3 Reasons Why You Need a Pool Table Cover

New pool table buyers are usually not aware of the accessories they need to protect their investment. Whether it’s a case of being overwhelmed at the time of purchase, ending with poor quality accessories or stretching the budget on buying the table itself so that there isn’t any left over for accessories. Such situations can easily be avoided with a little research to determine what’s required. The most essential accessory every owner must have is a pool table cover. Pool table covers are usually supplied with a pool table but these covers don’t usually last because of their poor quality.

Buy a Pool Table Cover That Suits Your Needs

After you determine what your specific needs consist of, it is vital to know more about the options that you have for the new pool table cover. The kind of material that is the most appropriate for the table with vinyl and leatherette being two of the most popular materials to choose from. Both these materials are available in a nice assortment of colors, so the ideal scenario is to match the color and decor of the table itself.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Pool Table Cover

1. Protect From Spills

Pool tables are one of the major items that billiard players tend to pay for with the greatest amount. The table can be quite expensive so keeping it in an excellent condition is extremely important. It is apparent that billiard players don’t want any stains to mar the appearance of the pool board. They will also not want the surface to be exposed to scratches that makes the game-play difficult. This makes buying a pool table cover quite essential.

While billiard players can exercise extreme caution, nothing beats having the most protective set of pool board covers. The pool board accessories offer direct protection to the billiard table. There could be a sudden leakage in the roof which can lead to water damaging the pool surface. Kids could be playing baseball which can subject rain water splashing in due to a smashed window. Also, pets at home can easily hike up the table and scratch the surface with their paws which could cause the exterior to get damaged. 

2. Protect From Dust

When you’re not playing pool, you should always keep your table covered. Not only does it protect it from stains and spills as mentioned above, it also keeps dust from settling on the table. You may think that dust won’t really harm the felt, but built up over time, dust will not only stain your felt, it will also affect the speed your felt plays. Your felt will become slower and slower over time, and without you even noticing.

3. Protect From Fading

Most pool tables are installed indoors so there isn’t a lot of direct sunlight on the table felt. But what about sunlight through a window or open door. Over time, this will fade the color of the felt. Replacing felt is not a cheap exercise so keeping your pool table covered will ensure that no sunlight ever hits the table.

Ensure Your Cover Fits Your Pool Table

There are the correct size covers for the perfect table that you would want for the pool room. Playing the pool game depends on having a smooth surface. It is crucial to know the precise dimensions that the table requires prior to purchasing the cover. Just take some minutes to measure your pool table dimensions, so you can be assured that you conduct the right order and receive the proper fit. While all pool table covers are made of fine quality materials that are essentially constructed according to the highest standards. Your satisfaction depends on the right cover for use.

The fact is that there are many pool table covers available with each consisting of a unique set of features. You may be interested in a cover which has extra reinforcement stitching or even the one designed for added durability and strength. It resists potential damage from spilled drinks and other types of moisture. When you consider these factors prior to the pool table cover order, you will be delighted with how attractive your new cover makes the table look. You will be satisfied with both its excellent performance and also how long it stays in good condition.

Final Thoughts

A pool table is an investment and should last many years. It’s important to protect that investment with a quality pool table cover. It will protect your table and help to maintain it. The felt of the table is the most important factor to play a good, fast game so it makes sense to do what you can to protect it.