will hold its shape for quite long and plays more uniform thereby facilitating a more consistent play.

This is definitely the best and most affordable pool cue you can find on the market that’s ideal for any professional out there. It’s available in multiples sizes, so you can choose the right size depending on your height as well as the length that you prefer.

Our #2 Rated

25oz Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue, Black
  • Double Turbo Lock Quick Release joints
  • 14mm Bakelite tip
  • Full professional taper
Combining functionality, durability, and exquisite appearance, the Rage Heavy Hitter pool cue is another top quality yet affordable option that’s ideal for professional players.

This 58 inch pool cue weighs 25 ounces which means it falls a bit on the heavy side, especial if you are used to cues that weigh 18 or 19 ounces.  Nonetheless, while it’s a heavy cue, the weight facilitates a great balance when playing. It boosts stability and a much better grip when in use.

Generally, if your stroke is fast enough, this cue can significantly help improve your pocket rate. It provides a clear balance between power and accuracy. Furthermore, it doubles up as a break cue which means it actually comes in two pieces. Therefore, it’s very portable – you just have to unscrew the shaft.

The cue sports a smooth and comfortable wrapless handle with a stealth matte finish. It provides optimum control over the jumps allowing you achieve high accuracy in your strokes.

To sum it all, this is a relatively inexpensive, high quality option for pro players looking for a break cue to add into their arsenal. It comes with a full professional taper and a 14mm Bakelite tip.

Best Pool Cues for Beginners

Our #1 Rated

EastPoint Sports Composite Billiard Pool Cue - 58 Inch - Features Premium Fiberglass Material, Graphite Reinforcement, Micro-Fiber Grip (Color May Vary)
  • GAME ROOM FUN: This pool cue makes for a great upgrade to your cue collection in any family living area such as your basement, rec room, or man cave for long lasting entertainment the entire family can enjoy

The EastPoint Sports Composite Cue is our top cue recommendation for any beginner out there. Built using premium fiberglass that’s reinforced with titanium, this great stick is basically almost indestructible. It won’t break or get damaged easily. You can learn and practice as many times as you want with confidence and not worry about damaging it.

Unlike most wood sticks even the best, this one won’t warp or fade easily too. The quality materials and design ensures a reliable, long lifespan better than wood sticks for beginners. The tip is made of aluminium and delivers superb performance. It’s firm and will send the ball to the right direction every time.

The grip on the other hand is made from micro-fiber and it’s very comfortable to the hand. Therefore, you get amazing control over the stick plus you use it for quite a long time without your hands feeling too fatigued.

The EastPoint Sports Composite is also a deluxe billiard cue with a stainless steel joint system which facilitates easy assembly and storage. It screws on tightly such that you won’t even notice that it’s a collapsible model.

In general, once you purchase this cue, you will not purchase any other very soon. It’s very long lasting and a fantastic choice for beginners out there looking for a cue that help take their game to the next level.

Our #2 Rated

AB Earth 2-Piece 58" Pool Cue/Pool Stick Ergonomic Design Hardwood Canadian Maple 13mm Tip 18-21oz Billiard Cue B1S, Wine 21oz
  • ADVANTAGE: Ergonomic design handmade painting pool cue.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN GRIP: Canadian hard maple butt which hand-polished into a wavy shape. Compared with linen butt, our wavy shape butt is more outstanding in anti-slip function and service life.
  • HANDMADE PAINTING BUTT: The inspiration for the painting butt came from outer space. Manual painting with trendy colors makes each cue looks special.

The AB Earth is a much more basic cue and an ideal option for beginners to start with. Unlike the EastPoint Sports composite above, this one comes in multiple lengths for you to choose from and they are also in multiple different styles which means you can go with a unique style that suits you.  

The tip is quite large and average compared to the other options listed here, but it’s still ideal for beginners who are starting and looking to improve their game.

The cue features a high-density ferrule which also is not the best you will find on the market, but nonetheless, it will allows beginner to get hold of things much faster as well as learn to play using a decent cue from the start.

One thing that you going to like about this AB Earth pool cue is the fact it feature an Irish linen grip which something you mostly find on professional cues. It has one of the best grips on the market and it will allow you to make your shots with much better accuracy and confidence.

All in all, this is one of the few basic yet good quality cues available on the market and it’s an option we would high recommend for beginner players.

Best Premium Pool Cues

Our #1 Rated

Making appearance on our list again is another Player's Pool Cue which is built and designed for nothing else in mind but advanced and professional players. The Technology Series HXT15 is one of most advanced pool cues available on the market today.

The cue is made from premium-grade hard rock maple which is also treated. It will not warp or get affected with moisture. This composition ensures that the cue does not get affected by any atmospheric changes. Therefore, you can play at any time and in any weather condition without worrying about the stick getting damaged.

The cue is not only designed to last but it’s also designed to enhance your shooting accuracy and capabilities. It offers a firm grip. It’s very secure thanks to the Irish linen wrap which ensures that the hands never slip and you won’t have to deal with moisture irritation.

Your hands won’t get moisture and that means no irritating “wayward shots”. Combined with the HXT low deflection ferrule, it will boost the power and accuracy of every shot you play.

The tip on the hand is 10 layers of pig skin which is much superior compared to normal leather. Pigskin is more durable and delivers shots that are mother and more accurate.

Moreover, the Technology Series HXT15 is a two-piece cue which makes storage and transportation much easier. The best part is that it features a stainless steel joint which holds the two pieces together perfectly.

To sum it all, this is a premium pool cue and a highly recommended option for professional as well as more advanced players. It’s a great lifelong investment that you will live appreciate in your pool future.

Our #2 Rated

Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Pool Cue with Upgraded Shaft
  • Sleek wrapless handle for a smooth feel and uninterrupted stroke
  • Wood-to-wood joint with Uni-loc pin gives a soft hit and quick break down
  • 12.75mm Lucasi Custom Solid Core Low Deflection Technology Shaft topped with an Everest tip by Tiger; This premium layered leather tip holds its shape like a hard tip, hits like a medium and gives the ball control of a soft tip
Combining great technology features with a timeless traditional look, the Lucasi Custom LZ2000SP is another premium pool cue that would make a great piece for both amateur players and battle-tested tournament warriors or just about anyone looking to take their game to the next level.

With a solid maple construction blended with Zero Flexpoint ferrule with pro taper, the Lucase Custom LZ2000SP is not going to warp or get moisture is easily. It’s a cue that built to last for a long period of time.

Every shot you are going to take will remain true-to-path giving your game an extra kick and this is thanks to the LZ2000SP’s low deflection technology shaft. The cue also features a professional-grade Everest tip which is a highly durable, premium layered leather tip.

It holds its shape quite well like a hard tip and hits like a medium tip while providing the ball control you get from a soft tip. All these in one tip. The joint is a wood to wood, quick release joint with a Uni-Loc pin. It’s nicely “hidden” and offers a precise fit.

The cue comes with no wrap by default which is good for those who prefer a smooth feel, but you can order it with an Irish linen wrap or leather to get the grip you want. All in all, the Lucasi Custom LZ2000SP is a remarkable and distinctive cue ideal for anyone looking for a high-end cue that will last and help take their game to a whole new level.

Best Budget Pool Cues

Our #1 Rated

Imperial Premier Cyclone 52" 2-Piece Hard Rock Maple Billiard/Pool House Cue, Sneaky Pete
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 69.34 Centimeters
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 2.54 Centimeters
The Imperial Premier Cyclone is a very dynamic and affordable cue that’s ideal for both intermediate players and beginners. When looking at its design, it’s quite basic, but it does offer good quality and great durability despite its low price.

The cue is built using a very sturdy hardwood maple which is capable of delivering stronger and more powerful shots. However, the main highlight of this Imperial Premier cue is its 13mm tip. It’s pretty strong and quite durable. It will last for extremely long compared to other cue tips that fall under this category.

Moreover, the cues comes in multiple lengths but with the same design hence giving you a wide variety to choose from. There are even mini sizes that are suitable for children. The only downside is that it does lack a little bit in shot deflection which might make shots somewhat harder.

With that said, the Imperial Premier Cyclone is a perfect option for beginners or for home and casual play. It’s one of the best under budget cues available on the market.

Our #2 Rated

Trademark Wolf Designer Hardwood Billiard Cue
  • A 2 piece cue with brass joints provides a precision fit to guarantee straightness over the length of the stick
  • A very artistic image of a gray wolf sitting in a grassy field is on the butt of the stick
  • Stylish hard wood cue and 2 Pc with case
The Trademark Global is another great option for any player with a tight budget or just starting out. It’s a two price cue with titanium and graphite composite finishing which makes it very resistant to warping allowing you play without any trouble.

The joint that joins the 2 pieces of the cue is a brass fitting that’s milled with precision to ensure straightness. To offer an even much better gaming experience when playing, the cue has a slip-proof grip thereby you get to play with greater comfort and confidence.

Perhaps the only noticeable downside with this Trademark Global stick is the fact the tip is non-replaceable. This means that you will have to buy another one when it winds up. That’s the only setback, otherwise this is superb fit for beginners particularly because of its very basic mature.

Furthermore it comes with a nice protective case that features a smooth cushion. Therefore, storage is much easier and it ensure that your cue always remain safe and protected when not in use.

Final Word

Picking the right pool cue will not only allow you enjoy the game much better, but will also give you the capability to improve or take your game to the next level. However, every player whether experienced or armature has their own preferences. The core thing here is to ensure that you invest in a quality stick that can improve your game and last for as long as possible. If you are in the market for a pool table then be sure to check out our article. With the right cue in hand and with plenty of practice, you’ll be a pro before you know it.

Good Luck!

Rack ’em up… it’s your break!