Can you use Car Wax on Pool Balls?

You’ve been using your new pool table for some time and you’ve even spent hours cleaning your table, but your pool balls are starting to look like they’ve been used for baseball practice. There are different ways you can get the best surface on your pool ball — from using car wax to how to clean them properly — so that next time everyone asks where you got those shiny new balls from, you can say, “I take care of my stuff!”

Can you use car wax on pool balls?

That’s the first question that pops into the mind of many pool and billiard players. You keep plenty of wax in your garage, so why not put the stuff to better use?

Well, you can use the car wax on your pool balls, but there are disadvantages that outweigh the benefits… as we’ll see shortly.

What is the benefit of using Wax on your Pool Balls?

New balls are exhilarating to play with. You may be excited to play billiard games with your new luxury pool balls that are clean and sparkling. But after several games, you’ll realize they start to become dull and a total morale-killer.

One of the options to restore the original shine is by using car wax to create a distinctive shine. So, what are the advantages of waxing the pool balls before you get them rolling on your pool table?

Waxing your pool balls will reduce friction

Friction as the ball rolls on the felt can mess with your gaming accuracy. Waxing makes the surface somewhat slippery, making the balls roll with improved precision. That makes all your shots go as aimed with balls gliding effortlessly on the surface.

Achieve a shiny appeal

Waxing the pool balls also improves its general aesthetic appeal. Did you know that the physical appeal of the felt and the cue balls adds to the enjoyment of the game?

Hold on, Waxing Isn’t the Best Care Tip for Pool Balls!

Most experienced pool players agree that waxing or polishing the pool balls isn’t the most ideal care tip to use. If you were considering using your car wax on the pool balls, hold up right there! There are more reasons not to wax them as the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.

  • Reduced shots consistency – Waxing makes it extremely difficult to pull off consistent shots as the pool balls will be gliding more than they spin.
  • Damage to the felt – with time, the thin wax layers on the balls will be wiped off on the felt and build up. As such, the felt will become unsuitable for making accurate shots. Additionally, it will be damaged and become unfit, requiring you to replace it frequently.
  • Frequent chalk application – waxed pool balls also increase the miscues frequency, which will demand that you apply morechalk frequently. That will only add up to damage the felt further.
  • Wax build-up on cue tip – as time goes by, the cue tip will also form wax build-ups, resulting in slippery shots and more mishaps.
  • Tournament restrictions – According to WPA, waxing pool balls is prohibited in tournaments, hence this will limit you from hosting or recreating the rules of a tournament.

These are just some of the disadvantages that come with using your car wax on your pool balls. As you can see they already outweigh the benefits. These cons can make it more challenging to play and enjoy a serious billiard game.

The biggest disadvantage that waxing the pool balls brings is that you won’t be able to predict the ball’s behavior when you make a shot. That’s because the wax on the ball slowly wears off, creating erratic movements. The ability to predict the ball movement is very key in the game of billiards. If you lose the ability to accurately predict the ball movement, then you’re not playing but rather crossing your fingers when you hit the pool balls.

How should you keep the pool balls clean?

Can you use car wax on pool balls? If you want to enjoy your gaming experience, the answer is no. but keeping the balls looking great is key in ensuring the game is as enjoyable as possible. How else can you keep the cue balls in pristine looking condition?

The answer to this is doing regular care. To get a good shine on your pool balls, you need to polish them gently with a soft cloth. This is done by coating the ball with a specially made lacquer. Wetness is key to achieve a creamy finish on the ball and making it easy to roll.

You need not wipe the balls after every game, but ensure that you do it on a regular occasion using a specially dedicated pool ball cleaner and a damp cloth. Cleaning is important as grime and dirt can influence the balls’ movement, just like the car wax does.

Directions on How to Clean Your Pool Balls

 Pick up a ball and give it a good dirt bath. This generally involves rinsing it off in warm soapy water. This process helps you to get rid of any dirt and grime that may have built up over time on the ball. This also removes any oils on the ball surface that could be causing unpredictable gliding.

 Be sure to continue rinsing the balls in warm to lukewarm water for a few minutes after washing. Repeat this process with the other pool balls until when done. If you’re trying to get a ball spotless, your best bet is to use a little dish soap solution mixed in 1 tablespoon baking soda.

What’s the Right Type of Cloth for Cleaning Pool Balls?

When cleaning your pool balls, you need to use the right type of cloth to make sure the cleaning is thorough without leaving streaks or scratches. Here are the types of clothes that pool owners use when cleaning their pool balls.

1. Paper towels

The purpose of a paper towel is to wipe away any form of grease on the balls especially if the players handle the balls as they barbeque. Paper towels also help deter any stains that are left behind when you handle the pool balls with dirty hands.

2. Soft cloth and water

Use a soft cloth and water to clean the balls. You can use a normal non-corrosive soap detergent and water to clean the surface of the balls. Alternatively, you can also use a cue cleaning solution together with a soft piece of cloth to remove the dirt.

3. Hard cloth or sponge

This comes in handy in creating a unique shine on the pool balls. Just make sure that you’ve wiped off any dirt on the balls first. The hard cloth or sponge needs to be free from moisture to create a distinctive shine. 

Avoid using rough materials like steel wool or sandpaper on your pool balls. Don’t use steel wool or sandpaper on your pool balls and don’t use a harsh cleaner like bleach or oven cleaner on your cue balls.

Final Thoughts

Can you use car wax on pool balls? Yes, but only if you’re interested in attaining a distinctive shine rather than an excellent gaming experience. Car wax will leave the balls shining, but the result can be detrimental to how the balls roll on the felt. Plus, the wax will wipe off the balls onto the felt and causing damage.

Your best bet at making the pool balls shiny is by regular cleaning and rubbing with a dry piece of cloth. With time though, the shiny feel of the balls will start fading no matter how much you clean them. At that point, your only solution is to replace the pool balls with new ones.

Now your balls are shiny and clean, time to start getting the rest of your table up to scratch.