Fun Pool Table Games to Play in a Group

Tired of playing the same old pool game over and over again? Though we all love the traditional version, eventually it can become a little boring if you are looking for a fun game to play with your friends. Want to try something new and exciting with your friends? Trying something new can make things interesting and fun. If you are playing with just 3 players then be sure to read our guide on Easy 3-Player Pool Games to Play with Friends.

Here are some go-to unique games for pool lovers you can challenge your friends with!  

1. Cutthroat Pool

Though the name sounds intimidating, cutthroat is a fun game to play with groups. The basic idea here is that you claim a group of numbered balls at the beginning of the game. You then try to pocket your opponent’s ball before they pocket yours.

How to play Cutthroat Pool?

For instance, if you are a group of 3 players, then the first player receives balls numbered 1-5, the second receives 6-10 and the third player gets balls numbered 11-15. You can also claim a group after making your first shot. If you’ve pocketed your opponent’s ball, then you can keep shooting until a foul has been committed. The players are eliminated once all their balls have been pocketed. The winner would be the last player with any balls remaining on the table.

Ideal for: Group of 3-5

2. One Pocket

One Pocket is a unique game of skill that can be played with two players or two teams. The players need to pick a corner pocket and their main goal is to pocket eight balls before their opponent does.

How to play One Pocket?

The game involves just two pockets out of six for scoring. Your goal is to sink eight object balls totally in your target pocket before your opponent scores eight points. The game requires the use of a wide variety of strokes, shot-making ability, cue ball control, defensive strategy, and lots of patience.  

Ideal for: Group of 2-4

3. Pool Darts

This fun game is a combination of pool and darts. All you need to do in this game is turn the pockets on your pool table into points.

How to play Pool Darts?

The middle pocket is worth 10 points and the red and yellow balls are worth 20 points. The end pockets are worth five points. You can also assign a certain number of points to each pocket and color. This game doesn’t involve any assigned pool balls and the person who gets the most points win the game.  

Ideal for: 3 or more players

4. Bowlliards

This game borrows traits from a 10-pin bowling game. The game begins when a player breaks 10 balls racked at the lower side of the table. A player then tries to pocket as many balls as possible until there is a miss or a foul is committed. It’s a fun, easy-to-play game and the scoring system is such that it gives everybody a chance to win.

How to play Bowlliards?

The objective of the game is to achieve a perfect score of 300 points in 10 frames than your opponents. The scoring system is easy to follow. If you have played a bowling game, then it would be easier for you to know how to keep score in Bowlliards. Each ball pocketed legally is considered as one point regardless of the ball number. You don’t have to pocket the balls in any specific order. The first player to break and pocket as many balls is declared the winner. This continues until all the players have made an attempt. If there are still balls left on the table, then the first player receives another turn. The players can score a spare or strike as in 10-pin bowling.

Ideal for: 4-6 players

5. Bank Pool

As the name itself implies, this pool game requires you to bank off each ball into a cushion. This game is a blast to play and quite challenging. Whether you are new to the pool or just want to try fun games with your friends, you will truly enjoy trying your hand at this game!

How to play Bowlliards?

Your main goal in this game is to be the first player to bank five, eight, or fifteen balls in any order. However, each pocket and ball need to be called first. This game is also played and scored in a similar manner to 10-pin bowling. You rack balls in a triangle and start by breaking each frame. Then you try to hit the balls in any order. Each ball is worth one point and the player with the most points is declared the winner.  

Ideal for: 2-5 players 

6. Kelly Pool

This variant is ideal for large groups. This game is rotation-based where each player is secretly assigned a specific ball that needs to be pocketed to win.

How to play Kelly Pool?

Each player in the game has a specific object ball that has been assigned to them. Their motive is to pocket that specific ball before any of your opponents pocket theirs. Before the game commences, each player randomly chooses a pea from a shaker bottle that is numbered from 1-15. This corresponds to the number on pool balls in the game. The number. You can also use chits to pick your number.  

Ideal for: 2-15 players 

7. Rotation Pool

This is a pool game based on a point system. Here you don’t have to race to the 8-ball. The game uses 15 object balls and a cue ball. 

How to play Rotation Pool?

The objective of the game is to score 61 points quicker than any of your opponents. This game is played up to 61 points. However, you can change the number to any other designed score. Each ball in the game is assigned a point value that is equivalent to its number. For instance, if the ball has the number 1 written on it, then the point scored with it is equivalent to 1. Also, you need to pocket the lowest number ball first before aiming for higher-value balls. You score points while legally pocketing balls. The balls that have been illegally pocketed are put back on the table. The first player to score 61 points or any other predetermined point wins the game.

Ideal for: 2-4 players 

Final Thoughts

The pool isn’t a game restricted to just two players. Many fun and interesting games have been designed that can be played with more than two people. You could also experiment and create your own game. All you need to do is put the thinking cap on and get creative. If you have more members you want to play with, then you can modify some already existing game variants to accommodate extra players. The pool was always meant to be fun for everyone! This article introduces you to some interesting, unique variants you can play with your friends for a great time.