Beginners Guide to Darts

Among all the different types of games that can be played in a man cave, darts would have to be the most popular. Often dart boards and pool tables live together in many man caves as they are both great games.  However, both games are distinctly different. Playing darts appeals to every level of player, no matter if you’re just starting out or been playing for years.

Darts Rules

Darts is a game that is characterized by a fixed target on a wall that darts are thrown at.  Dartboards are typically made of cork, sisal fibers from a century plant, or coiled paper, all which vary in quality, sisal fibers being the best.

The actual game darts is fairly simple; the object of the game is to throw the darts at divided portions of the dart board, all which reflect different values. The values on a dart board typically range from one to twenty, with the exception of the outer bull, the inner green circle, and bullseye, very inner red circle, which have values of twenty-five and fifty respectively.

If darts land in the space of the thin portion surrounding the board, the value of that particular section is doubled or tripled if it is the innermost thin circle. If darts hit the board, but do not stick the score is not counted, with the exception of electronic boards. If a dart hits, does not stick but lands on top of two other darts, the value will be counted from the point where it touches the board or none at all.

The basic object of the game is to start at a fixed number, typically five-hundred and one or three-hundred and one, and to subtract whatever value is hit on the dart board. The final dart, once zero is reached my hit inside the bullseye or double segment.

If a player goes over a while trying to reach zero, say for example, the player needed to subtract four points, but scored seven instead, the player busts and forfeits his or her turn and the value is reset to what it was the previous turn. Thus the game requires a great level of precision towards the end.

Dartboard Setup

Setting up a dartboard requires a few steps and it’s best to get them right from the beginning. Hanging a dartboard at the correct height is the most important consideration.

Darts Games

Once you’ve purchased a dartboard, there are almost countless games you can play on it. Some games are suited to beginner players, while others are suited to more seasoned players. It depends on your ability and what sort of mood you’re in.

Final Thoughts

Darts is a particularly amusing game that can be played by almost anyone, although mastery of the game requires much practice and a great amount of skill. It is a great leisure-type game and a dartboard makes a nice addition to any man cave or bar. A dartboard takes next to no space (apart from some wall space), can be bought with very little money and allows all of the buddies to play together.