How to Play Speed Pool

As the name suggests, speed pool is playing a game of pool and trying to pocket the balls as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The game is assisted by a stopwatch. Apart from being a variation of standard pool, speed pool has many other benefits that we’ll cover later.

Rules of Speed Pool

There aren’t many rules when it comes to speed pool so it’s an easy game to play and adhere to:

  1. The time starts when you first hit the cue ball (this is done using a stopwatch)
  2. Both the ball and pocket must be called before shooting (this avoids fluke shots)
  3. The cue ball must not be moving when you take a shot, however object balls are allowed to still be in motion
  4. Balls can be sunk in any order except for the 8-ball which must be sunk last
  5. All shots must be legal, any fowl results in a 10 second penalty
  6. The cue ball or object ball must hit a cushion otherwise a foul occurs

One of the more interesting aspects of the game is that the object balls can still be in motion while the next shot is being hit.  The cue ball, however, has to have completely stopped before proceeding on. This will take some practice to master.

Another interesting rule is that all the balls must be called before they are pocketed.  This means there are no fluking the ball in, or not lucky shots.

On top of that, any ball is available to be hit in at any point in the game, with the exception of the eight ball.  The eight ball must be pocketed at the end of the game.

Winning Speed Pool

The player that pockets all balls in the fastest time wins. If playing alone, record your time so you can try and beat it next game.

Benefits of Playing Speed Pool

There are not a lot of people that equate playing a game of pool to getting a good workout.  When considered, there is not a whole lot of movement other than a little upper body movement and moving around the pool table for position.

Studies have shown that a 155 lb person loses about 93 calories in half an hour.  This number is not very impressive considering that that is only double the calories that are burned by sitting and reading a book.  When playing a game of pool, a person is twice as active as when they are reading a book

That being said, a regular game of pool is probably not going to become the next new workout that all the fitness magazines will be raving about.  However, there is one way to play pool that is classified as a cardio workout and that is speed pool.

Speed Pool Strategy

Upon first glance, watching the professional play a game of speed pool may appear frantic and crazy as a player rushes around the table trying to place their shots.  However, there is a little strategy involved as well.

One technique that is used frequently as opposed to other pool games is the stop shot.  This allows for quicker play as the cue ball must come to a stop before proceeding on to the next shot.  Also, bank shots are legal, but not preferred as are time-consuming, so they are used with less frequency.

Final Thoughts

Speed Pool is a fast-paced game that mixes pool with aerobic movements and frantic gameplay.  It is ideal for anyone who enjoys pool but wants more of a cardio workout. Even if you don’t need the workout, it can still be a fun game to play and will help you get better at playing in general.