Best Wall Protector for a Dartboard

You love playing darts.

But you also love your wall.

But the darts, not so much.

So, what do you do? While there are a few options for saving your walls from stray darts, the simplest is to buy a dartboard wall protector. Steel tip darts are not very forgiving.

There are many different options to choose from, but if you’re looking for the best wall protectors for dartboard that will withstand years of use, we’ve done some research on your behalf so you don’t have to. 

The best dartboard wall protector is one that can withstand many impacts before needing replacement. That’s why we’ve tested dozens of different types of dartboards and wall protectors to create this guide for you. We’ll explain how to choose the right wall protector for your needs, recommend some of our favorite options, and explain what makes them tick. 

Why have a Wall Protector for your Dartboard? 

Whether you’re a professional or a novice, having a well-maintained and protected quality dartboard will greatly increase the life of your board. Apart from that, stray darts can turn your wall into an ugly part of your internal décor. 

You won’t rely on a precise aim all the time, especially when training or playing with a novice. We recommend using a wall protector to help keep your wall as lovely as it needs to be and your board long-lasting. Without one, you’ll have to constantly replace your board due to holes from stray darts.

Types of Wall Protectors 

There isn’t a standard wall protector to keep your wall protected from stray darts. The different options available are simply inventions by dart players. When it comes to selecting the best wall protector for dartboards, you might want to consider the following types:

Dartboard Cabinets

Dartboard cabinets are a neat way of keeping your walls protected. It’s just one of those features that most dart lovers wouldn’t want to miss. It’s nothing but a simple cabinet that houses the dartboard, and the doors open to protect the surrounding wall area. 

These cabinets are made of wood and can cover a considerable wall area, even though won’t cover the entire wall surface. They’re ideal to instill a professional look on your wall and add an aesthetic appeal while protecting the area surrounding your dartboard.

Since dartboard cabinets don’t cover the entire wall surface, they’re not the best for novice dart players who might shoot darts with a great deviation from the dartboard.  

Dartboard Surround

Dartboard surround protects the wall and the tips of the darts from getting messed up when you shoot stray darts. It’s simply a foam that surrounds the dartboard and doesn’t require any special installation or mounting. Instead, it has a sticky surface that attaches to the wall and can easily be removed once done with playing. 

The foam ring is usually 1 inch thick, though some are as thin as 0.5 inches. These are not ideal as the darts can penetrate through the thickness to reach the wall. They also come in varying sizes, the bigger sizes being ideal for training or starters. 

Soft Wooden Boards 

Softboards are low-density, lightweight fiberboards that can serve as one of the best wall protectors for dartboards. Since they’re soft, stray darts will penetrate them with ease without destroying the tips. They can be circular or square-shaped with varying sizes, depending on the experience level of players. 

Our Best 5 Dartboard Wall Protectors

Pinpoint Foam Dartboard Surround Ring - EVA Reversible Dart Board Surround | 4X Piece Dart Wall Protector - Interlocking Design | Easy Assembly | Darts Accessories
  • FULL SIZED DARTS BOARD - Each of these exceptional quality dartboard surrounds fits around all official 18in dartboards to protect the wall from damage. Ideal option for home & club use.
  • EVA FOAM BOARD - Constructed using 28mm thick EVA foam material to securely hold any stray darts & prevent any damage to the walls & surrounding area.
  • VERSATILE OPTION - These PINPOINT Darts Surround Wall Protectors are perfect for home use, darts & social clubs, pubs & more. A modern & stylish alternative to traditional darts cabinets to avoid damage.
Pinpoint foam dartboard surround ring is one of the best wall protectors for dartboard made of foam and placed around an 18-inch dartboard. It’s built with a 32 mm thickness to keep stray darts securely held in position and prevent the walls from damage. 

The reversible design of this wall protector increases its longevity as you can flip it to use either back or front. Plus, the design is minimalist and aesthetically appealing, making it a great choice for homes, pubs, and social clubs. 

The Board Dudes 24"x36" Canvas Cork Bulletin Board (CYL43)
  • 24" x 36" large unframed cork board panel
  • Fine grain cork hides pin holes after use
  • Use alone or combine with other tiles to create a full wall display
The Board Dudes Canvas Cork Board is simply a board made from the high-quality fine-grain wine cork material which hides the holes of the dart tip. The board is 24 inches by 36 inches in size, making it the best choice for both professional and novice dart players.

It doesn’t feature appealing aesthetics but does the job perfectly. It makes an excellent choice for home and school use, it’s easier to mount, and can be used alone or with another tile for an exclusive wall display.

ONE80 All-in-One Dartgame Center with Self-Healing Sisal Dartboard & Multifunctional Cabinet. 12 Steeltip Darts and Mounting Kit Included (Paper Dartboard Cabinet Set)
  • 🎯【ALL-IN-ONE DARTGAME CENTER】Set includes almost everything you need for both recreational and professional game of dart. Great combination of paper dartboard, MDF cabinet, steel tip darts, scoreboard, chalk, eraser and mounting accessories
  • 🔔【DOUBLE SIDED GAME DESIGN DARTBOARD】Features the top quality ONE80 Merit paper dartboard with staple free bulls-eye wire construction. Standard tournament dart game and bullseye shooter game give you great fun of dart game at home
  • 🚩【HIGH-CLASS MULTIFUNCTIONAL CABINET】Incorporating dart holders, scoreboards and pen holder, the solid wooden cabinet defend your wall in a large area. It is also highlighted by strong corner protection and hanging hooks. Open dimensions: 24.80” (63cm) H x 39.76" (101cm) L x3.15"(8cm) D; Closed dimensions: 24.80” (63cm) H x 19.68" (50cm)L x3.15"(8cm) D
If you’re looking for the best wall protector that can serve multiple roles, then the ONE80 All-in-One Darboard Cabinet Wall Protector is an ideal choice. It’s a complete dartboard game set that comes with everything you need to enjoy the game of darts, including paper dartboard, steel tip darts, MDF cabinet wall protector, mounting accessories, and more.

The wood-grained dartboard cabinet has an authentic oak finish to complement your interior décor, making it a perfect choice for home and pub use. 

Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart Center: Classic Solid Wood Cabinet & Official Sisal/Bristle Dartboard Bundle: Deluxe Set (Dead On Dartboard and Darts), Mahogany Finish
  • Comprehensive bundle features the Viper Hudson dartboard cabinet with a mahogany finish; Crafted with solid pine, box joints and bronze hinges
  • Open dimensions: 41.5" L x 21.25" W x 3.5" D; Closed dimensions: 23.25" L x 21.25" W x 3.5 D; Includes dry erase scoreboard, out-chart board and mounting hardware
  • Viper Dead On staple-free bullseye dartboard is constructed from self-healing sisal/bristle fibers compressed together, providing unsurpassed durability

The Viper Defender II Backboard Wall Protector is yet another dartboard wall protector built for a standard 18-inch dartboard. Considering that it offers 5-inch square protection and a 1-inch thickness, Viper Defender II is one of the best wall protectors for dartboards you can ever choose.

The beautiful velvet surface adds aesthetic appeal and minimizes wear. We loved it due to the simple mounting process that doesn’t require additional hardware or tools other than the compression fitting mechanism. The wall protector is fully reversible to increase its durability. 

Dart-Stop 29 inch Black Octagon Pro Dart Board Backboard | Wall Protector | Dartboard Surround
  • TRUSTED QUALITY. EXPERIENCE | Built to the Highest Standard. Created to Last a Lifetime. Proudly Handcrafted in the USA Since 2004
  • MORE THAN WALL PROTECTION | Enhance your Darts Experience. Improve your Dartboard Appearance. Symmetrical Dartboard Surround.
  • QUICK REGULATION HEIGHT | Just Two Measurements. Secure. Steel-Reinforced Wall Mounting Points. Easy, Clear Instructions. Hardware Included
The Dart-Stop Octagonal Professional Dart Board Backboard is an octagon-shaped wall protector features a fabric finish that leaves no holes behind when pierced by the darts. Plus, it doesn’t have wooden frames that can be turned ugly by dart piercing. It comes with a mounting bracket to give you a wobble-free installation.

With just 3-inch screws, you can install it using the mounting points to give you a durable wall attachment. The wall protector measures 29 inches by 29 inches with a 1-inch thickness and only 9.5 lbs. weight to deliver maximum protection. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Wall Protector 

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best wall protector for dartboards but our guide will help you pick the right board for your game.


Always go for a spongy type of material, one that will allow the dart to penetrate with ease without destroying it. Hard materials such as wood, concrete, or metal can destroy the tip and will require you to replace the darts much sooner than you expected.

Softboards and foam boards are some of the ideal options as they’re soft enough to allow the dart to penetrate without damaging the tip.


The thickness also matters a lot. Go for wall protectors that are at least 1 inch thick to prevent the darts from reaching the wall. 


The wall protectors need not be very heavy to make it easier to move it to another spot when required. Also, heavy protectors will require a firmer anchorage into the wall, which may require you to bore holes to hold them into position. That can leave an ugly look when the protector is relocated.

Lightweight wall protectors on the other hand are easier to mount and won’t require drilling holes on the wall. 

Moisture retention capability

The type of wall protector for dartboards you choose must not hold any moisture so that your dartboards aren’t damaged in the long run. As such, if you reside in high humidity regions, avoid using materials such as cardboard.

Final Thoughts

Keep your wall looking like it’s in mint condition with our list of the best wall protectors for dartboards that don’t require you to drill into your wall. You can still enjoy your favorite game while leaving your wall in pristine condition for years to come.