10 Easy Dart Games to Play with Friends

Darts is probably the most popular game that is played among friends. While it can be a very series or social game, it definitely appeals to all ages and skill levels. Over the years, many games have evolved to suit different levels of skill, fun as well as ease of play. We’ve gathered many of these easy dart games that you can play with your friends. Once your board is setup, some of these games can be played by yourself to get practice in for when you have friends over.

301 / 401 / 501

Number of Players: 2+
Objective: Reach a score of 0 before the other players

How to Play:
The game normally start with the score of 301 although this can be higher to make the game longer but the number must end in “01”. Eg 401, 501, 601. The objective of the game is to get down to a score of 1 before your opponent. Scores will need to be written down on a chalkboard or paper. To start, each player throws one dart at the bulls-eye. Closest to the bulls-eye begins. A turn can begin by either going “straight in” or with a double. For straight in, points are scored from where-ever the dart hits. For double, you must land the dart in the double ring before any score counts. All of the points scored on your turn are subtracted from your total.

To win the game (with a 0 score) you must finish by throwing a double. If your throw means your score goes past 0 (ie. you’ve thrown too big a number) then your score doesn’t count.

Tip: This is a very popular darts game as almost everyone knows how to play (then why are you reading this?)

Around The Clock

Number of Players: 1+ (1 Player for Practice, Best with 2 or More)
Objective: First to hit all numbers consecutively wins

How to Play:
Each player gets to throw 3 darts. The goal is to hit each number on the board consecutively starting with 1 then 2 and so on. After a player hits 20 they must then hit 25 then the bulls-eye to win the game.

Tip: You can add a variation to this game whereby if a player hits 3 numbers in a row they get an extra turn


Number of Players: 2
Objective: Close all the numbers and the bulls-eye to win

How to Play:
Initially, each player throws one dart at the bulls-eye. Closest to the bulls-eye starts the game. Write down the numbers 15 to 20 plus a B (for bulls-eye) on a chalkboard or paper. To open the scoring, hit a number 3 times before your opponent or close the scoring as quickly as possible before your opponent can open their scoring. Doubles count as 2 while trebles count as 3. As an example, if you hit number 12, 3 times you have now opened that number. The opposition cannot score from 12 while you have it open. Your opponent can close the number 12 by also hitting it 3 times. Once a number is closed, no one can score from it any more (hence the reason for the chalkboard or paper). The game ends when all of the numbers and also the bulls-eye are closed.

Tip: Cricket is a fun Darts game but will take a lot of strategy to master


Number of Players: 2+ (Best at 4-6 Players)
Objective: Last remaining player wins

How to Play:
To start the game, each player throws one dart with their non-dominant hand. This score becomes their ‘number’ for the game. No 2 players are allowed to have the same number on the board. Each player then takes it in turn to try and get their number 5 times. Doubles count as 2 hits, triples count as 3 hits. When a player has reached 5 they become a ‘killer’. A killer then aims for other players numbers (even other killers). Hitting another player’s number takes a point away from that player. Remember doubles take 2 points away while triples take 3 away. If a player reaches 0 then they are out of the game. Winner is the last player remaining.

Tip: This is one of the best party games you can play with darts as it adds a social aspect to the game


Number of Players: 2+
Objective: Score as many points as possible!

How to Play:
Players take turns throwing numbers 1 through to 7, in sequence. The objective is to score as many points as possible during your turn using 3 darts. Only aim for the number in play in that round as all other numbers don’t count. There are 2 ways to win – having the highest score at the end of the game or by “Shanghai-ing”. To Shanghai, you have to hit the single, double and triple of the number in play. A Shanghai is an automatic win.

Tip: A Shanghai is a tough sequence to go for unless you are an expert player, try going for maximum points instead


Number of Players: 2+
Objective: Lowest score at the end of the game wins

How to Play:
The game is played with 6 rounds (3 darts per round), the first five rounds are scored at value while the sixth round is 1 dart only that subtracts for the players current total.

Tip: Usually the goal is to throw as many 1’s as possible in the first 5 rounds then switch to 20 in the last round


Number of Players: 2
Objective: Score the most points after 2 rounds

How to Play:
To begin, write the numbers 1 through to 20 (and bulls-eye) down the middle of the scoreboard. There are 2 players, one is the scorer while the other is the stopper.

The stopper throws 3 darts first. Each number they hit is closed and scored on the scoreboard. Next the scorer throws 3 darts. Each number that the scorer hits that is not closed results in a point.

The rounds continue until every number on the scoreboard and the bulls-eye are closed.

Roles are then reversed and the game starts again. The person with the highest points after the 2 rounds is the winner.

Tip: It’s tricky, but really pays to keep track of which numbers are open and which are closed (Look for groups of numbers that are open or closed depending on what you are playing)


Number of Players: 2+ (More the Merrier!)
Objective: Score 50

How to Play:
Center bulls-eye is first shot. Lets say you miss low and you hit 19 your first dart. So 31 left. So then Single 15 Leaves Double 8 and you hit it. So you did it in 3 darts. Next player comes up and throws at center bulls-eye, and misses high into a 20, leaving 30. Then hits Double 15. They now have the low at 2 darts. Third player comes up and hits center bulls-eye, and did it with 1 dart. If there are remaining players, they can have a chance to tie. 1 tie all tie and everyone adds double to the next round.

Tip: This game really needs you to think when playing!

5 Lives (High/Low)

Number of Players: 2+ (More the Merrier!)
Objective: Player with lives left wins

How to Play:

Player 1 starts and throws their 3 darts. After the throw, they tell Player 2 to go either higher or lower. If they throw 22 and say lower and Player 2 hits 22 or higher, Player 2 loses a life (keep a tally next to the dartboard). Player 3 then throws their 3 darts and tells Player 4 to go either higher or lower. Once you lose all 5 lives, you are out of the game. Last person with lives left wins the game.

Tip: This is a LOT of fun and is able to be played with a large group


Number of Players: 2+
Objective: Like HANGMAN (Last player remaining)

How to Play:
HORSE is played just like you would have played shooting basketball when you call the shot (eg. hook shot off the backboard). You call your shot in darts (eg. single 3, double 3) and your opponent has to match the shot of they get a letter (starting with “H”). The person who spells HORSE loses.

Tip: Although a really fun party game, is pays to know the type of throws you are good at