FlatJax Pool Table Levelers Review

Every so often a product comes along that truly solves a problem…

How do you level a pool table quickly and easily?

And for a bonus… how do you level a table without repeatedly lifting each leg? The FlatJax Pool Table Levelers use an ingenious way to do just that… accurately and easily. Let’s look at all the details to see if it is the right product for you.


  • Excellent build quality and durability
  • Easy and Precise adjustments and re-adjustments
  • Takes away the “Trial and Error” when lifting your pool table
  • Only have to lift your table maximum of 4 times (if 4-legged table)
  • Suitable for 4, 6 and 8 leg pool tables
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • Expensive
  • Raises table height by at least ½” (more on this later)
  • Screws can be seen after installation
FlatJax Pool Table Levelers - Level Your Pool Table Without Repeated Lifting
  • Pool Table Leveler / Pool Table Leveler Tool
  • Level Your Pool Table with Precision and Ease to Enhance Your Playing Experience
  • CNC Machined from Aircraft Quality Billet Aluminum - Built for Durability

First Impressions

The first thing we noticed about the FlatJax Pool Table Levelers is that they are extremely well made and ship in a sturdy case. You can tell by their precision construction that they are built to last.

FlatJax Pool Table Levelers - Level Your Pool Table Without Repeated Lifting

The levelers are also supplied with a ball driver for ease of use so the only tool you will need (apart from some muscles), is a carpenter’s level (or spirit level).

Features and Design

FlatFax Pool Table Levelers work with 4-Leg, 6-Leg and 8-Leg Pool Tables (Available as “Set of 4”, “Set of 6”, “2 x Sets of 4”). Each leveler is precisely machined with a unique dual ramp inside that includes 6 ball bearings. It is this dual ramp that allows such precise adjustments.

One full turn (360 degrees) of the supplied driver will raise (or lower) the leveler by 0.004”. This is comparable to the thickness of a sheet of paper, so it’s pretty precise.

FlatJax Pool Table Levelers - Level Your Pool Table Without Repeated Lifting

They are also manufactured from billet aluminium. Not all aluminium is the same when it comes to hardness. Some aluminium is actually quite soft, especially when cast. Billet aluminium however is one of the hardness aluminiums available and is milled with a CNC machine.

The FlatJax Pool Table levelers eliminate the need for professional pool table leveling. They also allow easy re-adjustments, which can be handy when installing on softer floors like carpet that will compress over time.

Setup Process

Using the FlatJax Pool Table levelers is really quite simple. The whole process of leveling your table will take you 30-60mins to complete but once these levelers are placed under each leg, you can really take your time, knowing that you don’t have to constantly keep lifting parts of your pool table and potentially doing your back in.

FlatJax Pool Table Levelers Setup:

  1. Ensure all FlatJax Pool Table levelers are in their lowest position before starting
  2. Install the levelers under each leg of your table
  3. Using a level, find the highest leg of the table
  4. Then using the ball driver, adjust the 3 lower legs until they are level with the highest leg

There should always be at least one leveler that doesn’t get adjusted. If you find all of the levelers have been raised (by any amount) then your pool table is higher than it needs to be. Adjust all of the levelers back to their lowest point and start back at Step 1, ensuring that you correctly find the highest leg.

You will need a level throughout the whole process so it’s a good idea to invest in a quality level, ideally a machinist level (or spirit level).

This video will also help the setup process:

Do FlatJax Table Levelers Raise the Table Higher than Professional Standards?

The Billiard Congress of America state that the height of a professional or non-professional table must be between 29.25” and 31”. The FlatJax table levelers will raise the pool or billiard table height by 0.5” so there is a good chance that your table height will still be within the right standards.

If you are installing your pool table on carpet, this will mean that the table will sink into the carpet pile, thus giving you some more room to lift the table.

My advice is always to measure the height of your table before purchasing. And remember that the height of a pool table is to the playing surface of the table, not the top of the cushions.

If your pool table ends up being 31.5” high, is anyone really going to notice? I doubt it.

Can you use FlatJax Levelers on “Really” Unlevel Tables?

What if your pool table is “really” unlevel? Will they still work?

The difference between the lowest and highest leg must not be more than 3/8 inch

Although you can get away with not using them on some legs in cases where your pool table is very “unlevel”, ideally you want to include them on every leg. Remember, you won’t be able to adjust a leg that doesn’t have one installed under that leg. 

Something to keep in mind before purchasing.

How much Weight can each FlatJax Table Leveler Take?

Each FlatJax Pool Table Leveler can withstand a weight of up to 300 pounds. Times that by the number of legs your table has means it’s work reliably on really heavy tables.

FlatJax Pool Table Levelers - Level Your Pool Table Without Repeated Lifting

Designing the levelers with very low gearing means the ball driver can still be turned on very heavy tables.

Should you Buy the FlatJax Pool Table Levelers?

Pool tables are expensive items so it makes sense to protect your investment and be able to enjoy using it… without your friends complaining about an unlevel table.

If you can afford these levelers then they will help maintain your table.

Some pool tables already include adjustable legs so the FlatJax table levelers wouldn’t be necessary but for any pool or billiard table with legs that simply sit on the floor, they are a welcome addition.

Are there any Alternatives?

Traditional leg levelers are still available. Using this type of leveler means continual lifting of your pool table.

FlatJax have patented the design so no alternatives using the same mechanism will be available.

We have a general guide on how to level your pool table so if the FlatJax levelers aren’t your thing then be sure to see our other recommendations.

Whether you use the FlatJax table levelers or more traditional levelers, it’s a good idea to invest in a quality Machinist Level Tool like the Starrett Precision Level

Your table will only be as level as your level shows

Starrett Machinists' Level with Ground and Graduated Main Vial - Ideal for Machine Shop and Tool Room Use - 8" (200mm) Length, Cross Test Vial, Without Case - 98-8
  • Adjustable - The vials are adjustable to a positive setting. It can be adjusted by turning the knurled knob on the side of the level, making it easy for quick leveling tasks.
  • Durable Fine Finish - The base is made from cast iron and is precision-machined on the reference surface to increase durability. The vial is housed in a satin finished brass tube with a friction-fit closing cover to prevent breakage.
  • Accurate and Precise - With the cross test vial, it is possible to simultaneously level in both directions. This prevents inaccuracies in the main vial reading caused by canting the level sidewise on round work.

Final Thoughts

FlatJax Pool Table levelers are a very innovative product. Sure, they are expensive and will raise your table by 1/2 inch but the time saving they provide far outweighs this. The fact that all pool table legs (and flooring) move over time means they will be something that will need to be adjusted every so often. They are just a great investment for any pool table owner and with a flat pool table, your buddies are going to lining up to play. With a flat pool table your next job is to make the felt faster for a truly enjoyable game!