Why Play Arcade Video Games?

Over forty years ago, the arcade video games business was under a very big pressure to make a name in the gaming industry as it competed head to head with playing cards, toys, and board games for the consumers. The early arcade video games like Donkey Kong, Pac Man, and Pong were very basic and in terms of the new gaming technology, and there was very little creativity involved in their functions and designs. Today, the gaming industry is considered as a multi-billion dollar industry that has thrived and progressed increasingly.

With highly technological advances such as the high definition graphics, motion capture systems, Dolby Sound, easily controllable motion sensor remote controls that allow gamers to easily and quickly get up and make some movements as they punch, kick, swing, fish, dance, and golf all through the gaming sessions, arcade video games have transformed from being more than just an ordinary toy. Arcade video games are truly an escape that offers gamers a completely new reality. Adults and kids alike are now playing PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo video games more than ever before and the gaming industry is thus getting bigger and is thriving more and more everyday.

One advantage of playing arcade video games is that these offer interaction. You can get yourself involved with whatever is happening on your screen. This gives any player the feeling of involvement and empowerment. Thus, these games are more than just an escape. They actually offer the feeling of being on a journey towards another world where the actions do not have any real negative consequences on the player.

Arcade video games have really come a very long way since the good old days of Pac Man, Pong, and Donkey Kong. While the recognition given to these games are not as fabulous and grand as the Oscars, these games are surely on a pace that would give them a perfect run for money especially when it comes to publicity. It is actually a foreseeable natural progression especially with the advancement in technology and with the continuous introduction of new gaming technology, arcade video games will only get bigger and better.

Recently, more and more new gaming services have been introduced online. The world is indeed having a very visible effect of the Internet gaming industry, as many people, kids and adults alike turn towards playing online games. Internet games were previously an imaginary phrase; however, since thousands of easy and user-friendly games were introduced on the Internet, more and more people are finding this virtual world a reality.

One of the best ways most of us do to relax, stave off boredom, stay engaged, or even kill time is to play arcade video games now found online. There are a heap of sites today that allow you to play your favorite arcade game. Medical experts have also found that playing arcade video games as a great way to sharpen human faculties such as Alzheimer’s, ADHD, ADD, and OCD though this has not yet been proven empirically. Nevertheless, there have been a huge number of researches done on the benefit provided by playing games and for sure, there’s a whole lot more to come.

So if you are looking for a great way to chill out and relax, then sit back, kick your shoes off, and start playing your favorite arcade video games online! Just type your favorite game on your search bar or better yet, visit arcade video games for easier access to hundreds of arcade video games! You will surely find a collection of both new and classic games. Happy playing!

80s Arcade Games Offered Pure Entertainment

The concept of arcade games was started in 1972, with the introduction of the Atari ping-pong game, Pong by the Japanese. Though Atari was the pioneer in 80s arcade games, they could not maintain their supremacy in arcade games because of the introduction of a large number of competitors to the market.

With the advent of electronic games, you could see arcade games wherever you went in the 80s. shopping malls, bowling alleys, movie theaters, bars, airports, bakeries, etc had arcade games that formed not only a source of entertainment to the public, but was also an additional source of income to the establishment housing it.

Arcade Game Popularity

There are various games worth mentioning when you talk of 80s arcade games like Space Invaders, PacMan, Dong Kong and Tapper. These games were mostly played using the best electronic technology and integrated circuits.  The arcade machines that were played using coins usually worked using multiple CPUs, along with extra sound and graphics boards along with the latest technology. Though these games were manufactured using sophisticated equipment, it was its simplicity in usage that made them so popular.

Anyone could learn to play 80s arcade games as their rules were simple. The main aim of all games was to play as long as the character lived; it was when the character died that the player had to use another coin to restart the game.

Another reason for the increased popularity of arcade games in the 80s was that the kids of that era had no malls to hang out at after school. The only place and alternative they had for relaxation were these 80s arcade games. Here is an introduction to some of the popular 80s arcade games.

Popular 80s Arcade Games

Space Invaders was a great, fun and exciting game of the 80s. It was created by the Japanese in 1978 in Japan and resembles a shooting gallery where you find a movable laser below the video screen. This laser had to avoid, and shoot video aliens that passed across the screen while raining deadly bombs and rays. You also had to make sure the aliens didn’t reach the screen bottom, as it meant the end of the game.

Pac man is another popular and entertaining 80s arcade game. It was created by Namco, and was distributed in 1980. There are today various versions to this game; however the original game was not violent, easy to play and was very enjoyable. This made it the chosen game of both boys and girls, and the young and old.

The concept of the game is to maneuver the yellow circled Pac-man with a mouth through the maze. In the process, it has to eat small dots and various prizes while being chased by four ghosts.

Donkey Kong is another very popular arcade game of the 80s. It was created by Nintendo, and was introduced to the world in 1981. The aim of the game is to maneuver the main character of the game, Mario through various platforms to rescue the distressed damsel in the hands of Donkey Kong. While going through the platforms, you have to ensure that he avoids the many obstacles there.

All these games remained popular till the advent of other types of video games like home video game consoles and fighting games that are played by two players.

How to Get the Real Experience of Playing Arcade Video Games

There are many ways to get the real video arcade game experience in your own home today. The easiest way to buy a replica arcade cabinet that stores hundreds of your favorite games, ready to play at the press of a button.

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Final Thoughts

Although you can’t go down to your local shop and sit down to a game of Donkey Kong or Pac Man, buying your own arcade machine will allow you to play all of your favorites and look the part.