Best Shuffleboard Table: Get the Right Table for You

So, you’re looking for a shuffleboard table for your man cave. Adding an interactive tabletop game to your space can add an extra facet of fun whenever the guys come over to hang. So it’s really no wonder why games like shuffleboard have become such a big market for men trying to bump up their cave’s appeal.

Because they can take up quite a big space though, shuffleboards have become something of a luxury among man cave dwellers. So if you find that you have enough space for one of these big, bad boys, then consider yourself lucky! Now, the only question – which shuffleboard table comes out on top as the best one for your space?

What You Need to Know About Shuffleboards

There are a few considerations you might want to make before you go out and throw money on a shuffleboard for your man cave. Check out these factors that might affect your satisfaction:


Did you know that shuffleboards can range in size from 9 feet in length to 22 feet? Customized shuffleboards can be even bigger or smaller. On top of that, you should have at least 2 or 3 feet of clearance all around the table to give you enough space to comfortably move around during a game. Consider the size of your space and whether you’d be able to properly accommodate a shuffleboard table in your cave.


Although they look pretty robust from the sides, shuffleboard playing surfaces are actually pretty thin. The sweet spot usually rests at around 3 inches of thickness so you can enjoy stability during a game. Of course, that’s not really set in stone and it can change from design to design. Shorter boards tend to work just fine with a playing surface that’s just around 1 1/2” or 2”.

Make and Material

Good quality shuffleboards will always be made of premium, high quality hardwood. That’s because other materials like plastics and metals won’t offer the same kind of friction-free surface that makes shuffleboard fun. The most common woods include maple, oak, birch, and poplar. When finished with polymer, most of these woods can come ou with impressive durability and smoothness perfect for high impact games.

The Best Shuffleboard Tables

Fairview Game Rooms 12' Shuffleboard Table in Mahogany Finish
  • 12' Shuffleboard Table
  • Free Shipping! Price includes curbside shipping to most locations within the 48 contiguous states.
  • Handy storage cabinet built in to one of the pedestal legs
If you’re looking for a standard classic, the Fairview Game Rooms 12’ Shuffleboard Table is guaranteed to impress. This design boasts a beautiful maple veneer material that’s rich and warm, making it look exceptionally elegant. The surface is held in place with stabilizers, designed to give you a level experience with minimal tilting.

Complete with all the necessary accessories, this shuffleboard table from Fairview Game Rooms boasts a nifty leg compartment where you can conceal all the paraphernalia that comes with the game. Special fixtures are included in the package to help you guarantee a level playing surface for optimal enjoyment and fun.

Price wise, the Fairview Game Rooms 12’ shuffleboard table falls right in the middle of the cost spectrum for similar shuffleboard table designs, giving it great value for each dollar it’s worth.

Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table with Electronic Scorer
  • Beautiful Rich Furniture Quality Finish
  • Canada Maple Edge Glued Vertical Stave Butcher Block
  • 24" Electronic Scorer with Lexan Face
Our pick for the best premium shuffleboard table is none other than the Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table. Designed with sleek legs and a slim aesthetic, this top quality table boasts a modern aesthetic that’s guaranteed to steal the spotlight whenever you have guests.

Made from Canada Maple, this premium, expertly built design boasts a solid hardwood construction that’s both beautiful and burly. The shiny, smooth playing surface lets pucks slide effortlessly, giving you that professional playing experience. But the real center of attraction is its 24 inch scoring board.

Dangling over the middle of the table like a clock, the 24 inch scoreboard adds a sophisticated touch to the entire table. This unique addition is definitely an attention-grabber which also makes it easy to keep track of scores in the heat of a game.

Challenger Shuffleboard Table w Dark Cherry Finish, Hardwood Playfield and Storage Cabinets
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE – With a hardwood butcher block playfield coated in a sleek, polyurethane surface, the Challenger offers silky-smooth play that’s highly accurate
  • BUILT-IN STORAGE – Each handsome, pedestal-style leg doubles as a convenient storage cabinet. Antique bronze cabinet hinges and a dark cherry laminate add a classic, vintage look to this stylish table
  • STABLE AND SECURE – Independent leg levelers provide a flat and steady surface. Integrated climate adjusters ensure that the solid wood playfield can be easily tuned for optimum play, guaranteeing long-lasting performance
The best shuffleboard for buyers looking for something that will withstand rugged use has to be the Challenger Shuffleboard Table. Made from hardwood butcher block, this handsome unit boasts a sturdy construction that’s sure to stay unmoved even during the most heated games with the guys.

The legs serve as cabinets to store game paraphernalia and accessories, making it easy to keep everything nice and organized when the table isn’t in use. Plus, the treated wood is designed to ease the effect of humidity and moisture on your table surface, limiting the need for maintenance and cleaning.

With both 9-foot and 12-foot versions, you’ll be sure to find a Challenger table that’s just right for your available space. Plus, because of the unique cabinet legs that sit closer to the center of the table, assembling everything from scratch can be a lot easier compared to the procedure that other tables require.

Hathaway Ricochet Shuffleboard Table, Cherry Finish, 7-Feet
  • PERFECT SIZE – The Ricochet’s compact 7-ft size makes it perfect for any size game room. Four built-in drink holders and two built-in puck storage areas add to this table’s space-saving convenience.
  • STRENGTH AND STABILITY – Crafted from engineered wood and finished in a cherry, PVC laminate, the Ricochet’s cabinet is built to last. A poly-coated, 1.5-in thick, solid maple playing surface provides accurate and precise table play.
  • FRESH TAKE ON A CLASSIC - A new way to play a traditional game. Each player must ricochet their puck off of a gum rubber bumper and bounce it back onto the opposite scoreboard.
Not a lot of space to spare, but still interested in buying a shuffleboard? Don’t sweat it – the Hathaway Ricochet Shuffleboard Table is here. This compact table measures only 7 feet in length – a full 2 feet shorter than the supposedly smallest tables available. But even with its shorter silhouette, the Hathaway Ricochet offers the whole shebang – from the stability to the durability, and everything in between.

This mini shuffleboard comes equipped with all the standard features you would look for in a shuffleboard table, and makes the entire game more casual, ideal for those laid back sessions with the guys. Of course, with the smaller size, you can also expect a smaller price. Needless to say, the Hathaway Ricochet isn’t only a suitable pick for those with limited space, it’s also a practical choice for man cave dweller’s with a limited budget.

Final Thoughts

Your man cave needs a tabletop game to be deemed complete, so make sure you buy one when you manage to set aside a budget for it. Before you consider the typical foosball table or the cliche pool table, check out the shuffleboard table selection. Challenging and novel, a shuffleboard table can be both a fun addition to your space and a decorative piece of furniture to boot.